I get a ton of e-mails with requests for characters, and as I state in the FAQ: “I like to hear what people would be interested in seeing on the site – but I offer no guarantee’s and I pretty much just do what I want anyway.” With that in mind I would like to hear your requests in the comments on this post!

If you are requesting permission for commercial use of the template etc please get in touch via the contact page, do not post in this thread.

I have also been getting a lot of e-mails from people interested in submitting Cubees.  I have submission guidelines posted here.

Please use the contact page for all other inquiries.

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2,902 Responses to “REQUESTS”

Thanks for taking suggestions. I’m sure it’s been asked for but i’d like to see the prince or any characters from katamari damacy.

Harry Potter, Luigi, Dwight from the Office, Wall-e, Santa Claus, terminator, the hulk, spongebob, homer simpson, and that’s to name a few.

A-Team Cubee’s 😀 or just maybe a Mr.T/B.A Baracus 😀

Marty McFly, Captain America, Axel Foley, Leonidas, V, Ajax from The Warriors, Gizmo from Gremlins, Edward Scissorhands, any Ghostbuster, Hulk Hogan, The Dude from Big Lebowski, Beavis & Butt-Head, Zack & Wiki…. there, that should be enough to get some ideas. Also all the ones posted above.

I would like to see Spiderman and Venom.

aang from avatar
generic lego minifig (very similar to Servbot)
samus aran
darth vader
solid snake

Submission guidelines would be most welcome. I keep meaning to e-mail you and ask how one becomes a guest artist, and then at that moment I can never think of a good idea for a character to pitch.

Dr Manhattan may feel alone : rorschach (watchmen).

Thanks for taking suggestions

I like to see the cubee of the 3 rodents (
from animation movie big buck bunny (


I’d love to see some adventure game characters like Guybrush Threepwood… 😀

Still waiting for the other Gurren Lagann cubee you promised.

Scarface, anyone from naruto, bleach, avatar, more villains! jackie chan & owen wilson from shangai nights, destro from g.i.joe, terry bogard, freddy krueger, kaneda or tetsuo from akira, L or raito from Death note, lion-o from thundercats, robocop, alien, predator, the joker( the cartoon and the movie one) Black adam (the best one), juno, etc…man i love you! you makes my job happier! (sorry about my english, he is really poor)

Oh my gosh! Ask and ye shall receive! I got the prince I asked for. I feel like I won the lottery. Thanks!

Aqua Teen Hunger Force!!!

I had actually submitted The Prince about a week ago or so, and I cracked up when I saw your request. I’m glad you like it!

Thank you for this awesome medium with so many possibilities, Chris!

how about old snake from metal gear solid 4 and ratchet and clank from ratchet and clank (ratchet would have clank on his back like in ratchet and clank).WALL-E would be cool. but i think you should have more than just characters from other things. maybe a blank cubeecraft for the purpose of adding desings and such

scream, astroboy, a transformer, why not a simpson or two, rambo, rocky, the A-team with the van,…

and my favourite, Jayce and The Wheeled Warriors, especialy the vehicles. I’m not able to do that work, it’s probably very hard, but it would be ” orgasmic ” for me to have them in my collection.

Sorry for my bad english, i’ve tried to do my best

another idea, simple i think, creating a collection of legos

i would like to see aiai the monkey, luigi, homer simpson,bowser and nintendo characters

Darth Vader, big boss, spiderman, robin, someone from the lord of the rings, liquid ocelot


I would love to see him make it here 😀

I would like to see Gurren since you already have a Lagann. Maybe Team Rocket or Ash from Pokemon would be cool. Some Bleach or Naruto characters would be pretty neat too. Sora from Kingdom Hearts or any of the Nintendo characters. I would absolutely love it, if you did characters from namco’s Tales of serious like, Lloyd or Sheena.

I’d like to see the main characters from the japanese anime series Death Note.
Mainest characters being Light Yagami, Misa Amane, L, Watari, Near, Mello, Ryuk and Rem. Not-so-main ones Soichirou Yagami, Matsuda, Higuchi, Raye Penber, Misora Naomi, Shidoh, Jealous, Takada, Mikami Teru…
Well, I’ll stop there, I’m feeling a bit freakish…

SpongeBob SquarePants !!!!!!!!

Would be a perfect character :)

I’d like to see the milk box from Blur videoclip “coffe & TV ” also Sora from the kingdom of Hearts games or Solid Snake from Metal Gear

I would LOVEEEEE to see…

– Link (From ‘Legend of Zelda’)
– Sora (From ‘Kindgdom Hearts’)
– Happy Tree Friends Characters
– Spiderman
– Darth Vader

hey man o/
What do you think of Yoshi or Toad from the Nintendo series and Sweeny Todd or Jack Sparrow …. and what about Uma Thurman in the yellow suit , just like in Kill Bill. One of the Daft Punk would be nice too
Great Job you have done there by the way

Maybe you could try some of Tim Burton’s characters… I would love to see: Beetlejuice (and even Lydia), Willy Wonka, Edward Scissorhands and Jack Skellington (from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’) =D

Another suggestion: Jack Sparrow would be nice :T

*the Willy Wonka from the 2005 remake played by Johnny Depp :) [with the white “sunglasses”, the hat and everything]

My kid almost cried a river because he wanted a Blue Pikman from the game Pikman, he also wanted a guy named Pit from from super smash bros. He wanted this because he just got the wii and super smash bros. Please can you make these cubeecraft, my son would be so happy. THANK YOU

– Hellraiser Cube

– Transformers movie Allspark Cube

Looks like you already received a bunch of ideas here, but something like Darth Vader or Boba Fett (or any of the Star Wars characters from 4,5, or 6; not pre-quels). Also maybe Luigi, Bowser, Samus or Link. You could even go with some of the anime shows like Gundam Wing or Speed Racer or others. My daughter would love Wall-E or Eve. I have seen other comic character papercrafts (i.e. Wolverine, Spiderman, etc.), but I believe your cube look would be better than their round one. Same with the 80’s TV show idea stated earlier with the A-Team or Miami Vice. You could even get crazy for the election and put Obama and McCain on there.

I would looove to see Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands…

I would like to see Snoopy.. please


I would looove to see Beetlejuice [2]

How about an oversized HULK, or maybe a few more Star Wars or GI Joe charecters (new movie and animated movie coming out ya know :) Mybe something from the Matrix, The Usual Suspects, or maybe something new like Wall-E…just a few :)

A Sailor Moon cubee. :)

i love your stuff! woe that i found you after you discontinued kaikai and kiki! and since you seem to keep up with releases, it may be too late to request classic speed racer and racer x, but i’m going to anyway.

most of my other wishes have already been wished for, but i’m also throwing in midna (from zelda: twilight princess) cooking mama, and the animal crossing gang because i am a huge cutsey gaming girlnerd.

and i’m throwing in chewbacca because i have a thing for wookiees. rar.

i think that they should make the original power rangers and zordon and alpha the flippin sweet robot. some pokemon lke pikachu,charizard,ash,prof. oak, umm yea all the good stuff from like back in the day MR.T I PITTY THE FOOL WHO DOESNT PUT MR.T ON THERE.
some digimon,ghostrider,taz,tweety,piggy from invader zim, zim,peter pan,
the scarecrow, cowardly lion,tin man, u know i could keep goin but i dont what to bore anyone

I´d like to see Spiderman!!!

Samus Aran, Bowser, Wall-e, Snoopy, Darth Vader, any Transformer (preferable Auto Bot), any pirate, i think you should team up with the corduroy ninja comic and make one for them because that would be sweet, and maybe an xbox or ps2 (ps3 sucks) or NES omg NES would make my life if you did that 😀 im a huge nintendo fanboy

Chowder from the Cartoon Network show! |:B

I am in to making Hako clones. I go by ckstyles (aka: smartpaper). I like your idea with the slotted assembly. Pretty crafty. Your art work is top notch! Here’s a couple of suggestions from a fellow modeler / designer:

Ren and/or Stimpy
Toejam and Earl (you know, the game guys from way back?)
Bill Gates (lol)
Barrack Obama (and maybe Hillary)
Scooby and the Gang
Fat Bastard
Austin Powers (yeah baby, yeah!!)

I have way to many ideas. I better not give all my ideas away!!

Wolverine! and The Mighty Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend, with and alternate Dr. Mrs. The Monarch costume!

I really woul like to see Thor, Dr. Doom, Galactus and Thanos (from Marvel Comics), Jack Skellington and Sally, Sandman and his brothers (Neil Gaiman) =D


At first: Great site!! Thanks for making me work on cubecrafts almost every day instead of doing more useful things like studying! ^^
What I’d like to see: Any character from Star Trek (as I think this hasn’t been mentioned yet) or some “Lost” character

Hi again, Death Note freak here.

I don’t know if you’ll ever do non-human cubees, but I must suggest that, if you ever do, you please do Back To The Future’s time machine. The flying DeLorean would be great.

And I also support Darth Vader. No colection is complete without Darth Vader.
And you might want to add this alternate version:

how about some more earthbound/MOTHER characters I suggest teddy from M1 jeff and poo from EB and duster from M3

Oh wow i didnt know you can ask for one you want and stuff the one i would love is a family gye one, a simpsons one or a farari. Any one of those and ill be happy!

How about a Tabuu From smash bros. The idea came to me when me and my brother just got the tabuu trophy.

I love your desings and I think will be great if you do some of the next characters:

-The Joker (Heath ledger)
-Hannibal Lecter
-Freddy Kruegger
-Batman (Christan Bale)
-King of Fighters Characters like Iori, Kyo, Yuri Sakazaki, Ralf, Clark, etc
-Metal Slug Characters

I hope you consider my requests THANKS…

dude.. i´d love if you do some chrono trigger characters.. thats should be great.. tokusatsu ones surelly be a good idea too..

I personally would love to see some metalocalypse figures!

Would love to see some Afro Samurai characters… in particular, Afro and of course, the legendary Kuma (aka Jinnosuke). In fact, if there was a Kuma, I think I’d go through a ream of paper and put 100s of them all over my office. :)

No matter what you choose, keep up the great work. I just made my first (Usagi Yojimbo) and plan on making many more. Fantastic stuff!

I would like to see sora from kingdom hearts. OR gordon freeman from half life. or a headcrab zombie, OK ANYTHING from half life…..please………

I would greatly appreciate if you have the two of my favorite characters SUPERMAN and NARUTO… Thanks a bunch!

I would love to see gabe and tycho from penny-arcade? also a bobble head nurse from silent hill 2

yo man u got to do an oldschool donkeykong

These are wonderful! I’d love to see The Goon and Frankie as cubes, “A Series of Unfortunate Events” characters, more “Venture Bros.” and “Futurama”, and Internet celebs like Jonathan Coulton and Ze Frank. Thx!


Red X from cartoon networks teen titans,Dragon quest slime and King slime,Franky from Onepiece manga/anime,And Rei from breath of fire game.Thanks awesome work.

i would love to see some female cudee’s like :

red sonja
wonder woman
spider woman
or how about a zombie

Geno from Super Mario RPG!

also Donkey Kong and all the other characters from the Donkey Kong series

cuthulu! he is a alien god created by the 1920’s horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. i think he would be awesome as cubeethulu. thanks again for taking requests i think this whole thing is great

plesae make lambo 15 or the 25 year old version from the anime katekyo hitman reborn

I love your stuff, and i think it would be awesome to see:

Ash Williams (Evil Dead)
Killface (Frisky Dingo)
Juno or Bleeker (Juno)
Electric Dream Machine or Green Man (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia)
Tom Waits
Pebbles Flinstone
Jay and Silent Bob
Anyone from Reservoir Dogs


Alice updates? We are quickly running out of week.

I would love to see some of the Code Geass characters.

Great work man! Ive sent you an email before. I would love to see Heath Ledger as the Joker from The Dark Knight. Also maybe some characters from Gears of War.

Classic Horror characters:

King Kong


fallout 3 B.O.S (brotherhood of steel) power suit

Any video game ones would suit me, but my Chief is getting lonely. An Arbiter would be appreciated.

Also I wouldn’t mind a few more Star Wars ones, even if they were just variations of the stormtrooper, and I don’t know if you are, but I’m a fan of the Manga/Anime One Piece, so I would like a Monkey D. Luffy.

Keep up the great work.

Link: The Legend Of Zelda
8-bit Link (With brown hair and shirt)
Princess Zelda (The Legend Of Zelda)
The Big Cheese (Toontown)
Princess Daisy (My sister needs it)
Jango Fett
Ash (Pokemon)
….Soooo much i need.

HE-MAN AND SKELETOR!!!! (classic) PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh wow i didnt know you can ask for one you want and stuff the one i would love is a family gye one, a simpsons one or a farari. Any one of those and ill be happy!

thats what i said last time but now all i want is a stewie from family guy not any of the other ones please can u do this one!!

Link from the legend of zelda

Loving the cubees available for download so far! Thanks.

Some i’d like to see:

*How bout some music ones?
John Lennon (or any Beatles)
Bob Dylan
Sid Vicious (Sex Pistols)
Iggy Pop

Iron Chef (Japanese version – Sakai, Kenichi, Michiba and Chairman Kaga)
Tim Burton – Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Corpse Bride etc.
Family Guy
Happy Tree Friends
More Scott Pilgrim!
Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver)
The Godfather movies

I would love to see the Doctor (from Doctor Who) Gordan Freeman, The G-Man, and some Team Fortress 2 Characters (preferably the spy).

How about Star Trek?
The Borg Cube would be cool (at least I think so)

I would die if you made Boba Fett, Renji from Bleach, and L/Ryuzaki from Death Note

There are a couple of new shows on cartoon network offering a plethora of loveable characters that deserve to be immortalized in paper cube form: Chowder, Schnitzel, Bubbie the whale… to name a few. :) *crosses fingers*

Definitely would like to see more video game and anime characters, and I’d really like to see some from Battlestar Galactica! 😀

I think any of the guys from Metalocalypse would be great!
And more Venture Brothers!
Also Darth Vader would be sweet!!!

Thanks for putting this site up!
All of us at work love your stuff!

Thought they may be a little challenging, I’d love to see Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot from Mystery Science Theater 3000.

I’d also like to see some Batman villains in there. Joker, Scarecrow, Riddler, Hush, Mr. Freeze to name a few.

Milk & Cheese by Evan Dorkin
More 8-bit blocky characters like “Error 404”

Darth Vader !!!! Nuff say

Jack Skelinton, Niko Bellic (or Claud from GTA3), Homestar (a normal Cubee with no arms), and last but not least CHUCK NORRIS!

I absolutely loved Dwight from The Office. I’d like to see more of the characters. I can picture Andy with a crazy tie and bright blue pants! I love your website!

Captain America, Joe Perry or Slash (with Guitar), Don Corleone, The Joker, Banjo-Kazzoie, Stewie.
Thanks for taking suggestions

Harry Potter
Kurt Cobain

Why is there no South Park or Family Guy on here?

I like characters of World of Warcraft!!
Awesome don’t you think?

Thanks for taking suggestions

Any nice anime chick will it do 😉

king Leonidas, pikachu, link, more adultswim!!!!!!!

Blee-doopidy doop-bloop, laaaterz!

K here are my suggestions:

The Doctor
Ash Williams (Evil Dead)
Jubei (Ninja Scroll)
Agent Smith
Darth Vader
The Kurgan
The Crow

Jack Bauer, Joker Ledger, Ash from Evil Dead/Army of Darkness,


doctor who! please. do it or ill spam

ur rubbish

please. ooh i think thois is post 100! woop

Hey there,Just wanted to say what awsome work you’ve done!I love the site :)!You inspired me to make my own cubee’s,well custom ones.I made a Princess Peach and Amy Rose.they came out pretty nice but they were hand made because I don’t have the programs to make them online but they still look great.I was wondering if you could maybe concider making a Princess Peach though.It would go lovely with the mario I made from your site which was one of my favorites ^-^!

I would like to suggest a Bowser (Mario, Peach and Luigi were released with an issue of NGamer. I made the Luigi one) and I WILL be makin a small spongebob series on my forum (Website link here). Need to Print, Make, Scan, etc. But Im requesting YOU to make a template for the goomba and Kirby.

I would like to see Samus Aran and Scott Mitchell (Ghost Recon 2).



Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe)
Storm Shadow
Cobra Commander
Optimus Prime
Boba Fett
Gonk/Power Droid (Star Wars)
Luke Skywalker (ROTJ – Black Jedi Uniform)
Eddie Vedder
The Ghostbusters
Ripley (Aliens)
Alien (Aliens)

I’d like to see Nomad (from Crysis game), clone troopers from Star Wars (more types, for example: clone trooper,clone commando, swamp clone, pilots…). Thanks for making cubes! 😀

Just one thing :


You made Braid’s cubees, so I guess you like xbla games :)


uhhhh Snake from Metal Gear solid would be awesome

Any Nintendo Mascot, such as Fox, Samus, Link, Pokemon, Mushroom Kingdom Characters…

I’m thinking south park
Or maybe…


I think it would be great if you could do Naruto characters and more Dragonball characters.


What about a Mona Lisa Cubee based on Da Vinci’s masterwork.

And i can picture a bunch of KISS cubees -Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter- Rock ‘n Rollin’ all night…


It would be great if you could do final fantasy! I would love to have a blackmage, or chocobo or moogle on my desktop! Also, a pokemon or two would be great as well.


what about the Power Rangers(especially Mystic Force Rangers)

I would like to see some Kingdom Hearts,but only the outfits from Kingdom hearts 2. I want to see these characters Sora,Riku,Mickey,Goofy,Donald,and Kairi. That would be awesome!

how about alex from Clockwork Orange???

would you please make

Luigi (Super Mario Bros.)
Home Star Runner (the web show Home Star Runner)
King DDD (Kirby)
Jeff (EarthBound)
Paula (EarthBound)
Pokey, aka Porkey, in spider walker (EarthBound)
A Starman (EarthBound)

Hello Kitty
South Park

evil monkey from family guy

Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street, You have Jason and Michael Myers so complete the 3 main classic horrors and get Freddy!

[…] you have a character you would like to see please post it in the REQUESTS thread […]

cthulhu! a giant alien god the size of the empire state building just look how awsome he is!

Reservoir Dogs characters

I like to see the No more heroes game like Travis Touchdown, Sir Henry, Sylvia Christel, Shinobu and Bad girl. Also other character of Scott Pilgrim Roronoa Zoro from One Piece


A lot of people request things that already exist…

Characters from House, Heroes, or Arrested Development

The Office, to go with the Dwight one you made: Andy, Jim, Michael with the “World’s Best Boss” mug, Pam

Hey!, what about Jamiroquai Cubee craft

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider would be cool and actual, since the new game is coming soon and you draw many videogame characters.

Like what the behemoth said, Castle Crashers characters!! Those four knights are just so awesome!

more anime cubee plz

Two Words


Thanks Puddin!

more halo, like cortana or srgnt. johnson, pink, brown, purple, orange spartans…

oh yeah, RECON!!!!! spartans!

loris Says:

October 6th, 2008 at 3:00 pm
Reservoir Dogs characters

Yes! I love you.

Buckethead (yes, the guitar player)! Or how about the Mask (green faced dude), Yogi Bear, or Buzz Lightyear (in fact, any Pixar movie character would be pretty cool)? Yes, all of my requests are pretty random but they are something different, eh?

i would love to see a betty boop cubee


You should make Banjo from Banjo Kazooie. He has somewhat more of a cubish look to him anyway in the new title ‘Nuts and Bolts’ so it could be somewhat fitting.

Not too sure if it would be possible to do Cubes of Kazooie or Mumbo Jumbo as well, but if it is I’d love to see them as well! :)

how about sothpark
or a zombie…


That is all.

I Know This Might Be Pushing It A Bit But I’ve Been Trying, And Failing, Myself. I Think Some More Real People But Maybe With Photo Effect Rather Then Cartoon, Maybe Just As A Limited Edition Or Special Series. Just Imagine A Photo Quality Dita Von Teese Cubee Sitting Atop Your Monitor!!!

anyone says ALEX KIDD and only Silver says Guybrush Threepwood.

