Michael Myers

A new icon of horror is available!

From guest artist Frank Browning (M.O.D.O.K., Jason…) comes Michael Myers from the Halloween series of films.

Check out pop-culture section to download him!

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9 Responses to “Michael Myers”

Excellent, worth the wait.

Excellent… Hope freddy is next!!

Creepy, yet cute.

i dont like it. cheeks and hair looks wierd. maybe it will look better once i make it :\

Can I beg for a Herbert West from “Re-Animator”? I would absolutely LOVE one and I know loads of fans would too! Thanks! :)

It would be better if the head was smaller, and maybe add his signature knife

I love him. They need to make a Freddy next… And the entire Family Guy family. Peter, Lois, Brian, Meg, Stewie, Chris, Joe, Quagmiore, Cleveland, The Chicken, ect.

wuao !!!!!!!very good , thanks, michael the best killer

could you add leatherface and freddy krueger? please!! , to complete my classic horror collection!!

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