Marshall Alexander’s Swanky

“The smoking jacket / fez combination is a fascinating combo that I noticed in works from a couple of my favorite illustrators, Derek Yaniger and Shag. So I wanted to try to create a papermodel inspired by those illustrations. Throw in a little Hugh Hefner, Cary Grant, Tommy Cooper and the moustache of Clark Gable. Add some alien DNA. Then you have Swanky, and he’s ready for a swell evening. Dean Martin’s ‘Ain’t that a kick in the head’ is on the record player. The cocktails are shaken and stirred. Time to party.

Swanky is available in the ‘free toys’ section as usual and consists of two pages of parts. He’s relatively easy to construct, but make sure you glue the parts together in the right order.” – Marshall Alexander

Another awesome paper toy from Marshall Alexander.  Grab it here in the “free toys” section.

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