This two maybe incredible cubees


I’d love to see Penny Arcade characters. Not just the RSPD ones, but the normal ones from the strip. 😛

Uhh… I had a few more. Ike from Fire Emblem. Needs moar Fire Emblem. And Pokemon.

I’d like to see generic gaming dice. Ya know..dice with 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 20 sides

Ash from Army of Darkness with a removable chainsaw hand, or the guys from Daft Punk.

Or Raiden in the Skull Suit from Metal Gear Solid 2

I would like to see DIB from Invader Zim. I’ve seen plenty of Girs and even a Gaz, why no love for Dib?

And I would also love DEATH NOTE cubees, who wouldn’t?

I like more classics superhero: superman, a new Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Fantastic Four, Cap. America, Hulk, Thor, and big supervillains like Galactus, Dr. Doom and Magneto.

hi would like to make a request.. can u help me to design a ‘Jay Chou’ ‘s cow boy or whichever costume/design u can come up with? i’m planning to make 1 for my girlfriend! thanks alot!!!!


would be great!!!

Also would be great to upload an A3 version to make them bigger :)


Dr Mario
and any other game characters

ahh, my bad when i emailed you, i hadnt read this post.

id like to make a formal request then for some of the characters from Kaiju Big Battel (dr. cube, haha, and Los Platanos!)

and id like to second the vote for Death Note

whatever you choose to make will be sweet, im sure.

i have a suggestion for the front page. you should make it so that the most recent cubee’s are on top and the descend down to the oldest. that way people who want to see the newest cubees don’t have to scroll down thru all the older ones. just a suggestion.

Por favor también quiero que hagan a Los Beatles, a Los Rolling Stones, a Bono.
En otro tema, al Ché Guevara, a Bush, a Link de Zelda.

También al mejor jugador de la MLS a: Cuahutemoc Blanco.


Thank you so much for what you are doing with these toys! They are so funny! My boyfriend appreciates a lot Mr. Stay Puft!

It would be great to see Chucky the killer doll from child’s play! I think it can be a great cube!!!

Wall-e will be great too!!!

I think a series from Sega’s Virtual On! would kick ass.

Link From Zelda and Bowser From Mario Bros!

hi, just like everyone else wanted to suggest jajaja:

– winnie the pooh and friends, specially tigger :p
– amaterasu(the wolf from the videogame okami)
– wall-e
– and begging to see something of tinkerbell XD my girlfriend loves her, and would be a great present :)

I will wait forever XD and love to see something I suggest,but the others had great ideas too.
nah, seriously thanks for this page, I find out something to spend time and to decorate my room :)
thanks for this project!!!

Kyle Rainer’s Green Lantern

Solid Snake
Liquid Snake
Solidus Snake
Cobra Unit(MGS3)
Revolver Ocelot
Abe Lincoln
Stephen Colbert
Various Weapons
Sum1 from Tropic Thunder

From the Matrix:
Smith(Agent and Virus)

sack boy from little big planet.

Would love to see the “Bubble Bobble” characters … Bub and Bob greeb / blue dinosaurs from Nintendo . More NES characters please !! thanks for the efforts so far they are great!

u shoud make a legend of zelda series and no more heroes (its a wii game if u havn’t play it) and also disgaea that would be freakin awesome

I noticed it above, but just wanted to get a good second: Gizmo from The Gremlins. I think he’d lend himself well to cubee form. Thanks for all the great characters, dude. I printed a bunch off at Kinkos over the weekend and will be building them soon.

I’d like to see Green Lantern, Aquaman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Marv from Sin City, Alf, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Ash (from Evil Dead), Heath Ledger Joker, Ren & Stimpy, Simpsons, and many others… Love the site!!

All Star Wars fans want DARTH MAUL!

please make a solid snake cubie and a ninja raiden cubie

Crimson Mist Batman, Godzilla, King Kong, Cobra Commander, Megatron, Optimus Prime, Ghost rider.

what about a pokemon series? THAT WOULD BE FABULOUS!!!^^



I would love to see Courage the Cowardly Dog.

First off, thanks for offering all the patterns you already do.
Here’s my wish list of what I’d like to see. I know many have already posted some I’ve listed but I included them to help support the idea of possibly carrying that character later on.

-Child’s Play – Chucky
-The Nightmare Before Christmas – Jack, Sally, Oogie, Mayor
-Dawn of the Dead (1978) – Roger, Peter, Steven “Flyboy,” Fran, Zombies
-Peanuts – Linus, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Woodstock
-Big – Zoltar Machine & Josh Baskin
-Donnie Darko – Frank the Bunny
-The Blair Witch Project – Heather, Mike & Josh
-Gremlins – Gizmo
-Spirited Away – Chihiro, No Face
-Howl’s Moving Castle – Howl
-Pixar’s WALL•E & EVE
-Ren & Stimpy, Powdered Toastman
-Rocko’s Modern Life – Rocko, Heffer, Filbert and Spunky
-Roger Rabbit
-Family Guy characters
-That ’70s Show cast
-Trigun – Vash the Stampede & Wolfwood
-Owl (not a particular character, I’d just like to see an owl)

Yes, I got carried away and I know many are just wishful thinking but all of these are characters I’d love to make and display.
Thanks again. :)

how bout james bond cubees?

I don’t know if you’ve done any street fighter characters, but I would love to see any of the street fighter characters or any fighting game for that matter. Thanks for your time. Hope to see something soon.


arthur or chairface chippendale from the tick :)

How about Fox mcloud From starfox.

Do A Barrell Roll!

As mentioned above, a Fox McCloud one would be cool.

Is it possible for u to re-release ZOIDBERG but with his claws?

And a Wolverine Cubee with claws would be cool too!

Jigsaw from the Saw movies
family guy- peter, brian, cleveland
spongebob, patrick, squidward, krabs
music artists- kurt cobain, slash, hendrix, marley

Definately Buckethead

I’d love to see more Star Wars Characters such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Jawas and so on

I’d also love to have a set with Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Rajeesh and Howard from The Big Bang Theory tv show!

Great work! keep it up!

My Missus Is Dying For A Penquin Cubee, She Currently Views Them As A Waste Of My Time, I Disagree 100% And I’m Sure A Penquin Cubee Would Sway Her..

How about Big daddy and a little sister from Bioshock.

hi i love how u make these cubees would i be possible to make disney characters as well plz like wall.e and micky and popular disney characters. also my brother would like to see ben 10 and world of war craft, boys and girl cubees and x men if possible soz if its a too big of an ask their just some ideas we’d like to see all the best keep up the cool work thanx heaps plz send back an answer yes u will or no u won’t thanx heaps .

I’d love to see the following characters:

Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
Godzilla (Godzilla)
Megatron (Transformers)
Link (The Legend of Zelda)
Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
Gold Lightan (Golden Warrior Gold Lightan)
Voltron (Voltron: Defender of the Universe)
Racer X (Speed Racer)
Asuka Langley Soryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Menos Grande (Bleach)
Samus Aran (Metroid)
Captain Falcon (F-Zero)
Ryu (Street Fighter)

First I have to say that I really, deeply in love with your art. I`d already printed and made 15 of your cubes, and I discovered this last thursday. Congratulations, really.

So, I have some little ideas that I would be so happy if you like it too:

– Sheldon, Raj, Leonard, Howard and Penny (The Big Bang Theory)
– Ned, Chuck, Olive, Emerson and Digby (Pushing Daisies)
– Chuck, Sarah and Casey (Chuck)
– Chewbacca
– Yoda
– Yoshi
– Peach
– The Flash
– Batman (from Batman Begins)
– Joker (Heath Ledger)
– Fantastic Four
– American Dad (at least Stan and Roger)
– Otimus Prime (from Transformers)
– 007
– Austin Powers

– Tim Burton+Johnny Depp characters *_*

Ok, more than enough. XD

Could you please consider making

-Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck (“Looney Toons”)
-Paula, Jeff, Pokey, aka Porkey, (“Earth Bound” aka “Mother 2”)
– Homestar ( “Homestar runner” web show)
– Luigi (“Mario Bros”)

I Know how you could make a homestar!

Start out with a domo shape than just use longer legs, and add for his spinning hat a shorter fatter version of Mayor McCheese’s hat add a propeller like Mr. Saturn’s bow.

Dear Chris,

Please do not make any cubees that are not appropriate like chucky.

Omg, i totally forgot those:

– Freakazoid
– Bomberman


Please make

Samus (Metroid)
Peach, Luigi (Mario Bros.)
Link (The Legend of Zelda series)
HomeStar (Home star runner the web show)
Solid Snake (Metal Gear)
Sarah Palin (VP Canadate)
fox (Star Fox)
Mr. Bill (The Mr. Bill Show)
Adrian Monk (“Monk” the TV Show)
Mr. T
Mr. Bean
Bob and Larry (Veggie Tales)
Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery service)
The Secret apprentice ( The Force Unleashed game)
Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Ben Kenobi, Chubacha (Star Wars)

please make CHUCK NORRIS, Luigi, a Snowman and Captain Falcon

Chuck Norris i love him

Plz make Chuck Norris!!! He would be the most aweosome cube craft ever!

woah…so many interesting request…anyway,i think i’ll be doing out some of the request there if i have time. i wish to do spongebob,chucky,wall-e, and eve. i also plan to do some of my characters in future. Btw,cubeecraft.comis a great website, i just found this web

– Luigi (Mario Bros.)
– The Hulk (Avengers)
– Captain America (Avengers)
– Red Skull (Avengers)
– Dr. Doom (Fantastic Four)
– The Thing (Fantastic Four)
– Human Torch (Fantastic Four)
– Mr. Fantastic (Fantastic Four)
– Invisible Woman (Fantastic Four)
– Wolverine (X-Men)
– Cyclops (X-Men)
– Angel (X-Men)
– Beast (X-Men)
– Magneto (X-Men)
– Iceman (X-Men)
– Gambit (X-Men)
– Thor (Avengers)
– Megatron (Transformers)
– Ryu (Street Fighter)
– Ken (Street Fighter)
– Akuma (Street Fighter)
– M. Bison (Street Fighter)
– Fox McCloud (Starfox Adventures)
– Falco Lombardi (Starfox Adventures)
– Snoopy (Snoopy)
– The small yellow bird[?] (Snoopy)
– Piccolo (DragonBall Z)

Any avatar characters!

ratchet and Clank!

look these are simple,cool,and perfect
Oderus Urungus
Balsac the Jaws of Death
Flattus Maximus
Beefcake the Mighty
Jizmak di Gusha
from GWAR!!!

*Others could be Insane Clown Posse those 2 could be cool


plz plz plz plz plz

Hey! I think what you do is very cool! I would love to see James Bond, or possibly Conan O’Brien!

Oh I almost forgot, it would also be sweet to get Jack Sparrow!!

A UPS box! hhehe, or fed ex! McCain or Palin too!

Jerry,of the series “Tom and Jerry”
And…200 replies!!!

have you thought about doing dethklok? or rather just metalocalypse all characters?

I think it would be awesome if you had a ‘Simpsons Series’. I know lots of people that like them, and think it would be a hit.

I would like to have Pooh and Keroro.

Stephen T. Colbert!

You have a Brain, but you still need Pinky to complete the set. Also, how about a taller version of Max, so that he looks more proportional to Sam?

starwars……….. starwars……………starwars bobba fett darth maul, spongbob family guy, KISS slimer and the rest of the ghostbusters to go with stay puft. more more more ……………………………………………..

neon genesis evangelion ,neon genesis evangelion please asuka soryu langley and the others from this manga

how about rob zombie or marilyn manson or ozzy

plz do pokemon!!!!!! that would be soooooooo cool!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do pokemon!!!

What about the members of KISS.. or maybe Angus Young from AC/DC.. or Freddy Mercury
It would be awesome to have Hulk Hogan , The Rock, STING and Some other Wrestlers.. Thanks!!

Zelda– LINK!!

Please consider Dracula, Looney Tunes chars (Bugs Bunny, Daffy, Taz, Wile E., Sylvester), Snoopy.


Eagerly awaiting AIW, but got me thinking of other great classics…
Peter Pan
Grimm Fairytales
Would love to see darker interpretations than the disneyfied versions.

elites form the halo series different armors please

[…] so there should always be something fresh whenever you check it every few days. You can even make requests […]

i wanna see ELMO!!!! hed be great as a cube 😀

and the peanuts characters and spongebob
those would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoo

I would love to see a Hatsune Miku version please.. Thanks! ^-^

I want Solid Snake from the SSBB Version, this would be awsome

I would love to see cubees from the show heroes, especially Hiro.
Macguyver Series,
Stargate, especially Thor
Stargate Atlantis, Wraith would be cool
More Gurren Laggan,
A good and evil Fable character,
Naruto series,
Bleach series,
a wookie would be nice and maybe a jedi, and twilek(or a jedi twilek)
MapleStory Characters,
Simpson & more Family Guy,
Gargoyels Cartoon,
The Unit series,
Scorpion King,
Gummi Bears Cartoon from way back would be awesome,
Desert Punk,
Bruce Lee,
Back to the Future, Dock, Marty, and Griff
Ruroni Kenshin would be nice,
well the ideas have stopped flowing as easily.
So I will thank you for all the cubees you have already created and all the cubees yet to come.

Sackboy FTW! Pretty please?


I would like if you can make a cubee of:

– Spongebob
– Some of the Simpsons characters
– Chuck Norris
– Pikachu

Thank you

You should make a David Lynch cubee. 😉

I would love to see a Conan O’Brien cubee! 😀

Hello. I enjoyed your Mother 2/Mother 3 cubecrafts. I was wondering to myself though. Why didn’t you make a paper craft of the masked man or anyone else from Mother 3?

NES Final Fantasy: Red Mage, Black Mage, Thief, Fighter

Harry Potter characters. there are very few Harry Potter toys out there anyway. Plus, how awesome would Voldemort be as a Cubee?

Can you make Death the Kid from Soul Eater.

I agree with Beth, Conan O’Brien would rule!
Also I was surprised no one has mentioned R2D2 (Star Wars) or Goku (Dragon Ball – young version or Dragon Ball Z – old version) yet, or maybe they have and I just missed it.
Still! I love all the designs so far, and those 3 I mentioned would rock my world!

please can you make a betty boop cubee because a friend loves it and her birthday is in about 3 weeks and I want to give her the cubee




:'( i fgt the other request i was going 2 ask :'(

o nm!


:) 😀 😛 **


:) :) 😀 😛


I think it would be awesome to have the princess from the movie “Enchanted” and/or a female gnome from a very popular game “World of Warcraft.”

I’d love to see Brisco County Jr.

plaese a betty boop one for my friend… (see my other request)

RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER AND THE ISLAND OF MISFIT TOYS would be awesome in my opinion! thanks.

Luigi Luigi Luigi Luigi Luigi Luigi Luigi Luigi Luigi Luigi Luigi Luigi Luigi Luigi Luigi i love Luigi

i think characters from lord of the rings would be cool. especially Sauron. that would be sweet. And Boba Fet from star wars!

I would like too see the chapulin colorado(the red cricket/grasshopper) (
take a look a this one it is a good heroe hope you like it.

i whoud lik the Asuka from Evangelion!!!! Please

Lucky Star main cast please ^o^/

I’d love to see the members of “The Breakfast Club” :) I think it would really be a hit!

1. Guybrush Threepwood! With Murray next to him (similar to Indiana’s Idol). GUYBRUSH!
2. EARTHWORM JIM. With the blaster.
3. BORAT! Cultural Learning from Cubees make benefit glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.
4. Warcraft Characters. Any. Illidan/Arthas/Thrall/Chen/Rexxar or any other heroes.
5. Anyone from Happy Tree Friends.
6. Phoenix Wright.
7. V for Vendeta.

Hey i love ure designs they’re sooo cool. I understand you cannot guarantee selecting request from fans of you cubeecraft characters but i would really appreciate if you could design which i came across on kanye west’s fansite, mayb you could design it especially for thanksgiving as well as the release of Kanye’s new album – 808’s and heartbreak (OUT MONDAY 24TH NOVEMBER PLZ BUY PPL DO NOT DL RIPS)

-Chuck Norris (lol)

-L from Deathnote (blue hair =] )

-Light From Deathnote ( Red hair =])

– V for Vendetta

-Uryuu From Bleach and maybe his Bow (Ginrei Kōjaku) for him to hold

-Edward Elric

-Alucard from Hellsing

-Regal from Tales of Symphonia

-Atmosk Naota (with or without guitars)

-Gears of War: Cole


Battlestar Galactica (new version)

Rick Springfield & 80’s Pop Stars

south park characters

It would be nice to have some Star Trek characters. :)

Pedobear! that would be awesome 😀


Some characters from Cave Story! Balrog would be perfect, and maybe a Quote and Curly one too.


0. Rick Astley!
3b. Gutts from Berserk.

how about wall-e or bomberman???
ohh and any well known pokemon!!!

Can you make a Avatar one that would be cool

I would absolutely love to see a Manny Calavera from Grim Fandango.
If this were to happen, I would be infinitely grateful.

kool aid man

tht dude is just the best

What about a Tifa Lockhart one?

i would love aliens and ufos

You have The Brain, but what about Pinky?

I’m all over these… Glad I found them during a slow week @ work….

May I please request a Kobe Bryant one?

Thanks in advance!!!!

would like to see some trailer park boys paper craft.

hey. since christmas is coming up, would you maybe consider making atleast one christmas themed cubeecraft? like i dunno an elf or santa or a reindeer or a tree or something? just a thought! love you site!

Pyramid Head!!!!!!

hello, and thanks for cubeecraft

Series tv character .


Spongebob Squarepants!!!

I know it will sound stupid… but… I WANT TWILIGHT!!! Any change we might get a tiny, cubic Edward Cullen?? OH! And the Winshester Brothers from Supernatural???

Thanks!! AWESOME JOB you guys!

I haven’t had enough time to read all of these so someone might have already said it, ho bout’ characters from that gay new show, Total Drama Island?

left out a w in the how in my last comment

leaving requests and comments is fun

Delenn as Minbari and Half Minbari/human (Babylon 5)

Robot Gir

Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper Torchwood)

EVE from Wall-e

Alucard from Hellsing

Jack Skellington

Edward Scissorhands


Jen from Primal game

vampire hunter D

Re-l Mayer from Ergo Proxy

Aeon Flux (Animated)

Wednesday and Mortisha from The Addams Family

there needs to be an Edward Cullen cubee
and maybe a V from V for Vendetta was well

I would love to see shaun of the dead with cricket bat.

how about the other invader zim characters to go with gir in his dog suit. zim with and without disguise, gir without his dog suit, dib, gaz. tak with and without her disguise would be the best!

I would be very nice a cubeecraft from the Legend of Zelda from the Nintendo videogames, such as Link, Zelda, Navy, Gannondorf, gorons, zoras and so on.

I would like to have some Naruto characters like Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi and so on.

I love to see the cast of Entourage: Vinny, Eric, Drama, Turtle, ARI GOLD, Mrs. Ari, and Lloyd

Deadpool! DEADPOOL. Everyone loves Deadpool.

Oh, and Torgo and the Master from Manos the Hands of Fate. But mostly DEADPOOL. Please.

You should do a Xmas collection!!! A Cubeecraft Xmas 😉

i support the death note ideal and
what about
characters from Trinity Blood or the Twilight movie

I would like to see I am legand

i’d love to see wall.e or eva!

but im very happy with the gir i just made ^.^ i absolutely love this site.

Santa Clause, Wall-E, Mr. T, Spongebob Squarpants, Pirates of the Caribbean, Yoda and Bob Marley!

Just a few 😀

I absolutely love the adult swim cubees. I suggestion is for some star soccer players like Robinho, Ronaldo, Drogba, Saha, Beckham, Henrey, etc. lets score some goooooooooooooals.

Deadpool… so glad someone mentioned him =)

Judge Dredd… not my personal choice but someone I know would love it and the design should work well

V… he would fit in too- Rorschach’s hat design would suit him.

DeathNote and Bleach characters would rock too.

We are all huge fans of CubeeCraft AND Jay and Silent Bob. It would be awesome to combine the two!!

Thanks for the great site and the amazing character designs. Will also have to second the idea for an Xmas collection!!!

