More Minecraft!

A bunch of new Minecraft blocks are now available as well as Steve (player) by guest artist NeoG22.  Grab them here!

ALSO – You might be aware of the Minecraft documentary “Minecraft: The Story of Mojang” that was looking for supporters on Kickstarter.  Well if you kicked in for the project check your inbox for your Digital Backer Kit which includes not only a set of exclusive wallpapers, 2 free album downloads, a series of custom Minecraft skins and 2 new Minecraft Cubeecraft – 1:1 Steve and Creeper:

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10 Responses to “More Minecraft!”

Hey you should make minecraft items like tools

Yeah u should make minecraft item cox i really wan a model like this

The clever thing to do here would be to create a template/character generator, so people can make Steve in their likeness.

I agree with Liz, but this is still amazingly awesome. Thank you everyone who made this happen!

You should add to Steve mining pick :)) If you do I will appreciate it..

Yeah they should make a tool pack like the halo’s one, but still I want a cubeecraft minecraft Wolf.

make a picaks

Dude Please make Noch from Minecraft

Thank you sooo much for making these. My boys love them !!

Design a Minecraft wolf,Herobrine,Notch,Diamond,pickaxe or Zombie

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