Official Princess Bride Game Cubeecraft!


Check them out here.  Be sure to check out the “Princess Bride Game” by World Wide Biggies!

Also be sure to check out this video created by Cubeecrafter María C. using the original 4 Princess Bride Cubees!

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16 Responses to “Official Princess Bride Game Cubeecraft!”


“Have fun storming the castle.”

Now for some R.O.U.S.s

Questions about scissor ratings:

Westly w/ mask: no rating
Westly alts listed at 3, but they only have blade cuts, not extra parts? (unless you count sword)

Buttercup alts are listed at 3, but w/o the crown they too only have blade cuts, not extra parts. (no accessories)

Rugen is listed at 3, but only has blade cuts, not extra parts. (unless you count sword)

Vizini is listed at 3, but he is a standard cubee. (unless you count the goblets)

Fezzik is listed at 3, but he only has blade cuts, no extra parts. (no accessories)

Just curious 😉

I cannot download Wesley nomask as a jpeg. It downloads, it claims, as a firefox document

Paper Bender, try right-clicking on “Download” and “Save link as…”

I’ve been having the same problem as Paper Bender. When I right click and save as, it yields the same result. The entire Princess Bride group does the same thing, for me at least.

I can’t dl the whole Princess Buttercup. the bottom seems to be cut off.. is it just me?

Paper Bender & Kaizo, have you tried dragging the image from the browser to your desktop?

limeliberator, I just dl’d the Princess and she looks good. So are you missing part of her crown & arms?

Wow, these are great! This is one of my favorite movies of all time…anyone getting the Blu-Ray version?

Is there any reason we can’t download the line art for these? The .ai or .eps file? Shame on .jpg

Most are done as raster psd files, so ai and eps simply don’t exist. There is a blank vector file floating around though.

Hi there! great site!
Is there a specific place where we can get this blank ai file?

Found it! Sorry for the lazyness :)

porfavor son excelentemente geniales solo que me hacen el fav or de guardarlos como imagen gracias son muy buenos se merecen un guauuuuuuuuuuu!

lol i dont know what the website part is for but i watched this movie today it’s so funny best movie ever because it’s so cheasy

i loved the model of ingo it looked awesome but i had a hard time printing it also try adding a search link to your website that would makie it easier

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