Shaun of the Dead…ooooohhhhh!!
Star Trek (the original series, especially)
Big Trouble in Little China characters
Snake Plisskin


Always of the opinion that the world could use more Gitaroo-man related items myself…

Also final fantasy series, especially old school games… I’d kill for a cubee red mage :3

Love what you are doing here! Thank you for hearing my request:


Disney: Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Donald, Daisy

The Peanuts: Charlie Brown, Snoopy, the dog house, Spike, Woodstock, Lucy, Sally, Linus

Thanks again

Maybe a Charlie the Unicorn series? I mean the blue and the pink unicorn and Charlie himself. It would be nice. 😀

If could, plz make Altair from Assassins Creed, Reaper and Akasha from Unreal Tournament 3

I would like to see:
1. Jackie Chan
2. Snoop Dogg
3. Ice Cube
4. Avatar
5. Chewbacca
6. C3PO
7. R2D2

Michael Jordan

i would like to see a few characters around here, I will name a few:

Link(legend of zelda)
R2D2(star wars) > i think this one will look good as a cubee
bowser(super mario)
sack boy(Little Big Planet PS3 game)
Sonic(SEGA classic)
Samus Aran(Metroid)
V(V for Vendetta)
any Animal Crossing character

that is just the begining!

first of all great work, keep it up :)

And what would really rock is Great A’Tuin from the Discworld series. Or just any other discworld character (an easy one would be the luggage ;))

Some things that would be cool:
Ash from Evil Dead
Canti or others from FLCL
Rocky Horror Picture Show characters
Leeloo (The Fifth Element)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

and maybe some well know scientists such as Einstein, Hawking, Edison, etc.

yoshi the dinosaur

Homer Simpson
The mushroom from Mario
Spongebob Squarepants
The Usavich Bunnies –> if u have time, check out their vids on utube
Natchan the japanese drink
Pooh bear

ur a genius keep up the good work

I’d like to request Bret and Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords. Thanks.

AHHHHHHH I need Frylock to finish the collection!!!!! Oh Em Gee!!!! and maybe Carl! Giggity!!

WALL-E please

Frylock to complete the aqua team set. Thanks

darth helmet from spaceballs. Please!

I agree with Metalacolypse characters, and the rest of the cast of Futurama!

Hagrid or Harry Potter characters
Avatar:the Last Airbender characters
Sam and Dean from Supernatural
Belle, the Beast, Gaston and any other Beauty and the Beast characters
Mickey Mouse
Jack(nightmare before christmas)
Captain Jacj Sparrow
Spike (Buffy)
King Henry the Eighth
Queen Elizabeth I

Woah, that’s a long list! Sorry about that!

are there any plain ol’ tom, dick, and harry’s? Just regular people to make up a crowd for stop motion productions?

-Robert Goren (Vincent D’Onofrio) from Law and Order: Criminal Intent.
-More Star Wars Original Triology character (Obi-Wan, Princess Leia, Han Solo).

These are some of my Ideas: Olimar&pikman-pikman
Hulk…..Elebits any color……Squirtel……pikachu…… K.K-animal crossing
Sackboy-little big planet…..WALL-E……Luigi……Scrat-ice age
the sack-Smash brothers……. Nintendogs black lab…….toad-super mario64
darth mall……..Tails-sonic the hedgehog
Snow white and the seven dwarves
Napoleon dynamite pedro&deb-Napoleon dynamite
Charlie brown snoopy&woodstock

I would have to say that “Solid Snake” is required in the site, not “Old Snake”
but the snake from Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2.

Garrett (Thief series)
Sarah Kerrigan, post-terran-campaign
Almost any Gaiman characters, but especially Delirium and The Corinthian.

(Also, I second the guy above who wanted The Luggage. It’s in a movie now!)

Hi. First to say that this cube are cooll :D. Can you make some Space marines or any race from Warhammer 40k universe. I would love to have Space marines cubs collections. They have lots of chapters. Thx. Keep up good work. Nice.

mr. game’n’watch

Will you please create a bowser, bone bowser, luigi, gaara, spongebob, megas xlr, OBAMA, R2D2, giant gingerbread man, shredder, dr octapus, DR. OCTAGONAPUS, or a couple ones that fuse into one limited one. Thanks. I hope you’ll chouse one or more. P.S. DR. OCTAGONAPUS is from the laser collection from youtube.

DONKEY KONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great stuff! Sorry if i’m repeating any suggestions here but here goes:

Gordon Freeman

Boba Fett

Samus Aran

Marv (Sin City)

Yellow B*stard (Sin City)

Ash (Evil Dead) with chainsaw or boom stick!

That should do for now keep up the good work!

Stitch and other disney characters plz!

the “new” prince from prince of persia

Fox and Falco all the way

lets see…..The Simpsons Family….but mostly Homer, Bart, Krusty, Apu

I would love to see a old skool bastball player or basketball mascots…

family guy poeple accept stewie u already have him ichigo from bleach

please,cubeecraft paper spawn

Any chance of a Christmas tree topper? Like and angel or a fairy. I think that would be pretty cool.

Manny Calavera from Grim Fandango. Please :)

I don’t know if anyone had suggest it yet, but I would love to see Dethklok and Charles Ofdensen from Metalocalypse

Nightmare before Christmas Stuff (jack & sally mostly)
That would be cool


I actually had a request for a reason. My government class has a Christmas tree and we are all required to bring in anything related to a president to hang up. I’ve done your cube craft before and it’s lots of fun and I know it would make a great ornament on the tree! So, it doesn’t matter which one, but could you possibly create an CubeeCraft of any president?

Thank you,

TAK from invader zim!!!!! as an alien and human isnt bad either. TAKTAKTAKTAK! No one else has made one of her and i absolutely love her so it would be great!!!!


How about the characters from Winnie the Pooh?
It’ll be interesting.


Another vote for World of Warcraft. honestly, I think either a Tauren
or a tiny little female Gnome would be awesome. If you don’t play the game we can easily point you to some places for reference.

Lost in Space Robot aka. robot b9
If you could make this it would make a great christmas gift for those lost in space fans!




Make a set of Knights, Dragon, Princess, King, People, Castle, etc


Characters from our daily life like Fireman, Policeman, Soldier, Pilot, etc

pedobear ( would be great, thanks.

Make a theme character


ARMY theme (bazooka man, grenadier, riffleman, sniper, etc)
TERRORIST theme (same as the ARMY theme but with different clothes)
COUNTER-STRIKE theme (same with the ARMY and TERRORIST… but with both the CS and C outfit)
KNIGHT theme (swordman, lancer, horseman, bowman, etc)
STAR WARS theme (you’ve got stormtrooper and darth vader, please add some of those character again)

and some other theme character you like…

Can you please do some rock musicians
eg. Slash, Dave grohl (foo fighters), Joe satraini and Angus young.


can you do anime characters?! like vampire kinghts, tsubasa chronicles etc

I read others that said A-team. I’m all for that.
But what I really want is a Dalek. :) You already have the Tardis. Thanks!
Oh, and the characters from Mighty Boosh, especially Old Greg and the Hitcher.

please make all the AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE characters( specially ignignokt)
Marlon Brando in the Godfather
AL pacino in Scarface

Uhhmmm, I was wondering if you can make a Mr. Gosh cubee. That would be cool…

if you dont know who who he is, he’s the guy from that one Lenore comic by Roman Dirge, here be a link;

i think wall-e would be uber awesome to add on to this website!

CLockwork orange :] PLEASEE

i vote COUNTER-STRIKE theme as well :]

Home Simpson, without a doubt

i think you should add a big daddy from bioshock, bowser, a dalek and a cyber man

Dr. Freeman?
Gordon Freeman?
Gordon Freeman!

please create also woman/girls/female cubes…

my request ideas

Resident Evil
-i would like to have jill and a zombie the most
Yoko from Gurran Lagenn
Street Fighter
-i would really like to see Chun-li and Zangief

any one of those would be cool

Spongebob and Patrick Star, pleeeease

dr. henry killinger!!!
sveeeet looooove.

How about a hello kitty or spongebob cubee? Or some of the classic sesame street characters like oscar the grouch, elmo etc.

I Would Like to see Batman from The Dark Knight Movie…
it rox a lot
thank you

You Should add the Punisher. Thank you.

Ok, I un-request all the stuff that I requested before, and all I want now is Wolfwood from Trigun. With the cross! Just him. Him and nobody else!

i would like to see a weapons set for neon genesis evangelion

but here are some of my other ideas
my ideas
carl from athf,
powerstone characters,
Tekken characters,
Characters from the show Harvey Birdman attorney at law
i would love to see a Phil Ken Sebben Cubee

Could we see some other unix mascots – like beastie (or the FreeBSD Daemon – and puffy (or the OpenBSD mascot –

Thanks in advance,

we got a brain now can we have a pinkey

I’m thinking Tachikomas would be awesome.

I think perhaps with the movie coming out, Wolverine would be good. As would Street Fighters Ken and Ryn and perhaps Akuma, with SF4 coming out.

I’d like to have my simpsons in paper. I’d be very pleased if you could do them.

Thank you!

Something I would like to see is Xena Warrior Princess and her sidekick Gabrielle. Would be awesome with some ancient butt kicking chicks.

I would love to see more Watchmen characters like Nite Owl II, Rorschach, The Comedian, etc, etc. Thanks, love your work by the way :)

Mortal Kombat
maybe 007

just a few I think would be cool additions

Tekken characters or mortal kombat or street fighter! thatd be kick ass.

id make all of tekken and imagin a cubee scorpion and subzero awww…

hello kitty!!


Naruto characters will be very popular here :)
I have many friends waiting for it!

Kind regards,


I think you should do Garfield the Cat ,Winnie the Poo characters,Bugs bunny. Thanks

this would be kind of silly, but could you make the final ninja from the game FINAL NINJA. please!

the game is on

could you make a final ninja from the game FINAL NINJA on

a few of the twilight characters would be good!

I would like it if the site could have anime characters.
Personally i would like it if you could have Bleach characters like “Toushiro Hitsugaya”


Make a Shakespeare cube

I would love to see some left 4 dead characters

i would love the four masked members of the rock group KISS

You should create one of Danbo from Yotsuba. I don’t watch the show, but this guy seems really cute and pretty cubee friendly ;).

V !!! from V for Vendetta!!

I saw that you have a Master Chief Cubee from the Video Game Series Halo. I also saw you had re-coloured him to make Red and Blue Multi player Cubee’s.
Would it be possible to recolour him again to make an Agent Washington from the Internet Series: Red vs Blue?

He is my favourite character from anything and to have him standing in my hallway would be great!!

STEVEN COLBERT and john stewart

some brawls characters 😀

I would love to see an Iron Giant design.
My husband mentioned Judge Dredd.
My kids would go crazy over any characters from Avatar, The Last Airbender or The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.

Keep up the good work!

anyone from the Mr. Men and Little Men series

Duke Nukem would be awesome!

i agree with pewe, make v from V for vendetta


I would love to see James Joyce, the Irish writer, cubee!

It would be so great!

Love your work, boy! Keep on!


I love your Cubees – your recent Pokemon models made me lol so hard 😀
I was hoping I could get a couple of requests in for:
– Gloomy Bear (Mori Chack)
– Emily Strange
But I would totally understand if you didn’t want to go there because it violated copyright laws (re: Kanye West Dropout Bear)

can you make these: Wolverine, Nomad from Crysis game, and clone troopers from Star Wars?

WALL-E!I would cry!

WALL-E would be very popular.All my friends want it and i mean ALL!!!!

walle would be very popular.All my friends want it and i mean ALL!!!!

Cobra Commander would be sweet…especially the hooded commander!

Hey, awesome site. Nice job on the ZOE models, I was a bit surprised when I first saw them. Anyway, I was wondering if you could do Reisen Udongein Inaba from the Touhou series.


Anyone from the cast of firefly.

River tam would be especially awesome.

Flying spaghetti monster? Link? Robocop?

George Clinton.
Henry Spencer (from Eraserhead).

Homestar runner
Harry Potter
Porky Minch

I love cubeecraft so much! I would love to see characters from the Final Fantasy series like Zack or Angeal, And it would be soooooo cool to see Billy,Mandy, and Grim from Cartoon Network’s The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. I love cubeecraft! (If you could also get Fred Fredburger from Billy and Mandy, that would be sooooo cool!)

i love cubees, and i use them as gifts all the time, but i would really like to see a frylock cubee, since u already have shake and meatwad.

thank you

Bleach! Ichigo, Rukia, and ofc Kon! 😀
These cubees rock hard!

hey , I love your cubees .
I made a lot. but I’m wondering that did you make these cubees likes the normal people . Cause I want you to make for me one . It can be a really specialssss !!

I love cubeecraft SOOOOOOOOOO much! I have so many I can’t count them all! I would love to see characters from Final Fantasy Crisis Core like Zack, Angeal, Genisis, and Tseng! Also it would be cool to see Billy, Mandy, Grim, and Fred Fredburgefrom the show the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. CUBEECRAFT IS THE BEST IDEA EVER!

Hey, dude~ I’ve seen your cubee and you successfully made me LOL.

I wanna see Jack’o Lantern cubee please~

Okay, these are completely awesome… it’s like the papercraft version of potato chips… you have one… then another… then… :)

I would love to see:

* Samas Aran and a Metroid.
* Link from Legend of Zelda.
* Final Fantasy characters like Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, a moogle, a chocobo…
* Pacman, ghosts, and fruit.
* I’d love to fold up a hello kitty and batz maru for My gf.
* Solid Snake and a cardboard box to go over him… maybe a big red exclamation point.
* Pepsi, Coke, and Mt. Dew cans.

I’m sure I could go on and on hehe. I might have to figure out how to make My own now.

Keep up the good work. :)

– Batman oldie! :3
or a Dog xD mouse, and a lot of kinds of animals x3
you have a great talent =)

Geno from Super Mario RPG!!!

i second nearly all of what n8 would love to see

Everyone wants Wall-E. I do to.
I think you should also make Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series. that would be great. Like really great.


A BORG would be sweet:)

judge dredd and a Conan cubee

and the Thing from fantastic 4

Woody Allen! Please (L)

I would love to make some Rebel Troopers from Star Wars…

How about….Galactus!

i want niko Bellic from GTA4 :) please

I love this site and I think cubees are a really cool sort-a new (don’t know how old cubees are) form of art.
Anyway, I would love to see some cubee Transformers because the 2nd movie is coming out in June.
A Bowser cubee would be great too, goes with the other Mario Bros. cubees.
If you don’t, that’s fine and thanks for reading this anyway!

Hello ! love your work !
would love to see:
jack torrance (the shining)
alex delarge (a clockwork orange)
headcrab (half life)
gordon freeman (half life )
carl (Aqua Teen)
Locke (Lost)
The Bride (Kill Bill)
Pan (Pan’s Labyrinth)
Amelie Poulain (Amelie)
Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver)


When you get the time, maybe Sonic?

A “Doc Brown” or “Marty McFly” from the Back to the Future movie series would be FANTASTIC !!! Check out our site & see! :-)

(ps) EXCELLENT job in Indiana Jones & a nice go at IZ’s “Gir”. :-)

More charects from animes and games. I wish Gordon freman (half life) and Saber (fate stay night)! Thanks!

Chars from Silent hill, Resident evil and Fatal Frame!!!! Please!!

konata from lucky star!

Manuel Calevera and Glottis from Grim Fandango
Guybrush Threepwood from Monkey Island.

I would really like to see an “Altair” cubee from the game “Assassin’s Creed.”

I also think a “Big Daddy” from the game “Bioshock” would be really cool.

Keep up the great work!

I do not know if you have kids, but I have a three year old son and we built the Bloo and Spongebob cubee’s together and he loved it. It could be fun to do some more kid geared ones for people like me to make with their kids. You could do Thomas trains and sesame street and Cars. There are so many childrens shos out there that it could definetly be a great cubeecraft section.

I think it would be very cute if there was a Hello Kitty Cubee made! :]
Maybe some of the other sanrio characters aswell such as:
-My Melody

Thanks! <3

one piece characters or casshern?

Disney Princesses & Wall-E please! :DD

Congratulations from Spain, I really love what you do.

Please add to your long list of requests this ones:
-The Clockwork Orange guy
-The V for Vendetta guy
-Some special edition for the Reservoir Dogs characters (Mr. Blue, Mr. Brown, Mr.Pink…etc)

Thank you very much for all the work you have done. This christmas I’ll have something original for my brother.

I think some persons like Space Marines or Chaos Space Marines from Warhammer 40000 would be great!

I know you probably get a lot of requests but I’d really like to see “Goku” from “Dragonball Z” as a Cubee seeing as you’ve already made “Krillin”, so a “Goku” or any other character such as “Vegeta” etc. Would be awesome. Thanks. :)

yo i wanna see some avatar: the last airbender cubees!!

I’d love to see some Tubby the Tuba cubees!

Thanks for all your work on these.

hello Cubeecraft

i like to make your cubeecraft paper

and i would like to you make Cubeecraft paper of animals (dogs cats lion tiger and more

i would like to make also man LOGO

thank you very much

mike row from dirty jobs would be amazing :)

This is not a request, more of a plea! My favorite robot from SW is THE cubeecraft I’m dying to make. I’ve even gone so far as to start designing the thing , even tho i am developmentally disabled as an engineer. I did sucessfully make a proper slightly wedged shaped foot for him that actually worked when cut out. I cannot grasp the proper ratios to make the arms the right size. I’m sure there is excellent reason that the worlds most famous astro mech robot is not listed, still im sure you hav the design. Can you slip me a copy in email? or mabey a blank one that I can color in myself?
anything would help………

damn u cubemaster for infecting regular people with papercrafting! Its a shame my 2009 goals include getting on the 100 cubeecraft list! ps my kids love you. ps.s. my boss dislikes you very much.

Awsome job!
I think it’d be realy nice to see Seinfeld charecters “cubed”!

More ideas-
Fone Bone
Phoney Bone
The Hooded one
Billy (grim)
Ben 10

The Simpsons
Family Guy
Futurama, besides Bender I mean
Beetlejuice, He’s the ghost with the most!
The Goblin King from Labyrinth. And I’m not talking about Pan’s Labyrinth, so that nobody gets confused
Bill and Ted
Cousin It
Dr. Frank N Furter from Rocky Horror
The ghosts from PacMan
Corpse Bride

I’ll let you know if I can think of any others

I second what kirbee said about the Bones, and also want to throw in the cast of Fables or The Umbrella Academy.

bleach characters

2 words –

could you make one of a ladybug please.

Hey, Mind making The Guy, aka Disturbed’s mascot. Would be greatly appreciated.

Fry and Leela and possibly the Professor to accompany Bender and Zoidburg?

A LEGO man?

What about Superman. Are there any supermans?

You ought to make Cubees of the psychedelic-rock group The Flaming Lips. They recently made a very interesting film, Christmas On Mars. They’re great.

Protoman!!! yes!!! i yhink megaman is very alone so protoman would be great, or dr willy, o bass yeeahhh that would be great!!

Not sure if anyone’s mentioned these:

Raving Rabbid – a variety of costumes could spawn from that alone really (Rayman Raving Rabbids)

The Cheat
Strong Mad
Strong Sad – Those three are quite cube-shaped to start off with.

I would be pleased to see the toy of Wall-e the movie on this site.

Thank you!

Otakon from MGS4 (or any other version :)


love your cubbe’s although one i would love to see is Matt Trakker from the 80s cartoon M.A.S.K.


mmm another characters i had in mind

Dr House
Count Duckula
Ryu Hayabusa
Luffy one piece
Zoro one piece
Nirvash thats a great obot form eureka 7

I would love to see Edward Cullen and Bella Swan from Twilight. And if you have time the other characters would be cool too.

Thank you for your hard work!

Me and my friends would like to see some Zelda cubecrafts and Gundams *o*
Also, Solid Snake (young) would be nice xD


i request :
1.all caracter in mario
2.dragon ball z
3.all caracter in megaman zero
ok thanks

i would like you to to make gundam 00 cubeecraft

Hello CubeeCraft!

This has become quite a fun and relaxing hobby of mine! Thank you for making them!

