Kid Icarus Uprising AR Card Checklist

You may have guessed I am a Nintendo fan.  I am also a collector (borderline hoarder) of… stuff – so when I got into Kid Icarus Uprising I just had to start collecting the cards.  There are a few hurdles however:  There are over 400 cards.  When you buy the game you get 6 – and I believe of those 6 you only really get 4 random cards (because it seems to me at least everyone gets Pit and Palutena). Most of the cards are only available via special events/offers, and some of those events and offers have already passed or expired (Nintendo World giveaway on release day/Club Nintendo).  There doesn’t seem to be a comprehensive list of what cards are available.  To date it seems that maybe about half of the 404 are out – that a “series 2” might be available in June to fill in the gaps.

I have put together the most comprehensive list I’ve yet seen after the jump for anyone that may also be collecting these cards. The list also includes AKDE numbers. I will update this list when I have more info.


You get 6 (of of a possible 20) cards when you buy the game.

Cards are also available from certain publications:
April issue of Nintendo Power (Poseidon, Lord of Death Thantos, and Medusa (Battle) )
April issue of @Gamer [available at Best Buy] (Pit (Rally Cry), Samurai Blade, Goddess of Calamity, Pandora)
April issue of Game Informer [subscription only] (Power of Flight)
Kid Icarus Uprising Strategy Guide (Dark Pit (Flying), Exo Tank, Hades) [Exo Tank is also in Series 2 packs]

If you were one of the first 250 people to purchase Kid Icarus at the Nintendo World Store in NYC you received a Three Sacred Treasures card.

There were 3 cards available for free via Club Nintendo (Great Reaper, Drill Arm, Pelutena (Rare) )

Cards are available via packs at certain events, such as San Diego/New York Comic-Con, PAX, and Wondercon as well as “local” events at Gamestops and other stores.

I have created a google doc checklist for series 1 and 2 cards, which you can view HERE.  The list includes which cards are from which series and where to get certain special cards (basically the above list).  Happy hunting!

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Pit, Paletuna, Medusa and Hadès cubeecraft !

Please make much more cubees of Nintendo characters!

405 is Pit (wingless)

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