It’s On Like Donkey Kong


Guest artist Glen Brogan is back!  Presenting Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell, the real life Donkey Kong hi-score contenders from the documentary “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters” (recommended viewing!).  Hit the jump for download links and make sure to check out Glen’s website here.

Steve Wiebe Billy Mitchell
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14 Responses to “It’s On Like Donkey Kong”

What, no arcade machine to go w/ ’em? Guess they’ll have to play TMNT.

You can build your own papercraft arcade on this site:

(models need glue and a little finesse)

oh my god! I love King of Kong!!!!!1!!!!!

I’d rather have a complete Cubee Donkey Kong diorama :/

I can’t stress how much I hate people like those guys who waste their entire lives trying to have the highest score in a single game. ¬¬
You can almost see ‘LOSER’ stamped on their foreheads 😛

I did not like that movie at all, but the crafts are nice.

Oh man…
I hope these aren’t “official” Cubees.
I came close to passing on Pee-Wee Herman. I’m definitely passing on these two.

I hate that Billy Mitchell guy! What a douche bag.

I’m trying to think of a joke here involving a paper Billy Mitchell and hot sauce, but nothing’s coming to me.

Nice cubees, though.

I agree with Jennie, Billy Mitchell is the biggest Douche I’ve ever seen!!!

Anyways the cubees are cool!

Thanks for taking a few of us.

I can confirm that King of Kong is the most compelling video game documentary i’ve ever seen (okay so it’s the only video game doc. i’ve ever seen, but it’s still good)

Oh, man, yes, is Billy Mitchell a mullet-headed douche (can you imagine marketing THOSE?!). He made that documentary pretty well unwatchable.

What? Best Doco ever! Billy Mitchell Rules OK. Not everyone can be Billy Mitchell. Billy Mitchell is hot sauce!

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