“Masstransiscope” (produced) by Bill Brand


Almost everyday I take either the B or the Q train into Manhattan and I get a glimpse of the now restored Bill Brand “Masstransiscope”.  It’s a mural behind a series of panels that as the train passes by appears to move – similar to the way a zoetrope works.  Passengers can get a look at it by being on the right side of the train after the Dekalb stop before the train goes over the bridge.

Click here to see a video of it in action.

more info:
NY Times article

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2 Responses to ““Masstransiscope” (produced) by Bill Brand”

I lived in Brooklyn about the time this first went up. And I remember looking for it every day when I went in to work. It is a very nice bit of art in the darkness of the subway.

im glad you found a video of it, i remember writing about it and feeling like words just weren’t enough

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