“Inform the troops…”

“… Lord Vader has arrived.”

The 100th Cubee is one of the most requested characters in the history of this site is now available – Darth Vader!

He includes a lightsaber accessory. Don’t forget to build your own garrison of Storm troopers for him to command (if you haven’t already!)

Check out  the pop-culture section to download him!

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42 Responses to ““Inform the troops…””

YAY! Vader! More black ink! 100! Congratulations!

Awesome cubee!! 😀

Nice one. Really can’t wait to get this one done.

We should have all 4 generations of Anakin. Kid Anakin, Epi. 2 Anikan, and Ep. 3 Anakin! I mean, We have Vader and those other 3 should go on his page.

Nice way to celebrate the 100th cubee!

It couldn’t be a better 100th Cubee celebration ^^

*goes to printing place and asks if they print on A0 paper*

OMG! VADER IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

100 cubees!

I counted more, but Vader is an excellent choice for #100! Great Job!

Excellent choice for number 100. Just need a 100 more. =)

YAY! I am so thrilled. I don’t even know most of the characters listed so now I have more to build! And complement the storm trooper!

Here’s to the next 100. May they round out the cast of Watchmen and include characters from The Dark Knight!
Man I can’t wait to make this guy.

The Tick, Mayor McCheese, and Darth Vader all in one update.
That’s about as perfect a trifecta as you’re gonna get in the world of Cubees…lol.

start at star wars end at star wars COOL

Wonderful job. I enjoy your work, and the work of your guests, and these are all fantastic. Vader is such a fun one and deserves a sheet of Photo Paper for the shine it’ll have!

Where’s Dr. Greg House and the rest of the Watchmen characters? Still, pretty awesome.

Happy 100! Vader is awesome!


Bring on more Venture Brothers cubees!

Congratulations on a great site. You have inspired crafters of all ages. My daughter and I are going to try making some designs of our own. Thanks!

nice page really i have so much fun making the cubes, but i want to have something from resident evil, that would be awesome, so please if you can do someathing from resident evil

and congratulations for the page is the pago of the century

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much :-)

And I’m waiting for some characters from The Avengers, give us Cube-Hulk soon.

ya i really want it yeah wow thanx very muck

We want DARTH MAUL!!!

Would you make some more Marvel universe cubees? Spidey, Sentinel and Juggernaut is not enough!

Hey, man, that’s great!
Darth Vader is a must-have for any self-respected collection of whatever collectible there is. It’s great to see it finally here! I’m gonna print it on the double!

By the way, I’ve just printed three so far, due to lack of space. They’re Mario, Chairy and Sachiel. Which reminds me that I’d like to see Mario64-themed accesories, like a flyin’ hat or a shell-ridin’ legs. Or perhaps I could make them myself, if I wasn’t so untalented. You’re great! And so are all your guests!

darth vader wow ever thout to make c3pio?

yeah dath vader!
why don’t you guys try han solo? or palpatine? or general grievous? just do any of them! plzzz

darth vader is cool why not c3pio or artodeto or yoda

Where to place this “G”? Page1

the G tab goes back up into the body.

General Grievous is a great idea indeed.
the rest …. (darth vader not)

I can`t find the q/p k/l piece to put in the slot. Is it missing?

The link for this cubee is broken. It leads to “error” from the Zelda game. Too bad, it’s one of my favorites.

This site is realy good. My English is not very good, I am from Ukraine, I want to do more than 20 toys, a very like this art, thaks for great toymaker)))

the darth vader is hard to download and i cant print him out!!!

Awesome work, more pls :-)

wicked sweet!
to bad my printers out of ink:(

no slit for the lightsaber? do i just make my own or i simply cant see it?

Why doesn’t Vader have a head?

cool it is me

yeaaahhh !!!
i want …

Ploo Koon ! Pleaseeeeeee

Im your father……….

and YODA?

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