More Mario Bros blocks now available!

4 new blocks form the Mario Bros game series are available as alternates of the ? Block!

Get them here.

I have also updated the ? Block to ensure compatibility with these new blocks.  Not much of a difference really but someone out there might want to know. You can download the original version of the ? Block here.

ALSO NOTE: this update does not count towards the 2 characters I promised yesterday.  Please check back for them later.

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15 Responses to “More Mario Bros blocks now available!”

Awesome! I was actually waiting for these to appear here! 😀

Finally ^^

*still hoping for those blocks with cute faces, even the winged one and also the SM64 powerup ones*

Maybe I’ll make a stair with the brick one to display my Cubees ^^

BTW, why change the size of the blocks? I don’t get it at all 😛

Maybe to make their size be to the Cubee Mario that the ingame blocks’ size is to the ingame Mario?

Of course, purists like me will still keep the original block…just for completists sake…lol.

Yeah, I accidentally replaced my original with the new one…

anybody know where I can get the old one?

i could send you the original one if u want it SomePoorSchmuck?

I’ll post up the original again temporarily in this blog post when i get home tonight.

Nice, thanks a bundle!

Not to be “that guy” but did you have a chance to post it? I wasn’t sure whether I missed it or not…

make luigi

I want luigi xD

Check out these pictures of my Cubee Craft creations.

MAKE A BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am trying to print the 4 alternate versions of the mario block. Specifically, I need the one on the far right. However, the link does not seem to be working. Can you please help me find this file? Thanks! Great work!

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