NES Controller now available!


The iconic controller for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Grab it here.

There is a special Deviantart variant available.  Hit the jump to read more about it.


A variant of the NES Controller , this version features the signatures of the band The Minibosses which I obtained during a show a couple years ago when they signed a real NES Controller of mine.  You can download this version on my Deviantart page here.

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3 Responses to “NES Controller now available!”

Not a Cubee part replacement :(

Meh, The Minibosses… Magadriver FTW!

Would love to see an Asian version as well ^^

Yay you used my suggestion! The minibosses played a free show at my old work in AZ to raise money for a friend of mine that was hit and badly injured while crossing the street. Nice guys!

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