I just have a few requests:
– Both R2D2 and C3PO
– Sailor Moon
– Danger Mouse
– Brian from Family Guy
– and maybe the Beatles characters from The Yellow Submarine animation

Thanks again!

How about Aang from the cartoon series ‘The Avatar’?

O and I just started a website and put cubee crafts on it because they are AWESOME!!! Thanks!

i would realy love if you made more star wars cubees like count dooku

I Love the cubees they are awsome craftmenship made out of only paper
but i miss the “sonic the headgeodge” chars – my favorite is Nukles the echidna (its the red one^^)

The Spirit

How bout Food and Beverages ??

– Solid Snake (Young)
– Sniper Wolf

– Zero from Megaman X

hi, i’m a brazilian girl and i luv your cubees

could u make a disney’s classic collection cubees? It would be also, but i would like to have too a snoopy cubee


A WALL-E and R2D2 cubes would be awsome!

Keep up the good work!

Hi, I have a few ideas for the cubee craft website.I was thinking of like
Banjo Kazooie
and kazooie in the backpack
maybe evan
stop n swop (eggs and ice key)

HALO, you know like
Arbitar (to go with the spartains)

another cool one would be scissorman from clocktower

I want to give you a challenge,also i will try to think of more.

Superman would be good

i second zero but would like CLASSIC mega man (Pixel cubbe!)

Just think about resseti and nook…

I agree with Celenius about umbrella academy.

How about TROGDORR!!

I love your Cubees – your recent Pokemon models made me lol so hard
I was hoping I could get a couple of requests in for:
– Gloomy Bear (Mori Chack)
– Emily Strange


Dirge and Zoe from James Farr’s Xombie.

my son is huge fan of getting pics and any other neat things off the internet for cut and past coloring etc… is a huge fan of anything Mario related yoshi peach etc…

a suggestion ( or a wish ) to post a Luigi cube character, Yoshi, Donkey Kong and Princess Peach even the muchroom guy- as sorry my son is telling me his name is Toad!! hee hee

thanks – do we get an email letting us know this may be posted? so I know when to check back in?

thanks so much you can call me cut out mom!!

MUDKIP! thats all i have to say

voltes V

-the kungfu panda turtle
-Marie from Disney’s The Aristocats
-care bear
-prince of tennis
-death note

how about docter who? also daleks, mario(you might already have) sonic, pokemon cybermen that sorta thing would be cool, also: dragons, as you can see i’m a sci fi fan and would love all things wierd also i like the animals idea

i like lego

i want to made lego man tank you very mach


please you did it fast

yes mudkip!!!

oh and GUNDAM

ey would you do predators, all of them avp, predator 1, 2 , alien vs. predator thanks



Some ones I would like to see are:

-The Order of the Stick (Roy, Durkon, Elan, Haley, Belkar and Vaarsuvius would be fine although others like Xykon, Redcloak, CitD, Miko, Nale Sabine or Thog would be good.)
-Banjo with Kazooie in the backpack
-Boy and Girl from Animal Crossing (Maybe some of the villagers)
-Crypto from Destroy All Humans!
-A normal Batman (Perhaps Dark Knight)

Wow Wesker is Out !!

How bout the other Resident Evil Characters ? That’s will be Good !

Britney Spears – I’m a Slave 4U Ver.

I’m addicted to this cubecraft

I would love to see:

– Avatar: The Last Airbender
-The Legend of Zelda
-Speed Racer
-Animal Crossing


awesome site! i love making these

a request: could you make link from the legend of zelda ocarina of time?


i would like to made lego man

thenk you very mach

Can we have some more Doctor Who stuff please?

Cheers, I only found this site the other day and ive made loads!

you should make a Gordon Freeman cubee, from Half Life.
Also, if possible, it’d be funny to see a headcrab cubee.

Ozama Bin laden, would be very funny!

I would love to see all three of the Canadian mockumentary stars the Trailer park Boys… Ricky, Bubbles and Julian !

It surprised me to not see any Transformers. Given the blocky shape of the G1 Transformers from the 80’s, it seems they would be perfect for Cubeecraft.

please, patrick, swuidward, or Mr Crab :) :)
i love ur spongebob.
thanks :)

You have Meatwad and Master Shake. We need Frylock! Site is awesome. Keep up the god work!

How about Darkwing Duck (remember him) or Uncle Scrooge?

i’d like to see Willow from buffy the vampire slayer. I’d love to see the “normal” willow, as well as the evil willow and the vampire version of her.
sorry for my bad english

Sauron would be great. and maybe some of the other characters from Lord of the rings.
maybe a gundam… I don’t know.


A Team Fortress 2 set would be sweet also.
I’d love to see a huge paper Heavy. and his big ass gun.
Or a Engineer and Sentry….and a spy to sap it.

Another vote for the Team Fortress 2 set.
The heavy would be at the top of my request list.

Here is some of what I would like to see:

More Futurama
Avatar: The Last Air bender
Anime related characters

All that really matters though is that you keep them coming! Thanks for all the hard work you put in, I LOVE these things. They keep me company at work. =D

Love the site!
It would be nice if more Marvel heroes could be added like Captain America or Ghost Rider (The Flame skull would look cool on a cube).
Also to have Batman the Dark Knight (comic edition not movie edition), or even a blank one would be cool.

Awesome craft dude!!! I would like to make a request of Deadpool of marvel legends that would be uber cool thanks bryan!!

South park characters
more famliy guy characters
more mario characters
Naruto characters
Freddy Kruger
Brett Favre (NY jets)
and Crash Bandicoot.

P.S cool website!

A Pedobear cubee would be a tasteful addition to any collection.

Mario is already pretty popular, so why not finish the set with Bowser, Yoshi, and Peach…with emphasis on Yoshi 😉

Also, have you thought of adding catagory links to the site? So if someone was looking for just a certain theme, they don’t have to search through all of them. Just a thought. Thanks for this site, it’s awesome!

Hi. Great work. I’d like to see some beatles figures. I’m planning on making a christmas tree decorated with the cubeecrafts

Since anime seems to be pretty popular here, a series based on the guyver would be awesome.

Still, I have plenty ahead of me with Eva, Z.o.E., Lagann and Gundam Unicor and Sinaju, which I am ecstatic about!

Bono (U2)

I’d like to see one of the scientist Robert Boyle! (Boyle’s Law)

Just a couple of ideas, ignore if you wish.

Uncle Fester
also some sort of Pirate.


wow i love a cubecraft please

chewbacca (master jeje)
the simpsons
raruto (parody of naruto)
i am chilean

Hey, you do a gread work, here are a few Ideas

Simpson Characters
South Park ”
Naruto ”
Bleach ”
One Piece ”
Death Note ”

And as requested before : Yoda :)

Great Work !!!
Love it.

2 requests: Yoda and He-Man would be nice 😀

here’s some i would find awesome

slipknot(band members)
disturbed(band) mascot
the simpsons
more gears of war characters(a cole cubee would be so sweet)
GLaDOS (portal game)

also my barack obama needs a michelle :)

C’thulu, which may or may not have already been requested.

Hi Chris!

Referring to the Family Guy, what do u think about Stan Smith(American Dad)?
Maybe Wall-e would also be great :)))

You have created some amazing works, but have you considered releasing your creations in either PDF or SVG format?

150 DPI is a bit on the low side for printed media, by utilizing a true vector graphics format your creations would look that much cooler. I have been taking your templates and vectorizing them before printing with great results.


Amazing work, but I miss some Mortal Kombat Characters :)

I just recently found this site and the art pieces there are to make! I have to say I am impressed on how fun they are to make.
I also noticed a side option that was tried to make Cube-e’s with someones photo on it. I think it’s a good idea, but it might work better if they were made like an online avatar.

I don’t know how hard it is to make a “build an avatar” system, but if there was one made like or that would make the avatar into a Cubee I believe it would be a huge hit.

The fun of making the toys would maybe easily translate into making cubee avatars for yourself and friends, probably a good way to expand the community.

Cute milk cartons with faces
Pit w/pauluntina’s blade and wings of icaris
King De De De
Robot Gir
Uglydolls anyone
bowser Jr.
shadow mario
south park kids
hikaru no go peoples
dry bones
baby mario
baby luigi
baby peach
baby DK
baby wario
pac man
egg man
bomber man
sand bag
diddy kong/dixie kong

I would love to see:

Super Smash Brothers
More Futurama, Dr.Who and Family Guy
Crash Bandicoot?

I love that you have a Scott Pilgrim one up, but I was wondering if we could have a Ramona Flowers to go along with him?

light yagami with his note !!! or maybe the saint seiyas

due to the stay puft man

and king dededde

I would love to see Blue Man Group cubecraft! 😀

Jerry Garcia pleeeeeeease!!!!!

Hey you should put up some Final Fantasy VII stuff like Cloud with the Buster sword and sephiroth with the Masamune. Those would be sweet!

There’s a few I’d like to see:
1 – Borat, in his green bikini…Very Nice!
2 – The Crow
3 – Blade (Wesley Snipes movie version was badass)

Or some crazy ass theatrical bands like the members of Mushroomhead, Slipknot, Combichrist, Mudvayne(back when they had makeup and costumes), ICP, or Rob Zombie (back when he had the dreadlocks and undead makeup – or hell even when he was in White Zombie with the punk look) always though – these are just mere suggestions :)

I would like to suggest artists/musicians.
Like Coheed & Cambria, or Fall Out Boy.

Also…Wall-E. =D
That would be an all-time best for sure.
And maybe Winnie the Pooh and friends…? hmmm?

OOOHH….and Duff from food networks “Ace of Cakes”
I’d LOOOVEE to see that =P

i wants a better DOMO KUN !!!!!!!! katamary damacy is AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe pacman and the ghosts

I would like to see Mickey Mouse! (:

heyy discovered the obama one today and then bang! im in love with this site! any chance of making a kevin rudd one (prime minister of australia) just for funsies? :)

love your stuff. i got my office hooked on making all of these. we have some requests though =)

the rock
miss piggy and any other muppets
south park

and Kamen Rider

James Bond (Daniel Craig)

Sin City Characters
-Dwight McCarthy
-John Hartigan
-Det. Lt. Jack “Jackie Boy” Rafferty
-Nancy Callahan

Death Proof Characters

Kill Bill Characters

The Matrix Trilogy Characters


hi! i would love to see characters from the series death note
and characters from Hayao Miyazaki films like kiki’s delivery service, princess mononoke, howls moving castle, ponyo etc…

that would be very much appreciated! thannnnk you!! (:

Harry Potter characters would be great!

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Repo The Genetic Opera
Hedwig and the Angry Inch

I would love them dearly

i want a blue bear cubee made please. ty =D

can u make more gundams? i really like gundam

i think it would be fun with a Naruto cubee =D ^^ xD

please make something anout the simpson especially of homer it´ll be great and from south parck matrix rocko moderns life camp lazlo artist like tiesto or armin van buuren thanke you

Pedobear OF COURSE !

please …

Hey hey! I think it would e awesome if you made one of Skullboy from “The Mighty Skullboy Army” Maybe a Unit #1 too, hence his cubic shape.

other colour kirby cubees i email some models but i doubt anyone reads that email account

Naruto, ichigo, and pikachu would be awesome!

more The Office characters please!

Can u Plz Make more Gears of War Characters i love the Marcus One

The Simpsons Characters
Brian, Quagmire, Cleveland and most of the gang (Family Guy)
Batman (Tim Burton and Chris Nolan Movies)
Arbiter (Halo)
Olimar and Pikmins
Willy Wonka
Nathan Drake
Street Fighter Guys
Solid Snake (MGS: The Twin Snakes)
Gonzo, Miss Piggy, Fozie (The Muppets)
Gatchaman Characters
The Lord of The Rings Characters
Marty, Doc Brown (Back to the Future)
More Marvel and DC Characters

and a lot more that i cant remember now

Hey we love all of the cubee crafts you have made so farr and would like to suggest some more.

:Elmo,Bigbird and Oscar the grouch from sesamee street , thanks. :-)

Hey we love all of the cubee crafts you have made so far and would like to suggest some more.

: Dora,Homer simpson or other simpson characters, thanks. :-)

Hey we love all of the cubee crafts you have made so far and would like to suggest some more.

:,Care bears,,Patrick star from spongebob (because my brother and I suggested it thanks for making it).

Hey we love all of the cubee crafts you have made so far and would like to suggest some more.

:minnie mouse,mickey mouse,Hannah Montana , miley cyrus Please add theese for the girls Thanks :-)

It would be goodif you made cooking mamma

The Flinestones would be awesome

(cont’d) i made green, blue, white, and purple (please check that email account -_-)

Luke skywalker
donald duck
mickey mouse (the old version)
final fantasy charchters
The killers


Adam Savage
Jamie Hyneman
… and then later the other Mythbusters 😀

I think Manny Calavera or other characters from the game Grim Fandango would be pretty awesome. The patterns on their skulls would like cool as a cubee.

can you make the iron patriot (aka norman osborn) from dark avengers ? ps: put him on the iron man page.

you guys need to put more comic book heros! everyone else would love them!

I’d like to see:
Admiral Ackbar
Clone Commander Cody
M-O [ from Wall-E ]
The Members Of Dethklok
The Stig
Evil Maria [ 1927’s Metropolis ]
Harley Quin

Just to name a few…

maybe more star wars characters wil be fine and rock stars like THE EBATLES, JIMMY JENDRIX, THE ROLLING STONES YEAHH

I would like to have LINK from LEGEND of ZELDA and SHAUN THE SHEEP!

i would like to see somthing to do with valentine’s day please?

I would like to see Valentines day cubee craft things.

i would like to see somthing about valintines day on this site.

I would like to see some Valentine’s Day things. :)

I would like to see some valentine days crafts. ( cupid, hearts or something to do with valentine day:)

Thnxs ashley

I would a cupid cubee, please for Valintines Day

I would like one to do with valentimes!!!

i would also like you make some World of WarCraft characters, and some of their pet’s, companions, and mounts, mayve even a gryphon

I would like to see something to do with Valentine’s day like cupid, hearts,and other stuff.

i want pokemon

I would like to see some valentines day things for crafts such as cupid, or like spongebob holding a harts with hearts in his eyes.:)

I would like to see something to do with valentines day, please let me know if you have put any on, thank you:)

i would like to see something to do with valentines day in this cubeecraft!!!

I would like to see something to do with Valentine’s day.

i would like to see some valentine’s day stuff


i got many ideas!

orginal monopoly guy
and banjo kazooie
spacegoofs:etno polino
mike from monsters en co
E.T from the film E.T
homer simpson
bart simpson
Courage the Cowardly Dog

i hope you like something….


i think:
-mel gibson braveheart(blue paint on face, maybe with sword)
-dr gregory house(with flaming cane)
-grim fandango would be really cool
-hannibal lecter
-king leonidas
-chris angel
-GREEN TENTACLE PLEASE!!!!(bernard and the professor would be nice)
-pandora’s box 😀
these would be great

I would love it if you would do these characters.

-Pacman characters
-Smash Bros. Character
-More Pokemon Characters
-More Mario Characters
-Naruto Characters
-Bleach Characters
-One Piece Characters
-Full Metal Alchemist Characters

And thats all!!

yea pacman thats a nice idea
that should be fun!

How about Princess Leia, with the white dress and buns?

DETHKLOK! pretty please?

How about a Deadpool Cubee?

I think maybe…

The Simpsons


-homestar runner

Please make a BONO! From the band U2! and Arnold Schwarzenegger ( i’m not sure if i spelled it right)


Yeah, Brave Heart!

half life /hl2, team fortress/tf2 characters with weapons

Dethklok cubees!!! please,please,please,please!!

I’d like to see some “Ronin Warriors”/”Samurai Troopers” cubees up on here. :)

yeah. How bout a pedobear cubee.

I’d love to see some of Namco’s Tales of Series characters

So sorry if it’s been posted before but i would love to see Zim, Dib and Gaz to fill up with Gir :)
Also it would be sweet if Ren & Stimpy showed up :)
Thanks for awesome works, i’m slicing more and more paper every day cause of you!


Love your work. I found out about you through LFG when you made Richard. Anyhow, I’m just here to request for you to possibly make an Angel from Angel (buffy spin-off)


gta IV
Nico bellic??

monopoly guy

gears of war

banjo kazooie

halo other colors

cartman (south park)

Krusty the clown from simspons

greets mike

I really want to prepare people Lego

Thanks MAX (I really love to prepare them)

I’d love to see a Yeti… and Godzilla!

Tron characters would be awesome, too…

banjo kazooie!!!

Mumbo Jumbo
Lord of Games
Trophy Thomas
Mr. Fit



How about stuff from the Adult Swim show “Frisky Dingo”:
Xander Crews (in and out of his Awesome X gear)
Xtacle (in their standard red armor or Deceptacle black armor)

green goblin from spiderman


And Beast from X-Men (all forms… human, furry, lionesque)


How about Inuyasha?

Two Words = Boba Fett

Also bring out some Spaceballs Cubees! Especially Barf!

I think it would be great if you added…
-Banjo “n” Kazooie
-Nintendo wii

and thats it!
plz add them!

how about a contest for organal cubees

make a sack person from little big planet!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Saint Seiya:
Saori Kido(Athena)

I would like to see Freddy Kruegar

Sorry for spamming your mail, I just had not read FAQ… *shy*

So, my request is:
1. Weighted Companion Cube from “Portal” game by Valve. Pleeeease, can you make detailed one with relief caps on corners and relief logo with heart? That would be so nice ^_^.
2. V from “V for Vendetta” film (I saw that somebody here already proposed it, so I rate for it)

hi its me mike.
i got any ideas

sack from little big planet
Banjo “n” Kazooie
green goblin from spiderman
Ren & Stimpy
half life
The Simpsons
orginal monopoly guy

i hope you can made them…


“Doc” from Back to the Future.
Half-life`s Gordon Freeman

Well, seeing as how you’ve got Ness, Mr. Saturn, and Poo… why not Jeff and Paula?

Boney would be nice (to go with Lucas and Claus), too, but a bit more complicated.

maybe jack in his santa suit, waddle doo, and maybe king dedede

Can you make a original sack boy from the game littlebigplanet for the playstation 3?

i would love to see more futurama characters! any of them or ones where we can put faces on like the christmas ones!


Bob & Doug McKenzie
Jay and Silent Bob

One thing.
Chuck Norris

i would like to see any character from “Tales of Series(Destiny, Symphonia, Rebirth, Vesperia, etc….)” – Bandai Namco Tales Studio

I’d like to see some Spawn’s characters.
>G.I. Joe
>More Thundercats
>Justice League
>Silver Hawks
>Harley Quinn [Batman]
>Michael Moore
>The Simpsons’ comics guy
>Johnny Quest

How ’bout Gordon Freeman and a headcrab? If you made the headcrab’s dimensions a bit longer than normal cubees, it could fit over other one’s heads just like headcrabs do!

Please make a Link and Zelda (and Gannon/Gannondorf if you’re feeling it)!

P.S. I love you for making these, my family and friends have all agreed to not buy each other presents anymore, but they can’t stop me from giving cubee’s out! 😀

Róisín Murphy would be great. ;——-)

James Bond (Daniel Craig)

Sin City Characters
-Dwight McCarthy
-John Hartigan
-Det. Lt. Jack “Jackie Boy” Rafferty
-Nancy Callahan

Death Proof Characters

Kill Bill Characters

The Matrix Trilogy Characters


Hey, your stuff is really great.

I’d be really interested in seeing Marvin from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Thanks! :)

Hellsing chararcters
Alexander Anderson
Seras Victoria
Integra Hellsing
Walter C. Dornez
The Major


I thought of one more!

Butter from South Park would be awesome to see too!

HI! I’d like to suggest:

– Osama Bin Laden
– Snoop Dogg (or any raper)
– Simpsons
– DeviantArt devil
– the rest of the Futurama characters
– and some SEXY CHICKS 😉


banjo kazooie cubee’s!

banjo n kazooie cubeecraft’s are nice

i hope they made him….

greets jim

And also I’d like to suggest:

– I.T. Crowd
– Vinnetou and Oldshaterhand
– Paulo Coelho ?

