Isaac Clarke (Dead Space) now available!

Isaac Clarke from the game “Dead Space” is now available courtesy of guest artist Bryan Lie!

Isaac comes with his trusty plasma cutter.

Check out the pop-culture section to download him!

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17 Responses to “Isaac Clarke (Dead Space) now available!”

the hands are drawn incorrectly to grasp the weapon. please look into it.

There is nothing wrong with it.

I honestly don’t understand what you mean by the hands drawn incorrectly. I double-checked. I didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Mark, deal with it. There is over 100 cubees to choose from, find hands you like use thoses. Some people are soooo finicky.

well sadly i made all 100 over of them, and i consider them to be of a very high standard, as in they have a very low margin of error. Yes im finicky.

I don’t see a problem(?)

I Don’t See The Problem Either, Simply Slice An Extra Hole Into One Of The Hands And Insert The Cutter, Works For Me.
Plus, To Be Honest The Weapons Are Extra And Optional.
On Another Note, Loved This One, Especially When Printed On Gloss. Really Makes The Face Come To Life…

Just got Dead Space, cool to see an Isaac cubee so fast. I especially like the little display on his chest, nice attention to detail.

Mark, do you have any pictures of all your cubees? It would be awesome to see all of them in one shot!

act i do. please hold on while i get the picture

Nice job! Very close attention to detail! You should seriously consider making some enemies.

i love cubees.this one is great even though i havent played dead space.does the guy have a face?

Yes, pay attnetion to Simon, it wpuld be really nice some cube necromorphs… eeecks!

Hey my Isaac is all done the parts are made but one, i on the left arm does not have a slit.

Okay now he is done I used the right arm for the left side and the finguers look good.

Help me understand something i got
Head: Check
(R+L)Arms: Check
Legs: Check
Line Gun: Check

ssssoooo…whats this extra little square thing right above the left arm in the bottom right corner???

ill check back in a week i kinda doubt anyones gonna have an answer for me still itdd be nice to know…

all you have to do is look at the halo wepons pack then look at the arms which has slits for the wepons and the just put the slits on issac clarks arms

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