In case you missed it: Stormtrooper

The first Cubeecraft available on the site was the Stormtrooper from Star Wars.  I always imagines him as being TK421, but you can assign him any ID you like – or even pretend he is Luke or Han (Tag or Bink?) in disguise!  Build your own garrison!  You can grab him here.  There is an alternate “Shadow Trooper” on my Deviantart page.

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“The first available on the site” but was it the first one you designed? What is the origin of Cubeecraft?

Awesome cubeecraft! I just found out about papercraft and find this site fist. Do love the Stormtrooper I made two of right away.

Now I´m thinking to make some of my own design. I sound fun.
And I found guide lines right here on site to. I´m very happy.
Thanks man. 😀

Aah, I guess the cubeelog wasnt around when you released this.

Ha pretty cool i made my own THx nice hobby

Awesome papercraft. I used it to make this photo :

Can anyone tell me if this would be to hard for a first and third grader to do? Just wondering if they could do this craft without the mess and difficulty. Reply ASAP!

Well, I think that this one is not so hard. It probably would take some time to do but definitely a children around 8 or 9 should be able to do it.

If you find some trouble making it, you can use some glue and that will be easier.

The arms on this one are driving me insane!!

@Mouse, I’m having a bit of trouble making this and I’m in year 12. The Stormtrooper is fairly complex and has lots of small finicky bits which may not work for a first or third grader to be able to do. You may need to help. Have fun!

How many stormtroopers make up a decent sized army. I’m upto 13 and still have much more paper left 😀

I don’t know how to make the gun. Sould I just fold in half and cut a little slit in the stormtrooper’s hand and slide it in there ?

This was my very first papercraft. I really enjoyed it and I feel like this is the start of many!
I did have some trouble in the beginning, but once I got the hang of it, it was pretty easy.

@Billgoat – bit late in answering so you’ve probably figured it out but here goes – the arm found top-left, on the 3rd square between the M’s, there’s a vertical line not found on the other arm – if you cut this slit you can insert the handle o the gun. Or simply slide the gun between one of the arms and the body. Personally, I find the guns just too darn fiddly (folding it in half before cutting is the way to go) so I’ve just not bothered. Yes, this does mean my Stormtrooper army is weaponless, but methinks its number (quickly approaching 1000) is of sufficient size to defeat any army of Wookies and Ewoks 😀

As for doing the arms – if you score along the folding lines beforehand, that will make the folding much more simpler. In fact scoring ALL folding lines is the way to go.

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