Thanks :-)

please make a micheal jackson and a garfield


~mc donalds
~the a&w bear
~a car
~the austin powers characterS
~animals ( cute,cuttle,and pets )
~a candle
~ awesome-o (south park)


~mc donalds
~the a&w bear
~a car
~the austin powers characterS
~animals ( cute,cuttle,and pets )
~a candle
~ awesome-o (south park)
~banjo and kazooie
~banjo and tooie

I would like to see some Dr. Seuss characters plz :)
maybe the lorax?

Since you have a Megaman Cubee, a Bass one would be great! Especially since his head-fins would need a little finagling of the model.

(And, of course, thanks so much for the ones that are already up! This is really cool!)

prince of persia cubees!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The simpsons cubees plzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The simpsons cubees plzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!

Alex from A Clockwork Orange. =]

Make Dr. Girlfriend please. Venture Bros is my favorite show and she is my favorite character I would also be happy with a Doc Hammer Cubee

torchic pokemon cubee

I love your work, is incredible.
For me will be awesome some LucasArts Characters like:

– Many Calavera and Glottis from Grim Fandango

– Guybrush Threepwood from the mitical Monkey Island

It would be awesome if you managed to get a DMX one – would be soooo funny!

naruto, naruto shippuuden, code geass, bleach, soul eater chars PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
and some other ones from DB/Z/GT not just krillin


Judge Dredd and Judge Death

Tom Crow & Servo from Mystery Science Theater 3000!

Gizmo (mogwai) cubee please !

Ren and stimpy would be amazing. It was freaky to me as a kid from the UK. cubeecraft is genius.

Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet would be perfect!

Cthulhu, although he’d be hard since he’s got tentacles and wings. :)

How about John McLane from the first Die Hard?

Hello hello would you make a Naruto and Hitsugaya from bleach please? They are my friend’s absolute favourite… please!

I’m surprised you have not done the “Original Block Head” Charlie Brown…

Just found this site and love. I made the Storm Trooper and I’m going to make more.

Anyway, character from the Big Lebowski? That would be amazing.

Tom & Jerry please.

hey how about some WWE characters? that would be awesome. i have made a CM Punk one myself already and im getting comments. so how about it?


altiar from assasins creed

Hey, grats on the site. Made a bunch of them already 😀

What about Manny Calavera from the pc game Grim Fandango? The Agent of Death deserves it! And he looks perfectly for a cubee, since he looks like a cube lol.

How about Cardbo from the Japanese manga Yotsuba? Cardbo already looks like cubee – if you haven’t seen Cardbo, do a search on Amazon for Revoltech: Yotsuba&! – Danboard Action Figure.

First did you notice there are 2 number elevens in the FAQ’s
Second Sara Palin would make an awesome Cubee, You could give her a hocky stick accessory :)

Blade Runner!!…


Hey, I love your designs. I am a big fan of the show House, and I hope you can create one of him soon! Thanks and keep up the great work.

I would love to see some Star Trek (TOS) characters

You should make some Lord of the Rings Cubes!

I think you should include a Dodo in the Alice series, but any dodo would it be great!

I would absolutely love to have Jesse Custer, Tulip O’Hare and Cassidy from the Preacher series.

Oh, and the Saint of Killers and Herr Starr. Man, that whole set would be beautiful. Maybe his evil grandma in the wheelchair…

How about Temjin from Virtual-On?

I’m sure most people may have played Virtual-On at one time in an arcade. Great game by Sega.

lord of the rings!!!

More Pokemonnnnn~~~~

Jack Bauer 24!!!!!!

Not get all pretentious or anything but…

Jesus? He could have a bread basket and a jug of wine that flips over to water.

It would be a great addition to my cubee army im assembing!

thanks for the great work!

I’m a big fan of indie hiphop artists and I would be forever grateful if you made one of MF DOOM or aesop rock. Mf doom wears a Dr.doom mask and I think it would just look really cool

Voltron – You know you want to.

I’d love to see Bowser from super mario bros., that would definitely add to the collection you already have.

Awesome job!!

Captain Spaulding would be great!!!!!! (and all the other devils rejects figures)

or michael myers.

michael jackson (black ver)

michael jackson (white ver)

abe & munche from “abe & munches oddyssdy” from odd world

Ico, Wander and Yorda would be the perfect. Besides those you have at least one character from just about one of my favorite from a media medium, disregard this sentence if it’s hard to grasp.

How about kon from bleach?

Awesome site ;))

A nice “Winnie the pooh” ? It’s for a gift ;-P

Mashimaro and his plunger

I wish you had a search bar, uhm but I don’t think you have these 3, but I think it would be a wonderful addition, and something I would like for my dad….how bout the 3 Stooges??

wall-e! do it!

I was so happy about Spike from cowboy bebop!

How about Jet, Faye, Ed, and Ein?

transformers!!!! or the dudes from team fortress 2 or castle crashers ( you already got alien hominide) or street fighter characters ^^

I think a Timmay character in wheel chair from South park might e coo!!!

Hey what about Goku? from Dragonball :D?

and if you make goku what about a normal goku and a goku in supersayayin ?

These things are great! Good Job!!! Hey….please do the Universal Studios Monsters. Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolf Man, Mummy, Phantom, Creature from the Black Lagoon. Heck, I’d like to see some of the classic 50’s movie monsters too!

This is a great site! I saw your spongebob squarepants. I’m a big fan of his friend, Patrick Starfish. Could we have that on the site too?

Maybe that grumpy Squidward too!!

Loving the work so far! Already love a large amount of cubees right now, but how about any characters from Bleach or Naruto? Also, Dante from Devil May Cry would be awesome, or any Final Fantasy characters also. Godzilla would be cool too. Keep up the awesomeness!!

I’d love to see a mudkip cubee 😀



should me nice!!

i mean should BE nice

I think it would be cool too see Scarlet Spider from the Spiderman franchise. I think it woul be very simple to make as it is pretty much an easy recolour of spiderman.


I’d love to see Link, Zelda or a blob! 😀

You already have Mega Man you should start to put in the enemies, Dr. Wily, Bombman, Gutsman, etc.

Stargate SG1, please.

This is a great way to procrastinate my homework. Art school skills put to good use. I think You should help me procrastinate my homework a little more and cut out the competition at the same time.
Wall-e and friends,
Mickey mouse, Mini Mouse, Donald duck, pluto, Goofy
The Peanut Gang; Snoopy, woodstock, Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Etc
More Mario friends; Koopa, Princess Peach, Toad, Bowser, Wario
Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton, Monica Lewinsky
Salvador Dali
Andy Warhol
Jesus Christ and Satan from South Park

Thank you for helping my college career! :-)

Would you kindly make a big daddy!

I would live to see a Gordan Freeman Cubee with a crowbar along with a Headcrab. Pac-Man would be fun one to see also!

vincent and jules from pulp fiction!

or maybe captain planet

you should make wrestling cubees

Please make a Lara Croft.

I also had a super kl idea:
Y dont u make vehicles 4 sum charaters like a boat car 4 spongebob, batmans batmobile and master chiefs warthog.
+ speaking of master chief can u plz make an ODST, cortana, a marine or sum covenant units.

I think the Marcus Fenix waz awesum. Cud u plz make the rest of the Gears of War 2 team:
Benjiman Carmine
Anthony Carmine
Dom Santiago
Dizzy + mabey sum locust 2

soz i made 2 mistakes


Willy Wonka and his Oompa Loompa’s.

A Dalek. You definitely need one since you already have the TARDIS

Star Trek: TNG please? or TOS first if you’re into that. I made Iron Man mark III for my boyfriend and he loved it. Thanks and keep up the great work!

some really awesome suggestions:

more Gears of War cubees
slipknot(band) members
more mario people

also: could you bring the 4kids stuff over to and not just a link? i really want the sonic but it won’t download on my computer…

I enjoy if you create a cubecraft of Monkey D Luffy (One Piece) 😀

something with a triangle head

Where is Beat from Jet Set Radio ?

I see Gum, but Beat isn’t here anymore ='(

KISS, all nightmare before christmas, tank girl, jack sparrow, edward scissorhands. all of southpark, the peanuts, munsters, addams family, the beatles, U2, young frankenstein, charlie chaplin, marilyn monroe, james dean, marilyn manson, pink panther adn inspector clouseau, looney tunes, corpse bride, andy warhol, morrissey, burt reynolds as the bandit, patrick starfish, squidward, gary, transformers and did i say KISS?!!? you are incredibly tallented and i love making your creations. thank you so much!

Hey man. I am a big Juggalo and would love to see some psychopathic records stuff. Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, Jamie Madrox, Monoxide Child, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Anybody Killa, Boondox, Axe Murder Boys, Zug Izland, ect. Otherwise a few other sets i wold love to see. The cast of The Hilarious House of Doctor Frightenstien. Lobo from DC Comics. Some Green Lanterns. Man there is too many I would love to see. Chuckey, The Caracters from the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. Ok. I’m going to stop now.

a regular roman dude with a sword
sackboy from littlebigplanet

Boxman from Smosh, with changeable faces!

The Brady Bunch!!

Cap’n Crunch, Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, Snap, Crackle and Pop, and other brand mascots!!!!

Mister T !!!!!!!

Please make Optimus Prime from the movie line.
Thanks :)

I’d like to see a Deadpool cubeecraft if possible.


banjo kazooie !

more gears of war

nico belic (gta 4)

monopoly guy

football players


Any chance you could produce a “Shriner” These are the guys wit the “Fez” on thrier heads. Suggestion: The Shriner would be wearing a tux, and the “Fez” would just say “Shriner” in gold with a slight curve. THANKS in advance.


I would love it if you made Wall-E that would be sooooooo cute!!!:-) lolz

I love this place but I was wondering if you could make any of the princes and post it to me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

p:s you rock!

Twilight characters would be fun 😀

Hi my name is Max and I live on Brazil, We here love yours cubes, and like to share with another kids, and we like to share this activity on schools and malls, hava a legal term that allow us to do this or it free to do,remember we will not charge for this activity.

sorry about my lasdt comment i ment princes from prince of persia

barracuda !


thank You very much for all the Cubeecraft models. But through the new website design without character numbers I am very unhappy, because now I have no more overview over the new entries. Sorry!

Hi! I love your stuff and I would like to see Wonder Woman. She´s a classic! =)

just a general request. please include more accessories on new cubees. the cubees that i like the best are ones that come with extra stuff.

Wall-e! a duck! these are SO AWESOME! I’m going to make all of them and put them on the sides of my cube and have this army protect me against the evils of stress and long to-do lists.

Any character from Achewood. Preferably Roast Beef but some might work better as cubes than others.

I would love to see a few Star Trek designs, I’m sure a lot of people would enjoy those very much.

Oh yeah, I was wondering is long haired character like KRAUSER II from Detroit Metal City is do able in cubeecraft design?

I confused on how to make the hair.
If you can make this character than it would be great, and it would be the first cubeecraft character that has long hair.


Could you do the band Tokio Hotel? They would make fun cubees :)

Thank you!

Theres Futurama right, then were the rest of them!

The Professor
and well yeah thats it

say could we have the simpsons!
I’d love to make some simpson cubbees
: Homer
Maggie and the rest

come on!

Would love to see cheese from Fosters Home, but my little boy loves your mario range and would like to know if you will be adding to it?



make some banjo kazooie cubeecraft’s


I would love some Phoenix Wright characters like Nick, Edgey, Gumshoe Maya and maybe some of the other prosecutors.

Make an Iphone cubee

problem sleuth from MS paint adventures


one peace

um yu yu hakusho

ace dick (ms paint)

pickle inspetor (ms paint)

death (ms paint)

Hey how about wrestlers like:

The rock
Stone Cold
The Hardy Boys
John cena
and some Divas

I’m pretty killin’ for a Joss Whedon here. Anyone with me? :)

Also! I like you muchly. You are of the mega-awesome.

yeah do what eh said wrestlers

and L from death note

i hope they made viva pinata cubee’s

(check my site for banjo kazooie cubees!!!)

click on my name

Jack Bauer would be a nice addition to your cubes. 😀


I remember you made a Master Chief cubee craft, and it had a weapons pack or something. I can’t find the weapons pack anywhere on this site. also, can you make an smg and sniper rifle accesory pack for master cheif??? Capture the flag flags would be good.

How about Mr. Monopoly?

I wish some shin megami tensei cubee.. like Jack Frost and Black Frost…

and I’d love to know, is there a blank template? Perharps I could make them and submit.

Rogue Trooper would be awesome.

These are awesome! I just printed out my first two (Domo kun and Kermit the Frog) sheets and I hope they turn out!

I had some suggestions:

ANIME: Naruto Uzumaki and Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X

CLASSIC: Charlie Brown and Snoopy and others from the Charlie Brown cartoon cast (I could just see his block head as an actual block!!)

POP CULTURE: Elvis Presley

GAMES: The cute little Pikmin and Captain Olimar from Pikmin (a game for Nintendo Gamecube)

I’d love to see some of these suggestions as Cubees! This site is awesome you do a great job! I hope to download more in the future!

And also, I’d second the request up there for Winnie the Pooh! It would make a great gift especially for a belated Valentine’s Day gift 😀

I’d like to see a usmc marine from the halo series, and Homer Simpson…

dante (devil may cry)
alien (big head)
pene´s (big head)
slash (guns n roses)

I love all everything done so far, especially Meatwad and Master Shake…Where is Frylock? Or Carl? Or the Mooninites?

I know it would be a project for you and for us followers, but a friend of mine said something that intrigued me. You have already started with accessories, which is awesome! But my friend wanted to see a Castle or something. Scenery. You already have some like the boxes from Mario. But what about, for instance, The Simpsons and Their House and then later springfield. Or Carebears and their castle, also could work with my Little Pony’s and their castle. I know it would be a hard task for you and us, but it would keep us occupied. If you did a Harry Potter thing, (not personally a fan) but you could put out a tower at a time so it wouldn’t be as overwhelming for you and us, more you I think on that one.
I will give more examples:
Family Guy, Their House, Quahog
CareBears, Cloud car, cloud castle, Cloud city (BS the names…)
Batman, Bat cave, Gotham
My little Pony’s whatever they dwell in
Walle, the dump
Star Wars, Their ships
Snoopy, Snoopy house (woodstock and tree)

And it may sound dumb right now, but you wouldn’t have to make it a doll house (cause only little girls play with those….) But key elements that make the scenery/landscape/environment.

For example. Key feature in simpson house is the couch and the Tv

(If at all possible, any time even 4 weeks+ from now, email me I would love to contribute.)

Art School Procrastinator

It would like to see half life characters. A cubee of Gordon Freeman with a crowbar sounds great.

Hey, Love your Cubees! I’d like to see a Cubee Panda someday :) Thanks

Napoleon Dynamite!
That would be flippin sweet!

great job on the site and the cubees!
everyone here at my office loves them.
i’ve already created one of our company mascot

I’m going to give the napoleon one a shot but i’m sure you would do a much better job!


Great stuff. How about DEVO.

No idea if this has been suggested before, or whatever, but I’d love to see a Centurion from Battlestar Galactica.

AC DC, Ramones and other rockbands
please 😀

Thundercats, Silverhawks, The Snorkels, The Smurfs… old school here 😉

i would love to see a veronica mars cubee=]

CLOCKWORK ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also u should do:
MORE WATCHMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DO MORE!!!!!!!!!!

Other ideas
-wayne and garth from waynes world
-karate kid
-rocky horror picture show
-angus young
-Yellow Submarine beatles

i would love to seeBatman ( begins or the dark knight) and Sora (from Kingdom hearts)if it is possible =]

How about Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Dr. Drakken, Shego and so on… ?

Please, please make The piramid Head of Silent Hill

The Slipknot team please!! =D

a [hidden] NINJA [/hidden] =]

Love this site, thanks for giving me something to do at work! A few suggestions that might be popular are;
A Cylon from the original Battlestar Galactica
Boba Fett (complete with jett pack and rocket)
The Emperor (from Star Wars)
Imperial Guards (the red ones from Star Wars)
R2-D2 & C-3PO
E.T. (would be interesting to see how you make the neck)
any Borg
any Klingon
Captain Kirk and Spock
Freddy Krougar
Count Dracula (film or from Sesame Street, hehe)
Marty McFly and Doc from Back to the Future
I don’t recall seeing an Iron Man either?
Oh well, you’ve got your own ideas but these are some that I think would be interesting and fun to make. (can you tell I’m a sci-fi nut? lol)

i want to make character hisname jason mraz and ghost rider

and i want to make character hisname john f kennedy and niteowl,please i want it.

I would like to see three models of the popular series Mario, these are Princess Peach and Bowser Jr or Koopa Kid.

I would also like to see a tutorial of some kind explaining how to develop such awesome things.If there’s a link to it please let me know.

Sorry I forgot to mention Bowser(King Koopa)

Hi! I’d like to see The Beatles, Batman from the comics or The Dark Knight movie, R2-D2, Harry Potter, Street Fighter characters, Top Cat characters, Prison Break characters, Link from Zelda… and that’s it for now.

Wolverine(with claws out)
Hiro Nakamura,
Dr Girlfriend/Dr. Mrs The Monarch/Queen Etherea,
Hank Venture,

thank you! this site is teh awesome!

Hey im from the UK and a big fan of ren and stimpy you should definately make a cubeecraft for it!


Alice in Cubeeland

What ever happened with that??

Now that we’ve got Darth Vader, wouldn’t it be funny to have a Luke Skywalker for an epic battle on the desk? =)

if you want banjo kazooie cubee’s go to my site..

i want viva pinata

hey it wold be cool if u made a samus cubeecraftu know for those metroid fans =D

just casting my vote for some already listed,
1. The Harry Potter world, harry, ron, herminie, luna, draco, crabbe, goyle,hagrid (2 pages to make him big), dumbledore, voldamort, house robes, quidditich robes.
2. more star wars, luke, han solo, boba fett, chewy, the droids, leia, mace, yoda, admiral ackbarr.
3. the cast of firefly
4. jonh candy as barf from spaceballs
5. alice in wonderland, alice, white rabbit, queen of hearts, chesire cat, mad hatter, a couple of the card guards, and the caterpillar.
6. music stars! (brilliant!) dave matthews band crew, marilyn manson and the spooky kids, GWAR, slipknot, beatles, bob marley, george clinton (P Funk), les claypool ( with his many hats that he goes through on stage), buckethead.
7. complete the sets that have been started: brak, zorack, and moltar to go with my space ghost., cartman and kyle to go with kenny and stan., the rest of team venture including h.e.l.p.e.r., the dragonball z guys. big bird. ronald mcdonald.
8. Chef from south park ( please! i’m a chef myself and i simply must have one on my desk. please! )
9. a blank faced cubee… to insert photos of loved ones. casual bodies, sexy bodies, uniform bodies.
10. inuyasha, all of the gang.

1. navy seal plese…. i want to give for my daddy’s birthday…

I would like it if you made a meteor, a minotaur, centaur, and hydra. And yes, I am addicted to age of mythology.

я сделал жирного ублюдка (cartman),делаю wall-e

Hy! It will be nice if you post Tin-tin for us!!
A classic character of HQ and tv!

boba fett
the apprentice(from star wars force unleashed)
Heather from Silent Hill 3
Cutsman from megaman

not sure if this was suggested but how bout Geno from Super Mario RPG

I’d love to see Mr T on your site

MF DOOM with mic would be awesome

i love these cubeecrafts! i think it’d be pretty awesome if you guys had a simpsons series. i believe it truly symbolizes pop culture.

I am addicted to these! Please make more French themed ones, then I can make them at work and I can justify what I am doing! (I am a French teacher)
Marie Antoinette
Joan of Arc
Louis XIV
Marie Curie
Lucky Luke
Astrix and Obilix
3 Musketeers
Tintin and Snowy
I could go on and on. These are too cool.

It would have been cool if you had some anime/manga cubees 😀

Like bleach,Naruto, BoBo-Bobobobo, One Piece, Slam Dunk etc.

I think it would be sweet to have a Link Cubee. If not Link than some of the characters from the Zelda series

the Academy Award.

GLaDOS from the video game Portal!!

I think some team fortress 2 cubees may be in order, or half life.

