NES now available!

The classic gaming console the Nintendo Entertainment System is now available.

You can download it here.

The NES can also be used as a replacement head for almost any Cubeecraft.

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10 Responses to “NES now available!”

What about the controllers? I can’t play without the controllers!

@Jennie Agreed — controllers are necessary… but the console is a fantastic addition to Cubeecraft!!!

Controllers… I can’t play without a ROB!

Or how about an NES Advantage?

I would have never thought of a game system. Great work.

controller (standard, advantage, max..), light gun, power pad, power glove, rob, cartridges…. (i know there are other accessories but those were the ones that stood out) this could be a nice cubee project..? :)

The controllers could dangle from the front in a twisted mess.. Having a twisted cable should provide a wide enough strip of paper which could support the weight of the controllers.. but the layout of the foldout would have to change.. unless its an optional add-on which you glue/slot on..
I’m to be building my first Cubees tomorrow. I normally make my own creations, but I have a friend whom is a fan of TMNT. But while I’m at it, I’ll try this controller idea of mine out..

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Could you please make a super mario bros 1 cartridge for this?

make an xbox thats waere the good stuff is make an xbox and an xbox controler plese i love cubee craft hamheads suck

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