Lucas and Claus are now available

Lucas Claus

One of my favorite games ever is Earthbound for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Not too long ago a sequel was released in Japan called “Mother 3”. We have not seen this game state side yet but we have seen some characters from the game in the “Smash Bros Brawl.”

Today’s characters are Lucas and Clause from “Mother 3”. They come to us by way of guest artist Steve Smith


Dog from

The dog from “Duck Hunt” appears courtesy of Glen Brogan.

Check out the pop-culture section to download any of these characters!

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15 Responses to “Lucas and Claus are now available”

Is it wrong that I want to line up several duck hunt dogs and shoot them with a BB gun? It will be sweet revenge for years of hearing his insipid laugh.

Thanks for the new creations!

Hehe, another one for my collection, soonthey will take over the world, Or at least my room. :s

I tagged Lucas & Claus with the wrong email address. It’s supposed to read , but I goofed. Sorry 😛

Oh how I loved Earthbound, too bad Mother 3 never came out here, I remember being so excited, then ultimately disapointed. But I guess that what being a fan of rpgs was in the 90s… all the recent models look great btw! Cheers!

That… Dog… Stills…. Laughing!!!

—ok… Thanks for this design, is incredible and very, very funy.

Duck Hunt Dog Is my favorite

i say that the face should be the folded side not the inserted side.

I didn’t like the dog in the game Duck Hunt, but the cubeecraft for it is better.

So like for all the cube crafts i have no idea how to do the craft without the little click flaps like the ones that say the letters on them i dunno how to get that off.

The preview image for the Duck Hunt Dog has a grey line on the left side. It should be fixed!

i love is very cool!!

pk thunder!!!!! :)

pritty cool with the bonus

This is…… AWSOME! Cubeecraft has the BEST toy paper crafts in the EARTH!!!!!

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