More Watchmen and/or Pokemon cubees would be so awesome!!
Love your work, thankyou for taking the time to make them 😀

Hi, where is the Batman (TDK)? :-) Please…
I would like to make the “300” characters too (Leonidas, The queen, King Xerxes, Ephialtes). Tks and Congratulations for your art :-) Awesome job !


POP CULTURE: Andy Warhol & Jack Sparrow

GAMES: Toad holding Masamune from Chrono trigger

and Machine Girl!

A cubee chess set! Knights, rooks, pawns, kings, queens, bishops…. black and white, medieval and dragonlore would be awesome!

hi i like to see resident evil 5 cubee’s of viva pinata,gta,gears of war,monopoly,lord of the rings

plz click my link….

A katy Perry would be just awesome but I loved your other products too

I would really love to see a Curious George one. =)

Well, I have a few suggestions.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Darth Sidious
Master Windu & Yoda
James Bond (Would love to see this one)
Ethan Hunt (Mission Impossible)
Rocky Balboa
John F. Kennedy
George W. Bush
John Kerry
Dwight Eisenhower
Theodore Roosevelt
Anakin Skywalker (Before he becomes Darth Vader)
Matthew Baker from Brothers in Arms
James P. Sullivan (Monsters Inc.)
Monsters Inc. characters
Thank you!

afrosamurai? you’d nned like 5 cubes just for the hair.

ooh also more bands. gorrillaz maybe.

What you need are cubees of Doki and Nabi from the There She Is!! series on Newgrounds.
Here’s the links to them so you can see how awesome they’d be!

A Cubivore!
It’s Cubeecraft, right? How is this match not made in your nondenominational happy afterplace?

Killzone 2 characters would be really cool

Please , create Spawn would be really cool
If you can’t create Spawn please create Freddy or Deadpool
Would be really fun

Ho hai !
I just love your creation, and i would love them better if you could make a Pedobear and a Cthulhu model, woulde be really nice 😀

(didn’t read the other comments)

Good job anyway and keep doing that !

More robots would be cool. Gosh I love robots…. 😀

Pucca cube!! i need, that’d be awesome!!

Request: Astro Boy from the 1980’s anime.

I have a religion teacher who I showed cubeecrafts to and he asked for a Jesus. Please make one

Little replicas of stuff would be awsome! like a guitar or drumset, or other stuff like that.

I’m a marvel fanboy, so I’d love to see some more Marvel characters!

• Deadpool (this is only one I consider a must!)
• Wolverine (Casual clothing)
• Doctor Doom
• Scarlet Spider

And, just for fun, from my favorite TV shows:

• Michael Westin, from BURN NOTICE
• Shawn Spencer, from PSYCH
• Greg House, from HOUSE MD

Thanks so much! These little Cubees are a great way to spend a lazy summer afternoon, a sick day, or a rainy evening. They’re really modern in their style, so they look great on a desk or shelf.

Keep up the awesome work!

Hai there, I noticed you had a Buffy one, I thought possibly could you do a Spike one, and also Ren and Stimpy. I have a few other suggestions, but they’re the main few.

Oh yes I forgot Harry Potter(characters), Lady Gaga and Delta Goodrem. Possibly The Offspring singer (Dexter Holland) and Billy Idol (L)_(L)

I need people from code geass!! the original and r2. not to sound pusshy or anything but that would be really cool. and zero with and without the mask. and c.c. and kallen’s knightmare, and the lancelot, and suzaku. as many as you want to make!! please!?!?!?!?

add leatherface to the horrer collection. yeahh

I second the motion for a Flight of the Conchords duo.

I’d like to be able to upload pictures and select styles and be able to download (or have email) a “custom” cubee. In this case, I’d like to create cubees of my 2 year old’s day care class for the class to play with.

Oh – and it would be cool to have cubees of my favorite bands.

the dark knight batman
HALO 3 other Spartans (not master chief!!!!)
the arbiter
sweeney todd
jack sparrow
a better two face
the watchmen
green lanturn
and maybe some cube vehicles


Could you possibly make a blank cubee to color our own and there might be less requests


i think that there should be some twilight ones! i know that some ppl are getting sick of twilight but i still think that it would be cool to have edward and bella! and dwight from the office would be awesome 2!!!


we need moar internet-related pop culture.
and some actual famous people.

Someone has probably asked for them. I *may* have asked for them. But

Dethklok! Please.

And FF VII characters, too.

But you have done a number of Adult Swim characters. Please add Dethklok to it! The band, and their manager. Okay, Rockzo, too. And maybe a Kloketeer or two.

I agree 100% with Holkie above…… Do anything for DETHKLOK! Like make cubee’s of them.


you guys should totaly make captain america, the hulk, hawkman, quagmire, the guys from slipknot, and frylock.


Hi, i dont wanna be rude or bossi but can you post a Pucca i need one for my girlfriend´s birthday thanks and i hope you cant post it byeeeee.

Hi, I dont want to be rude or bossi but can you post a Pucca because i need one for my girlfrien´s birthday, i hope you can do it thanks byeeeee.

Taco man

Link from the game The Legend of Zelda, The Lord of The Rings characters, Wolverine, Hannibal Lecter and the Master Alan Moore!

Hi, I’d like to cut some Mazinger Robot Cubee ^_^.
The Z one or the Great!

I would really love a captain underpants 😉 Thanks.

Captian Underpants 😉

Characters from Death Note. L, Yagami Light, Misa Amane, Ryuk, Rem … DO EET.

Thanks for your website. I realy love it!

Please, make to me a Homer (Simpsons) cuber..
Please, please, please…

Thanks for everything…

Please put all the Gears of War team.

Could you make a Pikachu from Pokemon, for my friend?

please, i want very much to see a homer`s cuber…

i need it!

Great site!
I was wondering if you would kindly consider doing more Star Wars Characters? The Darth Vader and Stormtrooper characters you already have up are brilliant, and i know the guys of the 501st legion would love to see more. IF possible i think the following would work really well as cube craft characters: Boba and Jango Fett, R2-D2, C3-P0, Biker scouts, AT-AT Pilots and Tie Pilots, Clone troopers, Yoda, General grevious….ect ect
Actually we would love any of the characters you would be willing to create. Thank you so much for the characters so far. MTFBWY!

Also the X-men as an after thought :-)

how about han solo in cryptonite and milk n cheese?

Could you please do David Tennant as the Doctor from doctor who PLEEEEEEEASE! I’ll cry if you don’t.

Rey Mysterio or hell any wrestler from the WWE

Can somebody please do a design for Pacman and ghosts…?

Hi, I would love to see blu from mr. fosters iminagery friends and JTHM or otherwise known as Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, its a comic and my bf really likes it and I would like to do this one for him while he is in Iraq. thanks

Boba Fett from Star Wars would be nifty =D

I would love to see box cubes of characters from the video game(s)half life 2:

Gordon Freeman, Gman, Alex Vance, Eli Vance, Dr. Kliener, Head crab Zombie…. and so on.


You will get a great response if you decide to make these. I guarantee it. Valve might even contact you.

A few I would like to see are

Jeeves and Wooster
House M.D.
James Bond (all 6)
Harry Potter characters
Humphrey Bogart from Casablanca or other classic movies to recreate
Pulp Fiction
just a few

Thanks for this great web and for you apports!

Please, Can somebody please do a design for Yoda fron de StarWars ???


i love the joker you did it would be awesome to see the riddler to

You have “The Brain” why no Pinky?

I need a Pinky CubeECraft to go with my “Brain”

Hey, I’m kinda a fan of the tv show Daria. Would be really awesome if you can make a daria cubee. or a jane (from the show daria)

Hi !! My boyfriend loves star wars…
Is there a change that you have any more characters ??
Thnks !!!

Hi !! My boyfriend loves star wars…
Is there a chance that you have any more characters ??
Thnks !!!

can u make a tagger cubeecraft like marshall alexander`s little red writin in da hood

with a respirator,cans in its left hand,a backpack with cans sticking out, and in its right hand a mop(,wearing a bandana ,hoodie, and baggy pants

You should name him: Urban Tagga if you make it

I’d like to see more Farscape characters, Stargate and Stargate Atlantis. Thanks

Oh and more Battlestar Galactica!

Maybe Edward and alphonse elric?:3

My friend said she would love to have twilight characters.bleh.

a rubber ducky!!!:D

Knight Bender from Futurama: Bender’s Game
Fry & Leela (futurama)
any characters from the simpsons
Pit (Kid icarus & Super smash bros.)
Stitch (lilo & stitch)

Thanks 😉

plz make some digimon characters!!! they’re awesome!!!

First Thank you very much for your site.

Please can you make Jayce, and Oon from the cartoon Jayce and the wheeled warriors.
If you do not know it’s here.


How about some Ghostbusters? You got Mr. Staypuft. The game is coming out in June as well.

pucca pucca pucca!!!!


Please do QUAGMIRE. You have few Family Guy characters “cubed-creafted” PLEASE PLEASE.


FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS PLEASE!!! please make a cubee out of bret and jemaine!

CLAUDIO SANCHEZ from COHEED & CAMBRIA would be great with additional guitars

Can you make Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants


Also, CARL!!!

Some GI Joe characters would be cool
Cobra Commander

How about, Master Chief (HALO), Iron Man and Star Wars Clone Commando? Tx


uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pac-man,a hobo,courtana (from halo),peanut butter,a panda,george lopez,and a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay oversiezed hulk:D!

oh, and someone else from street fighter(the guy in the red from the chemirchils)

You need to do suzumiya haruhi from the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya! D=, all otaku cubeecrafters would love it!

Please!!!!!! Haruhi Suzumiya!”!!

You must do Twilight Cubeecraft!
As in Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

i’d love to see a cute monkey to make!





Jesus would be awesome! It would be cool to make him for Easter!

Jango Fett
Boba Fett
Phoenix Ikki
Optimus Prime
Groom and Bride
Spawn with Cloak
Ninja Gaiden
Gatot Kaca


I like to do cube craft and give them to my friends for their viewing pleasure. I have a friend who is a huge He-Man fan, so He-Man and Skeletor would be awesome.

There are some other good ideas up there too, like Wall-E.

Good stuff.



power rangers

finish the stupid alice cubees


How about:
– More of the street Fighter Characters?
– And the Mortal Kombat Characters?

Nice Work by the way, my collection is getting bigger :-)

Hey, could you please make Beavis & Butt-Head and the Simpsons Family?
PLS! I <3 them ^^

please make KISS cubes. everyone needs to Rock-n-Roll all night and Party Everyday!!!!


how about disney characters like winnie the pooh?

Dr Who, Dalek, The Master (all from Dr Who 2005)

How about some more Aqua Teen Hunger Force characters. Specifically Frylock and Carl. Oh, and Manny Ramirez would be cool too.

Deadpool would be awesome

I was thinking

-Pete townshend



-the avenger’s(not the comic but the television show from the 60’s)

-mod guy

-mod girl


ranma 1/2

the girl and boy ranma

I´d like very much to see Raziel, from Legacy of Kain series… But actually, i’m not sure at all if you read all this post… But anyways, Thank you!

– He-Man (all of them, lol)
– Beetlejuice (the cartoon version)
– Esteban (Mysterious Cities of Gold)

I would like to see “The Peanuts” (Charlie Brown, Snoopy Woodstock and the others)
Please, man…

more Kamen Riders! and maybe Super Robot Red Barron!!! yeah that would kick ass, do that one!

Hi there,
at first I have to say that I find the idea of the Cubees verry cool and funny! I just found a Cubee of

–> Chuck Bartowski from “Chuck” Hugh Laurie from “Dr. House” <–

Doctor Doom, Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson

i think if you made XENA (chakram?) i would totally scream! and if your bored you can do Gabrielle too, but shes optional.
thankyou! this site is awesome! i have already made 7! if you do decide to do Xena, can you please let me know via email?
I heard about this site from Dolly Magazine. just thought u should know :)
thanks again.

Hi , i really would like to see Insectosaurus , from Monsters vs Aliens movie , became a Cubeecraft 😀

I really want to see cubecraft of bleach!

I would like to See GOku.

Anyone from any of these Series
Order Of the Stick
The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
Any Game by Valve other than Portal since you did that all ready(Half-Life, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead)

Cheech & Chong!

Good day, I’m Gundam lover. i wish can have more Gundam cubees, eg. RX-78-2, RX-77-2 Gun cannon, RX-75 Guntank, Strike Gundam GAT-X105, MS-06S Zaku, MS-06F Zaku.

Cheers 😉

I gotta say that any of the characters from “The Big Lebowski” would be awesome. The Dude abides

Can you make a character from Mushroom Men Rise of the Fungi?

Or maybe Pinky–since you already have brain?

Odie would be nice.

I LOVE my Futurama Cubee’s. PLEASE consider The Good Doctor or a Fry to compliment my Bender and Zoidberg~! LOVE THEM!
Thanks soo much!

Suggestions for future cube crafts… How about the characters from Left 4 Dead? (videogame)
Zoey, Francis, Bill, Louis, Boomer, Hunter, Smoker, Tank, Witch. even random zombies.

that would be amazing.
i would seal them in a glass display case for all to see 😀

Listen to the people with the Mudkip idea! :)

Chuck Bartowski,or Dr house,or chowder,or peanuts,oh or kingdom hearts characters,the game is coming out for the Ds in september.

But do you know what I would really like to see?
Prez from a while ago,me and my 8th grade teacher have been making them so he wants like a george washington or john adams.
Please at least try charlie brown or the prez’s

I love my cubee’s,but i would really loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to see the main characters from Hogan’s Heroes,a comedy from the 60’s 70’s.Like klink,schultz,or hogan.I’m sure any classic tv fan would want.It was nominated for many awards,and so were some of the actors.

I would like to see a Bruce Dickinson cubee! A challenge for you

i which to ask u if u culd make a gaara of the desert i really am a fan of him so ive been trying to find a paper craft of him but i have never found it

– Mr. Spock (Star Trek)
– Sylar (heroes)
– Kenny (southpark)
– Harry Potter
– a chihuahua dog


Hi there! I’d like to request some more cubees from the Mega Man (/Rock Man) series! Imagine: All the bosses from Mega Man 2 – Quick Man, Air Man, etc. – maybe even Dr. Wil(e)y and Rush…
Wouldn’t that be totally cool?
I guess you’ve got your hands full with other requests anyway – but big THANX for doing all your great work so far!!!

I would lllovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee to see a dark trooper or more versions of the storm trooper from star wars 😀

I would love it if you could make ether anyone of the Castle Crashers Knights or Old Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid or Metal Gear Solid 2.

I appreciate the time of you just looking over this request. Thank You!

Make Gregory House!!!!

House M. D.

I’d like to see a Dale Gribble cubee, and some Armed Forces ones, too.

Hey, I was hoping you could possibly design the Repoman or other characters from REPO! The Genetic Opera.

Thanks. 😀


Please make Optimus Prime (movie version)
That would rock!!!!!!!

Hi ! I really like your site !

Cubee Craft of the french electro duo Justice would be freakin sick ! Here’s the link of their myspace for some pictures:

I saw that you added Daft Punk and I was really happy. I hope you’ll like my suggestion.

Thanks !


Another vote for Flight of the Conchords characters please! A whole set, like Princess Bride. Not just Bret and Jemaine, but Murray, Dave, and absolutely Mel.

u r so awesome
btw i think u should make a blank cubee so we can draw on our own creation


When go to leave the owner walle in cubee?

Thank you for your answer.

U r incredible, amazing! America Captain it´s a must, i would love to see captain america!
THANKS for chapulin colorado! I´m from Mexico and Chespirito is awesome!

Hello, I was just wondering if it could be possible for you to put up a Elmo cubeecraft. My brother would really appreciate it.

hi i would also like to see a hannah montana doll

I would like to see, sesame street characters,tim burton’s movie characters, maybe pushing daisies:chuck and ned, a grim reaper and last but nost leats you should have an special place only for music groups, strating with DEFTONES!!!!!!
Thanks, this place its awesom.

I know its unlikey that you will do this one but I’d love to see some Charlie the Unicorn cubee’s :)

I think characters from classic games would be good, such as Link, Kid Icarus, etc. Old skool.

And since you did Jack Skellington, how about Sally? The rest of the South Park and Family Guy crew? Or, a really god idea, The Jetsons?

just a suggestion, have you ever thought of doing some UFC cutouts? as a fan of the sport id like to see a lil rampage jackson or anderson silva cutout… it would really be awesome.

I would like Brian Griffin. I have looked all over but can’t Find u have stewie but not brian i mean KUM on!!! : )

i would like ask you if you could make ronald mcdonald and other charectors besides the 2 already here thanks
ps. you should not delete them after they expire you should open a free yahoo group and put them there rather than just delete them because is just a waste of a good papercraft to just delete them

I want to make my fav cubee prints bigger. how can I do that?

DEADMAU5…best electro/progressive house dj in the world…

Please make more of the venture brothers!!! I must complete my collection and show them off to my insanely jealous friends.

Hank Venture
Dean Venture
The Monarch
Dr. Girlfriend
Dr. Orpheus
Triana Orpheus
Professor Killinger

You should do a tupac and biggie smaals like before the east west war when they were freinds

i spelled biggie smalls wrong

Hi there! Here’s a huge Asian fan from Hong Kong!

I’m so crazily obssessed with your fantastic Cubeecraft! You know what? Actually I’ve been visiting Cubeecraft for a long time! (I dont even be able to remember how long but I’ve put this site into my favourite anyway!)

I really love your works so much and am looking forwrad to more wonderful pieces of yours! Btw, so far I like the Tardis the most as I’m actually a huge fan of Torcwood! I know many of other fans of Cubeecraft are fans of Torchwood as well, so I think they (and of course I as well) are definitely full of expectations for any more crafts about Torchwood!

But anyway, I fully understand how demandful it is to request, it’s ok for me to wait! =)

I would like very much to thank you for all the cubees, I love the idea and such, i’d love also to submit some ideas and have many that would be fairly good! But, I do not exactly what to do for submitions. OH! and “Romairo” is not my real name I just wish not to share it. Please answer my question.


Homer Simpson, Chuck Norris and Ryu.

Samus Aran (Metroid)


Tin Tin


as a huge disney’s fan i would like to see mike wazowski from monsters inc. and mr potato head.

ps, and i loved el chapulin colorado!!!! gracias!

Three that I would love to see are “The Dark Knight” Movie Batman, Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe (the cartoon) and Christian Bale/John Connor from the new Terminator Salvation film.

i would realy like it if you would make a c.c. from code geass the girl with green hair

Kirk and Spock from Star Trek would be awesome 😀

Great stuff you’re doing here, really creative. It is much appreciated!

In honor of 3d realms closure, please make a Duke Nukem cubee.

Can you make the member of the Ouran Host Club from the anime ‘Ouran High School Host Club’

please a Naruto cubee ^^

Would you make more Futurama characters? I enjoy Bender, Flexo and Universe 1 Bender, etc. but maybe:
Hedonism Bot
The Crushinator
Nixon’s Head

Thanks for all the great work!

the beatles would be awesome. preferably not the mustache/bearded beatles. 😀 that would honestly make my life

i would like to see
*ice cube
*the hulk
i guess but you should do jets like f-22

Ren and stimpy on me desk would balance out the hate.

Get down on it!


May 25th is Official Towel Day!!

In honor of Douglas Adams, please PLEASE, do something related to this fantastic day for this god of sci-fi.

How about Star Trek characters, esp. Spock

How about a under dog cubee?

From my favourite movie Anchorman: The legend of Ron Burgundy, Mr Burgundy.
That would been nice.

How about some more Star Wars characters. Ideally C3P0 to go with R2D2.
Many thanks.

I think you should make a Wolverine cubeecraft in honor of the new X-Men Origins Wolverine movie. Now that would be cool.

Hey could you maybe do some Firefly characters? A cubee Jayne Cobb or Captain Mal or River Tam would be awesome! Thanks!

I would love to see:
Link (Zelda Series, Original and/or Wind Waker Version)
Castle Crashers
Sack Boy

I know you have all of these, But I cant seem to find any printouts of them, i only saw them on the Christmas tree.

This would really make me happy: Please put characters from FullMetal Alchemist! Please?! I am obsessed with that show!!!

Hi, here are some ideas:

Spock from “Star Trek”
Wolverine from “X-men”
Link from “Legend of Zelda” (many people REALLY want this!)Sora from “Kindgdom Hearts”
Drossel from Disney’s “Fireball”

I think you should add more characters from Godzilla.

How about a brotherhood of steel character from Fallout 3

i just finished Indiana Jones. pretty bad ass. there’s about ten more i want to do. I’d love to see some Mortal Kombat characters. may be just the first 7. i know barraka would be freggin sweat



I think you should add a Big Daddy from Bioshock the game

PLEEEEEEASEEEEEZ make Brak, dude from Big Labowski, homestar runner, and soul reaver. comon! COMON! YAARGH!

would love to see some STREET FIGHTER characters! i know there’s blanka, but please add some more!:)

Hi, I’m from Brazil. This amazing website is very famous here. But I have a request: WOLVERINE!!!

I was wondering if you could make some cubee charactures of winnie the pooh and all the other charactures from winnie the pooh. I really love what you do.

Powerpuff girls, Mojo Jojo, Dexter’s Lab, Starblazers, Gatchaman, G1 Optimus Prime, LOST

Any of these would be great, thanks.


I have a request.

Are you planning to create a Cylon from Battlestar Gallactica?

I wish you are :)

here gives a picture for example

best regards

Hi, I’m from Brazil and love the cubee… But I want more characters from Star Wars Movies:

•Princesa Leia Organa•
•Luke Skywalker•
•Anakin Skywalker•
•Darth Maul•
•Obi-Wan Kenobi•
•Mace Windu•
•Boba Fett•
•Padmé Amidala•


I think it would be cool if somebody makes a cubee
of K.I.T.T. from knight rider.

I’d like to see a couple of the knights from the game “Castle Crashers”


I wanna see some Dragonball Z characters and from the movie 300 I want there to be a regular spartan and a king leonidas spartan.

Also If this could be done or not it’s ok. I would really want the characters from the video game Left 4 Dead. That would really be awesome.


Hey just a couple ideas here…

Alec Mason from the new game “Red Faction Guerrilla”

Marcus Fenix from the game “Gears of War”

oh yes, sorry, but my sister wants to know if u will consider making a template of that little chubby kid from that new movie “up” like to see snake yes from gi joe and shadow form final fantasy 6..=) thanks!!

hi you rock soooooooooooooooo much
how about

layle from the new final fantsay game coming out

the new prince of persia/dark prince

neo from the matrix.
i would be greatfull if you could send any of these to me at my email address

Old Greg from The Mighty Boosh.
“I’m Old Greg!”

ALTAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (assassin’s creed)

Wander from Shadow of the Colossus
The kid and bird thing from The Last Guardian

Anyone and anything from anything that Team Ico are responsible for.

I need them to go next to my Kratos.

boxy brown (i mean c’mon he’s a box already…), frylock, granny from squidbillies, stimpy, mega man would be pretty awesome too!

oh and Link from A Link to The Past on snes

okay i guess i should have looked harder and seen mega man already in there… so awesome


Wrestling Cubees would be great!

Maybe the following:
– The Ring and the Set from Wrestlemania 25
– All Characters who did compete there…

Here is a page, which did something similar, with own characters…

Keep up the good work!

i love cubees and i would love for a bullet bill cubee from mario if you can please can you send it to my email. =)

you rock!!!

Hey man i will ask you 1 that i need and is the MAZINKAISER

Other possible you can is:

Big Boss (Metal Gear Series)
Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid 1)
Anyone more from Resident Evil
Kira and L (Death Note)
Haruhi Suzumiya (Suzumiya haruhi no yuuutsu)
Konata (Lucky star)

Fullmetal alchemist Edward Elric?

buckethead PLz!! John Consatantin, V for vendetta??

TnKz :)

May I please request a Kobe Bryant one?

Thank you sooooooooo much in advance!

I would loove to have the Friends characters:

Thank you very very much

Michael Phelps with his USA’s LZR Racer. And what about some Formula 1 driver? Fernando Alonso, retired Michael Schumacher, legendary Ayrton Senna… And like some people said, Bono (U2), ande The Beatles. And a Cyberdyne Systems Series 800 Model 101 would be nice x)

Robo and Frog from Chrono Trigger would be awesome.

I love your site! It’s just amazing how cutting out of paper little heroes of my favourite games or comics(I love them most here)helps me to relax and forget(may be for a 30 minutes,but it doesnt matter)about everything! Here are all famous heroes like Spider-M, Wolverine, Earthworm Jim(he’s fantastic)etc.
BUT I can’t find SPAWN here!!!(!!!)I think he’ll be nicely fullfilling the collection of comic-heroes)!
Can’t wait to find paper-Spawn here!
TNX a lot again!

Take care!

PS sorry 4 my English!:) I’m from Russia and I still learn the language!

I’d like to see any Naruto or Naruto Shippuuden Characters. That would be awesome! Please consider. Thanks!

Afriend of mine saw the Peter Griffin cubee on my desk at work and asked if there were any Reno 911! cubee’s available. These would be hilarious! Please make them as that is one of the funniest shows nobody has heard of!


I would love to see a Manji, Rin and Magatsu from blade of the immortal. It’s a very popular manga (darkhorse) that has been turn into an anime.

I vote for a Gordon Freeman (from Half Life) cubee! I’d make a ton of them ^^

PLEASEE AS SOON YOU CAN, CAN YOU CREATE A CUBEERAFT OF POCOYO, that’s for my son, because he is a fan of this cartoons. congratulation for your work

I have looked all every paper craft website I can’t find any zombies. So I’m asking ask as a huge Gorge A. Romero and Max Brooks fan. Please make some Zombies.

MAKE SPAWN and Violator please!!!


Can you make the rest of Futurama characters?

plizzz :)

I’d love a Bruce Campbell (Ash) from Army of Darkness, or even a Good Ash/Bad Ash set! Thanks!

HEllo there! there are two ways i could do this. one is by requesting, wich i am requesting if you could make some of the chibi D.Gray-Man characters. It would be amazing if that was possible. the other thing ill email you about it. 😛 hope its possible
please and thankyou
-Adan R.

Warhammer 40000 models would be greate! :)
Space Marines, Dreadnoughts…

I would like to see characters from resident evil like Claire, Chris or even Wesker.

Black Panther, Mysterio, Doc Brown, McFly, Admiral Ackbar, and Pikachu.

I would like to see these new cubeecrafts
1. Buckethead
2. Naruto
3. Power Rangers
4. Digimon
5. Yoshi
6. Square Mountain Dew Can
7. Inuyasha
8. Bleach
9. Square Pac – Man
10. Goast from Pac – Man
11. Death Note
12. Squall from Final Fantasy
13. Scorpion from Mortal Kombat
14. Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat
15. Bill Gate

Zero Suit Samus Aran (Metroid)
Vira Suit Samus Aran (Metroid)

Poison Ivy from Batman 😀

It would be great to make The Prince from Prince of Persia Warrior Within.

RYU and KEN from street fighter
JOHN MCLAIN(die hard)
and theres loads more but but my brain has given up :)

oww yeah and CHUCK NORRIS :d

hey, how about Rey Mysterio from WWE?
or The Rock)
It will be awesome

Oh… I forgot about Raving Rabbid :).

Shadow the hedgehog Needs to be on here PLEASE USE HIM!!

[…] cubeelog » REQUESTS This entry was posted on Tuesday, July 1st, 2008 at 3:28 pm and is filed under question. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. …… i would also like you make some World of WarCraft characters, and some of their pet’s, companions, and mounts, mayve even a gryphon. Rowan Woodall, on January 27th, 2009 at 11:43 am said: I would like to see something to do with Valentine’s day like … […]

[…] cubeelog » REQUESTS This entry was posted on Tuesday, July 1st, 2008 at 3:28 pm and is filed under question. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. …… i would also like you make some World of WarCraft characters, and some of their pet’s, companions, and mounts, mayve even a gryphon. Rowan Woodall, on January 27th, 2009 at 11:43 am said: I would like to see something to do with Valentine’s day like … […]

Even though you have a great old snake from mgs4 i would love to see the original from mgs1 and mgs2 also if possible raiden from mgs2 before he became the ninja PLEASE THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

CYBORG 009!!!! all characters of that anime please!!!

Death note characters would be awesome,imm sure more than half of the people who visit this website know who these characters are.Maybe Light,L,or mello and Near.
Maybe Craig Ferguson too. IM sure since you made a couple talkshow hosts,why not make a couple more.If anyone could make this,that would be awesome!

ANYBODY WHO WANTS DEATH nOTE Characters leave requests here!

i would like an uncle sam please cuz well 4th of july is almost here and i need something cool to give!!!!!!ppl…hahahahahah

Harry Potter! & Friends.

I request Michael Jackson.

Blooper. From the mario series. Ya’ know. The little white squiddy guy? He shoots ink in MarioKart.

Oh, and buddy the Belhop. From MySims.

please make black and white versions of Michael Jackson!!

I would love to see some stargate SG-1 characters like Teal’c or jack! And mabey a Viking or something… :)

Who’s with me for the stargate characters?!?!?

the whole slipknot band

George Harrison
Paul Mccartney
Ringo starr
John Lennon

Super Smash Bros Brawl

Zero Suit Samus
Pokémon Trainer
Diddy Kong
Meta Knight
King Dedede
Pikmin & Olimar

Veteran Fighters

Donkey Kong
Ice Climbers

Secret Fighters

Captain Falcon
Mr. Game & Watch
Toon Link

Assist Trophies

Samurai Goroh
Dr. Wright
Knuckle Joe
Mr. Resetti
Little Mac
Gray Fox
Saki Amamiya
Kat & Ana
Jill & Drill Dozer
Hammer Bro
Custom Robo
Infantry and Tanks
Shadow The Hedgehog

Go To Smash Bros. DOJO!!

I think you should do ones for Michael Jackson in his Thriller Jacket and Billy Mays.

THE GUY ( disturbed band mascot)

I have a few requests.

I would appreciate it if you made cubees of:

Vincent Valentine from FFVII (7)
Yuffie Kisaragi from FFVII (7)

Someone else mentioned this earlier, but I would LOVE to see anything from Namco’s Tales of Series. Guy Cecil in particular… would probably make my heart stop. XDDD;

Hi, i would like to see Bart Simpsons, at least, but all the others characters of the simpsons would be great. Thanks!

Gwen Stefani and the Harajuku girls.


No Doubt (Gwen, Tony, Tom & Adrienne)

Those would be Awesome!!!!

I’d LOVE to see Vince Noir and Howard Moon from the Mighty Boosh.

I would like to see some Repo The Genetic Opera Characters
like Shilo, Graverobber, Pavi and stuff

eric cartman(from southpark),kyle Broflovski(from southpark,people from the band paramore,and patrick from spongebob.

oh dude u need frylock however u would do it cause meat wad and shake need their buddy

I’d like to know if you are making a cube of Michael Jackson, because it would be a very good idea.
Brazil is the place where I live and I suggest you to make a cube character of our president Luis Inácio Lula da Silva.
thanks a lot.

Our campus mascot is the jaguar… my co-workers look down on me for this odd hobby of “square” people. Could you create a template of a jaguar I could make to shut em up.
A disgrunteled Ham

Well, in honor of Michael Jackson King of Pop, i beleive you should create michael jackson black and then white
P.S. think it over… i dont know if people will take it the wrong way…

Some Naruto characters will get people Hyped?

Christopher Walken would be amazing.

I would like to see these characters as cubee people.
-Death Note characters (L,Near,Misa,Light,Ryuk,Mello,Matt,Ect…)
-Johnny The Homicidal Maniac(one of Jhonen Vazquez Characters)
-Tim Burton Characters(Edward Scissorhands,Sweeney Todd,Ect.)
-The Rest of The Watchmen Crew
-The Rest of The Umbrella Academy Crew
-SuperJail Characters (The Warden with his Cane,Jarred,Alice,and JailBot.)
-Wall-E Characters (Wall-E,Eve and Mo)

How about Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey if you want a super easy one. Maybe use some pieces by popular artists like Warhol’s cambell’s soup can, the Mona Lisa, or Guernica. Just a thought if you wanted something a little odd with some humor.

I love that you have done meatwas and master shake from aqua teen, but you could you possibly do frylok and carl? maybe even the moonanites?

The rest of the family guy characters and the simpsons?

You really really need Eric cartmam, Kyle, butters, timmy, and jimmy to complete your south park collection

Probably more of the Code geass characters, maybe a nightmare from the show, and billy Mays to remember him… R.I.P…
Dr.Girlfriend from the venture bros., Yoda, maybe like one of the gray aliens people say that abducted them. Brian from family guy, ichigo from the anime bleach, and maybe some characters from halo, like some grunts, and elites wouldn’t be too bad.

Make a black and white Michael Jackson PLEASE.

anything from conkers bad fur day (especially cash)

Have you thought about doing any Transformers or Decepticons? and some more Star Wars characters?

As a suggestion, you should allow a download of a blank, standard cubee. Just plain white, with the guidelines to cut out so people can paint/color/etc. custom cubees, if you cant guarantee a request, tell people to make it themselves!

I just want Boba Fett. Sniff Sniff. Give me Boba, or give me death. But I prefer Boba Fett.

These are ingenious… hopefully you wont tire out anytime soon… A few requests mostly from my childhood…

Inspector Gadget
Stripe from “Gremlins”
Sloth from “The Goonies”

and perhaps The Three Stooges… a little before my time.
and Henry Spencer from “Eraserhead” all in their original monochrome black and white color scheme


dont know if anyone has ask for this yet but i think some hell raiser stuff would be really cool! great site by the way!!

I would REALLY like to see Princess Peach or more Nintendo characters like that.
I love all the nintendo stuff posted here :)

I would also love to see any Harry Potter characters, because that would be so fun.

Thank you for this website, cubeecraft is my new hobby.
Seriously, I’m making TONS of things!

Just found this site while searching for Muppet stuff — I love the Grover and Kermit! What do you think of making a Super Grover?

Also, I saw that you have Superman. How about adding some ladies from DC Comics? My daughter would like to suggest Lois Lane, Wonder Woman and Supergirl.

Again, love the site!

i would like to see blossom from the power puff girls daisy from mario and black mokona from tsubasa chronichles or holic probably spelt alot stuff wrong

omg i just thought you have to make the people from fooly cooly at least the pirate king forgot his name he is the red robot love that anime

Nemesis from Resident Evil please!!!

The Robot Chicken from, well, the TV show Robot Chicken.
Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley
Willow Rosenberg from Buffy

THE PEANUTS GANG. I think that would be dope.

Chowder & Panini fromt the Chowder cartoon on
Cartoon Network PLEASE.

Flapjack is awsome if u were to put a cubbecraft i would be so happy PLEASE.

I don’t think I’ve seen this request yet:
Burn-E from the movie Wall-E

Would love to see a Wonder Woman cubee. It’ll make a cute gift addition for my girlfriend’s birthday! 😀

I saw you have the White Violin from The Umbrella Academy, and I would LOVE to see the rest of the gang! Thanks, xoxo

Could you make a Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez, Joe Nathan, Albert Pujols… basically, MLB players. I think that would be cool.

perhaps you could make diffrent types of halo spartans

in halo 3, you can make your own spartan charicter(im not a good speller)

perhaps you could do somthing like that

Hitler and Pikachu and King Bumi from Avatar

I think it would be cool to see a “V” from “V for Vendetta” cubie. Lemme know.

i would really love to see more gears of war characters like carmine thatd be awesome because hes just awesome haha id also like to see other characters like the locusts and stuff thatd get alot of good reviews.

characters from Final Fantasy 2 and 3 would be really cool

i like to see some transformers cubeecraft

Please please please!!!!!!!!!!
could you do anything HARRY POTTER? That would be so epic!
and PLEASE more office characters


please please please do The Dude, Walter and Donny from the Big Lebowski!!!

1. Jesus
2. Hobo
3. Spartans from 300
4. Mythbusters (Adam, Buster, Tori, Keri, Grant, and Jamie)
5. Billy Mays
6. Michael Jackson
7. Kenny from Southpark
8. Old people
9. George Washington
10. Abe Lincoln

Every Venture Brothers character ever. A want a huge collection. Gordon Freeman. More Star Wars (Boba Fett). Star Trek Bridge Crews. Tim and Eric Characters… Spaghett, Steve Brule, Casey and his Brother, Steve Brule… ETC.

Kurt Cobain
Megan Fox
Shia LeBouf
Michael Jackson
Jack Black
Ricky Bobby

dude you or how ever meny peoples or making them shud make a Bleach series

hey could you make a inuyasha one u can remove it if u want i just want one cuz hes my favorite tv charector (srry 4 spelling errors in a hurry)

Love this site! But i cant seem to find any Harry Potter ones. Do you think you could get some for me? Thanks!

Hopefully these havent been asked over and over

President Dwayne Elizando Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho from Idiocracy

Sweeney Todd (w/ bloody scissors :)

Ultimate Warrior from WWF

could you make

cell/perfect form cell
super buu
majin bu
ssj5 goku
gt goku
ssj5 vegita
ssj5 vegeto

lol weeks of fun

Maybe consider making a Wall-e.

Can you make a black Michael Jackson and a white Michael Jackson?

Wall-E. Death Note. Jack Sparrow. Transformers. General Grievous (star wars ep.III)

lets start off by saying good job, i’ve already lost 20lbs on the cubeecraft diet. i make cubes all day and i forget to eat :)
okay, i’ll keep it short…okay no i wont.
more street fighter.
some johnny the homicidal maniac.
maybe a dash of back to the future.
anything with johnny deep.
more of anything on adult swim.
which reminds me, metalocalypse.
captain planet, muppets(especially animal,elmo,and cookie monster), wall-e, gizmo from gremlins, some south park, tony danza, wizard of oz, beavis and butthead, the original power rangers, beerfeast, secret squirrel and morocco mole, a chia pet, more super heroes(male and female), 2 stupid dogs…i could do this all day buddy, i’ve got a million of them. but here’s just a few more… dragon ball characters, the kool aid man, gatcha man(G force), street sharks(oh please make street sharks…), where the wild things are, saved by the bell, bruce lee, tenacious D, sin city, banana’s in pajamas, flight of the conchords, the goonies, more star wars, how about the actual venture bros(dean&hank), joe camel, pootie tang, double dragon, anchor man, jonas brothers, and please…i mean i am begging you for this. are you ready? Johnny 5 from short circuit(“Johnny 5! ALIVE!”). i dont know exactly how that might look or if it would even work but if you did it then i’d be forever in your debt. actually if any of these suggestions get used i’ll scream like a tiny infant baby who’s just been startled by a robotic tiger with nunchucks.

I would like to see the beatles !

Hi, I think mike wazowski is missing, and what about the star trek characters.


Alternate head for lelouche, zero mask (code geass)

Kallen from code geass

Gurren MKII from code geass

Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach

Helghast troops from Killzone and Killzone 2(whole lot of them)

Grimmjow Jaggerjaques from Bleach

Darth Maul from Starwars episode I

Overlord from the Overlord games

How About A Game And Watch

How about Kaworu Nagisa from Neon Genisis Evengelion? Or anything from Adultswim ^___^
Thanks for the great new hobby!!!!

(P.S. random suggestion, Chelsey Handler.)

hey cubeecraft!

love your site and im currently building my “Stormtrooper army” as seen on your page as Digital Art – maybe you could edit the model of the normal Stormtrooper and make one or two of these:
“Stormtrooper Commander”
“Stormtrooper black”
“Imperial Pilot”
Im a huge Star Wars fan 😉
And – i know that this has been requested before – but pleeeease think about
“Pyramid Head”
again, i tried to do it based on the “Shamshel” model, but texturing isnt my thing…

What about characters from L4D?

Survivors and Infected…

Maybe even the Horde ;D

that would be a hit, and interesting.

Mh, I really hope there will be:

Kayako Saeki (The Grudge)
Baiken (Guilty Gear)
Soryu Asuka Langley (NGE)
Pyramind Head (Silent Hill)
Lucy (Elfen Lied)

Mh, I really hope there will be:

Kayako Saeki (The Grudge)
Baiken (Guilty Gear)
Soryu Asuka Langley (NGE)
Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)
Lucy (Elfen Lied)

Pikachu, Charmander, Squitle, and Bulbasaur from Pokemon

I would just like to say that i love making these things although they make my dad made (because i cut the scraps into little pieces and make a big mess). and that you should add Solid Snake from the first Metal Gear Solid, since you have old snake (he really is old, isnt he). But these things are so fun yet so simple, its amazing. good job :)

Yeah,death note would be awesome,and also inspector gadget the cartoon.I just discovered a new series on youtube(gadget and the gadgetinis)that was only released in europe.Look it up S.a.d!but yeah l,light,near,mello,or matsuda would be great for death note.the last episoe was great.

can you make a boba fett pleaseeeee!

Please make characters from the Gremlins movies such as Gizmo and Mohawk.

some jaffa from SG-1 would be awesome. STARGATE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

schectorbcrich out.

how ’bout Alex P Keaton from family ties?!?!?!? Or some transformers!

Could you make one of Zim from Invader Zim?

what about the Haruhi Suzumiya characters…and some food!! Like ice cream and stuff

Hank and Dean from Venture Bros!!

And Helper from Venture Bros!

hey, I was just looking through all of the works, and I must sayh they are very well done, and very interesting too. I was hoping that you could maybe do some other well known video game characters, such as Altair from Assassins creed, or Gordon Freeman from Half Life. Four other ones I would love to see are Sam Fisher (and maybe some of his suits) from the Splinter Cell series, The Castle Crashers, A Big Daddy from BioShock and Afro Samurai. Any or all of those would be absolutely amazing, especially the Big Daddy.

Jenga Fett and Boba Fett

So I think you should add some rock icons. For example, the members of Kiss, Alice Cooper with top hat and masscarra and maybe some Slipknot characters.


How can you have a Lelouch and no C.C.?

For shame.

I know you’ve already done a couple of Braid papercrafts…but I would like to see the dinosaur. 😀

( )

Make some wwe Wrestlers pleae Randy Orton! xD

I think you should make the guys from Metalocalypse :)


You should make a nazi or hittler one or a Odst one from halo or a scarab from halo that should be a 5 on the hard scale.

Keep the Alice in Cubeland going!

I want to make a cheshire cat!
And maybe some of the card army!

The Grim Reaper

I agree with the Michael Jackson idea…only the zombie MJ from Thriller is preferred 😀

I would really appreciate it if you could create lelouch in his zero outfit and any kingdom hearts characters thanks for your time.

Some cubee of braveheart, please *-*

I would like to see Elmo, the Powerpuff girls, Brian from the Family Guy, Naruto, Itachi and Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

I think that Alice Cooper and some of the more recognized slipknot characters would be cool!

frylock from Aqua Teen Hunger Force you already have meatwad and master shake so i think you should complete the group…

captain jack sparrow from the movies pirates of the caribbean would be REALLY cool,and also tim burton characters would be cool to, love the site by the way!


I think you should make megatron, bumble bee, optumis prime, pooh bear, piglet, tigger and goku

Hey, mabey you could make The Blue Meanie and Jeremy from The Beatles Yellow Submerine Movie, or possibly Stan, Kyle, Kenney, and Cartmen from South Park, or mabey Rusty, Granney, The sharif,and the Aunt from Sqidbillies, or Buzz Lightyear

Chinese opera please!!

i would like to see transformers cubees please

Hey I know you guys must have tons of requests, but I really, REALLY needs a paper toy of “Shaoran Li” from “Tsubasa Reservoir Cronicles”, I know it’s not so popular and it’s an unusual request, but I’ve searched like crazy for it and I still haven’t found it (I’m fearing I’ll have to do it by myself even when I don’t know how. lol).

I’d be REALLY thankfull to you guys (if there is the case and I do it before you answer me, I’d donate it to your archive)

Thank you so much, see ya!

I would have sworn there was a Stan and 3 Headed Monkey papercraft on the site at one time (Part of the Second Video Game Character Collection I believe), but can’t find them now.

Either way, I’d love to see them back on the site, as well as any number of Monkey Island characters, but especially Guybrush and LeChuck for obvious reasons!

frylock would be awsome! and maybe more futurama characters to go with bender dr.zoidberg and flexo…and also like what lionel mcman said, captain jack sparrow would be really awesome to! you rock!!!

I think Doctor Horrible and captain hammer would be great for my cubical at work. or Flapjack, Captain K’nuckles, and the cast from Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Kingdom hearts PLZ

hows about some nba cubees, what wouldnt be more fun than kobe, lebron, and shaq cubees

Im not sure if any of these are listed but maybe..
-Mortal Kombat Characters (Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Liu Kang…
-Wu-Tang Clan! XD

And maybe some Rocket Power & Dragon Ball Z/GT

What about the American Idol judges. You could also do the contestents that have won.

Helghast army, Crackdown Agents, Cole from inFAMOUS, altair from Assassins creed, Niko Bellic from GTAIV, most of all CAPTAIN PRICE for COD4.

Hi! I think these cubees are cute. 😀

I have a few requests…how about:
–the Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers
–the original Gundam, from Gundam ’79
–Amuro Ray, also from the above.

Maybe you could make…
-Yoyo(from Jet Set Radio Future)
-Halo 3 Enemies(Flood and Aliens)
-Gears of War Locust
-Different Weapons for Marcus Fenix

YOu should make avatar:the last air bender ones!


please make michael jackson :(

South Park. please!

I literally just got home from seeing the midnight showing of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince, PLEASE could you make the characters from the movie?

Tom Riddle
Arthur Weasley
Molly Weasly

The list goes on, but it would be amazing if these could be made.

have u have tought of making TDI (Total Drama Island) ones or Fairly Odd Parnets. Kingdm Hearts would be cool too

I’d like to suggest: Monty Python’s Holy Grail characters (Black Knight, Arthur, killer bunny), classic movie stars (Bogart, Hepburn(s)), Sesame Street, Muppets

I would like to see the left 4 dead crew on here and there are some other paper craft models with good characters but terrible designs here

I would love to see these graphics and such on cubeecraft because i like the way they look but don’t like the skirt looking design of the finished product.

Would like a WALL-E one, a Jack Sparrow one, Pac-Man, iPhone, dinosaur, and Mythbusters. I really want Adam and Jamie Cubee. Thanks!

could you post a dr.steel cubee along with one of his robots and a buzzsaw baby? this would really make my day and im sure a lot of others as well.. Hail Docotor Steel!!

Goku or Vegeta from Dragonball Z.
Anybody from Avatar the Last Airbender

i would like some south park caracters

and maybe some mini game systems
(playstations xboxs nintendo)

I’m not sure if it’s been suggested before but maybe some of the Eureka Seven characters? Especially Renton or Eureka. Also the characters from The World Ends With You would be awesome. Thanks!

I love this website, its awsome, iwould like to see a Michael jackson cubee, and a Slash cubee,please take the time to read my request and have a great day!

Any Final Fantasy, Yu-Gi-Oh!, or Harry Potter characters (including the young Marauders) would be much appreciated :)

Mary Poppins(Y) it would be quite EPIC and Pikachu.

i would love to see some tokyo mew mew characters or some tokidoki characters! :3

Characters from Bleach, Harry Potter, and more Pokemon

Hey love the ghostbuster cubies!!

id love to see:

KISS- all four orignal members, then other members then alternate costumes (lovegun era, destroyer era)

bck to the future
the lost boys!!
a team

Captain America. A grunt from halo. Fallout 3 power armor

Big Daddy from Bioshock please? It would looks great next to all the other awesome cubee’s I have

the cast of Caddyshack!

My son has been looking for a Michael Jackson Cubee, even before he passed away. There are so many that could be done for him.


The list is long

The Hulk
Wario – with his spiky mustache sticking out.

Would love to see the Sacha Baron Cohen characters like;
Ali G (that could look great!)

would you please make wall-e,eve and toy story – buzz, woody and 3 eyes men alien???

i love cubeecrafts!!!!!!!!

Hi, great great website! Love the Ghostbusters cubees.
I would like to see some Gremlins cubees, from the 80s movie? That would be awsome, with the big ears….mmmm
Keep up the good work!
Love it!

Would love to see a Goku and/or Vegeta from Dragonball Z.

Loving the ghostbusters!!!

id love to see wrestling themed ones such as Stone Cold steve austin, the rock and JR. none of these new wrestlers

Would also love frank drebin from the naked gun, The Angry Video game nerd, father ted and planet of the apes (original)

this isnt reall a request but theres some on dA! search cubees and there r Avatar ones there!

I think you should make a Dana Barett Cubee to go with your Ghostbuster collection!

Would love to see one of Sailor Moon :)

i LOVE, master shake, meatwad, zombie shake and carl, but now i think since you did carl you just HAVE to do frylock…

u should do locuses from gears of war and bear,dome,cole,tie and more of the most fav. one plz and thank u


I love this site! I just found it through google search because paper craft is cheap and easy. (TWSS) :)

If I had to request a Cubee, I would recommend Cubee’s of Rush (Geddy, Alex and Neil) and Cubee’s of the Trailer Park Boys (Ricky, Julian and Bubbles). I think those would be awesome! And maybe Michael Scott from The Office, to go with the Dwight. Oh! And how about the characters from The Big Lebowski?! Wow, once you get started, it’s hard to stop! (TWSS)

Thanks again for keeping my hands busy! (TWSS)

how about KYLE BROFLOVSKI from south park?
you were able to make some cute ones from south park :(

a post abour south park is still password protected, how do i read the blog? :(

yoshi (from super mario bros)
naruto (from the show naruto)
sasuke (from the show naruto)
cloud (final fantasy 7)
sephiroth (final fantasy 7)
gumby (from the show gumby)

gregory horror show characters like hells chef and others look it up, here is the link.

the characters are on youtube and older naruto characters plus the younger ones and bleach

it would be cool to make all the heroes characters, so we can reanact the series!

what i’m missing is:
doctor who (!!!)
chuck (maybe)
some celeberties would be cool!

I would love to see Clint Eastwood as Dirty harry or any of his characters, and Arnold as the Terminator

hey, u know wat else would be cool, the guys from zz top! frank beard, dusty hill, and billy gibbons,o and dont forget the cowboy hats on billy, and dusty, that would be sweet!

Hi. My friend was a HUGE Croc Hunter fan. Hope to see him in your lineup someday.
Thank you:)

Definitely need a jay and silent bob, dimebag darrel, darkwing duck, kurt cobain, kill bill characters

I would like to see some new gundam models, and great site, keep up the good work =]

The last character from aqau teen hunger force would be great!!!!

Hi, I’m a huge fan of the FullMetal Alchemist series, and I would like to add my request in for Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, and Alfons Heiderich, please.

Thank you for you time,

Alice Laurel

gordon freeman from half life 1 and 2 and make him have a crowbar and a headcrab from half life 1 and 2 ilove that game :)

Not sure if it’s been suggested before bud I would like to see The Endless family from DC/Vertigo’s The Sandman comic.
Perhaps with variants on Dream i.e. cape and helmet Dream,Daniel Dream,Arabian nights Dream.dream hunters Dream,ect.
And maybe a pet pack to cover the two ravens,leashed goldfish and Barnabas the dog.

Great site,keep up the fun.

My mother in law loves Elvis and I was wondering if you guys could make one of him?

how about u make a cubeecraft of miku hatsune

First off I just want to say that these are all awesome, and I’ve made quite a few already. Now for my suggestion I would love to see Steve Zissou and other characters from “The Life Aquatic” cause it’s personally one of my favorite movies and I think the characters would work well as cubee’s.

like to see wall e and shane dawson


All charachters wich are done, are very cool
Great Job
But can someone make Jackie Chan or Jet Li or Bruce Lee

IT would be very cool !!

I would really like to make a Ken Griffy Jr or Ichiro one for my dad’s desk at work. Hes a huge Mariners fan. Please could you make one other either?

Hey, it would be cool to see like a chuck norris or terminator cubee or maybe a metallica set of the whole band that would be cool or RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS! 😀


I really love your cubecraft, you are very good.
If it’s possible, I really want you made a naruto cubecraft or other character of this serie. Thankyou.

hey how about a zombie from half life 2 or some headcrabs?
or like maybe some characters from terminator 2? 😀

Let’s see…First of all, great job! I always liked to make paper models, and I appreciate what you have done for so many people by creating this site. I have a few requests which may have already been requested.
Marty McFly (M. J. Fox) from Back To The Future,
Doc Brown (C. Lloyd) from Back To The Future,
1955 Biff Tannen (T. Wilson) from Back To The Future,
Jim Douglas (Dean Jones) from Disney’s “The Love Bug”
Tennessee Steinmetz (Buddy Hackett) from Disney’s “The Love Bug”
Herbie (As played by a 1963 VW Bug with a ragtop, stripes, & 53’s) from Disney’s “The Love Bug”
The Robots from Terminator 1&2
The Terminator (A. Schwartznegger) From Terminator 2
Homer Simpson from The Simpsons
Cartman, Kenny, Stan, and Kyle from South Park,
C3-PO From Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope,
Hiro and Ando from NBC’s Heroes.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Can u plz make a WWII soldier

hey, i would first like to mension that you have totaly elimanated boredom out of my house and my whole family loves this site, now, i think that a great addition to all of the great cubees would be Captain K’nukles from the show The Marvoulous Misadventures of Flapjack,please read my request and keep up the great work!


**Sackboy** from Little Big Planet video game on PS3. Its the perfect character for this site.

Besides, there is no Action figures for LBP, so, this will be the solution for all the fans of LBP and Sackboy.

That way cubeecraft will be the first to have Sackboy as Action Figure :)

Btw, Cool Site!!!

Hey there!

This site is awesome and keeps everyone in the office busy, but since we are all total n3rdz we feel like someone is missing here:

The Duke (Aka Duke Nukem)

Since the future of the video game Duke Nukem Forever is.. well let’s say a bit blurry.. it would be great if we were able to create sequels of The Duke’s adventures on our own.

Bye & dnstuff for everyone..

I absolutely love cubeecraft!
As for suggestions,I’d really love to see…
-YOSHI from mario saga.
-CLOUD&SEPHIROTH from Final Fantasy series.
-Anyone from KINGDOM HEARTS series.
-more POKEMON.
-JACK SPARROW from Pirates of the Caribbean.
-CAT IN THE HAT from Dr.Seuss

Please and Thank You.

Good morning!!
My uncle’s birthday is on august 7th and he LOVES Batfink.
Could you please make a Batfink so we can put it in the top of the cake? =D

Thanks in advance!

hey, i know someone who would love to see a Harry Potter Cubee… could you possibly make one, please?

hey :]
im a big fan of hannah montana and the jonas brothers
please could u make a cube of them?

how about Cole Train from Gears Of War.

First of all thank you for the amazing work!!

I wanna see a Luca Turilli from a band called Rhapsody cube. That would make my dreams come true. Link to give you some ideas, i like the ones with the swords but you could do one with a sword and guitar!

Keep up the great work.

There’s is no way I’m reading through all of this, but should you somehow see way comment way down here I would like to request Samus Aran 😀

Judge Dread and Judge Death

Tom Baker as the Doctor (to go with the Tardis)

Big Mac (the McDonaldland cop, not the sandwich)

Popeye, complete with big ol forearms

the mechanical owl from Clash of the Titans

Bud Man w/cape

Captain Picard when he was a Borg

Big Mac (the sandwich)


Looking for Group characters

Statue of Liberty

Brak & Zorak

Frisky Dingo

Dr Demento

King Arthur and the Black Knight (without limbs) from Monty Python’s Grail

It was nice if you could make Shinji Ikari and Asuka Soryu cubee. Rei is feeling quite lonely at the time. 😀

Link and Zelda From legend of Zelda
Maybe Navi or midna too!

Thor (marvel comics)
The Goonies
Ash from Evil Dead series
Big Lebowski
Shaun & Ed from Shaun of the Dead
Spaced (UK tv show)
Barney from How I met your mother
Animated Batman
Boba Fett

plz frylock


Chevy Chase

i think you should make frylok already plzzzzz. great job making the NES though!

good and easy one would be sackboy from little big planet

Id love some music ones like
-Jimi Hendrix
-Avenged Sevenfold
-Led Zeppelin
and any other bands too!!
Also some disney ones and a music pack (guitars ,amps, drums, mic, bass etc.)
And more MUPPETS!!!!!

Hey, how about Blur’s “Coffe and TV” milk carton??
that’s be cool.. there’s a model around the interwebs, but it cant even stay standing.. not too cool..
ok, thanks

The Comedian (Watchmen),Sally Jupiter (Watchmen), V (From V for Vendetta), and Te Green Goblin I and II! Thanks!


I need a CubeeCraft of Mokona to my girlfriend. Is her favorite character…


i would like to see a edf trooper and alec mason from red faction guerrilla

Hi! I’m a librarian who works with teens and I’m a huge fan of Cubee Craft! I think Cubee Craft would make the perfect craft project for my kids at the library. Would you consider creating something along the lines of an ancient Olmec culture inspired design ( ) to help us celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month? Thanks!

Please make everybody in the one piece crew(Kobico already made it but for some reason it does not work).Also can you make some characters from the manga reborn like Tsuna. Here is the link.

characters from the boondocks would be awesome: huey, riley, grandpa, uncle ruckus


I would like to see:
1. The rest of the characters from The Office. Especially Jim and Pam!
2. More Star Wars Characters. ie: Yoda, Chewbacca, Han Solo, etc.
3. Simpson Characters. Homer, Bart, etc.
4. Transformers
5. More from The Muppets. Especially: Gonzo, Animal, Swedish Chef, Beaker.
Great work so far, Thank you!

please do Yoda from the “Star Wars” saga

Wu-Tang Wu-Tang Wu-Tang Wu-Tang WU-TAAAAANNNNNNNG!!!!

I’d definitely also like to see the other Office characters (Jim, Pam, AND Michael!!) and the Muppets as well.

Snuffleupagus, Oscar the Grouch, Elmo, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie.
Any of the Smurf characters.
Popeye and Olive Oil.
The hunter from Warner Bros… the one that always hunts Bugs Bunny.

Would it be possible to get higher quality versions of the images, that can be expanded? I want to make the heads into helmets and wear them

1. I’d love to see all of the rest of the ‘Code Geass’ characters in cubee form.
2. My mom is a huge fan of The Wizard of Oz, so a collection of cubee’s for that movie could be a great gift to her someday, therefor, you could make the template’s and i could assemble them and make it a nice gift for her birthday.
3. Who doesn’t like ‘Invader Zim’?! Well, i’m a major fan (Salute to ‘Major fan’), and i’d like to see… Dib, Zim, and the tallest. Please consider these.

I would very much like to see Harvey Birdman and Ken Sebben.

That would be sweet =]

I would love to see some Characters from Fullmetal Alchemist. I noticed a lot of other Anime characters on her and it would be awesome to see Edward and Al on here too.


can you make the PowerPuff Girls.. that would be so cool if you made all three of them.. and i saw of the mario characters but i dont see the Princess<–make that one too!.. thanks a lot!..

Can you make a Gordon Freeman from Half-Life 2?
And can you make Prince of Persia?)

Thanks a lot.

you could you do like phantom of the opera characters PLEAZ

I second the call for Flight of the Conchords

PLEASE make more star wars. PLEASE.
You just cant make vader and a stormtrooper without all the others!
Also make some accesory packs!(Music with instruments and amps and star wars with guns and lightsabers)!!!

Hello, can you make Gordon Freeman from Half-Life 2 and Headcrab.

P.S.Thanks a lot.

I’m very sorry to be a pain in your butt because ai am sure that many people make requests. Now I don’ ask for much like some of the others, but i would very much like to see a Jambi the Genie from the Peewee’s Playhouse series. Thanks a lot for reading my request.

P.S. Sly Cooper and his gang?

How about characters from the metal gear solid series? I would love to see a vulcan raven paper craft! Especially an solid snake and otacon.

get yugi from yugioh

The Arbiter
A grunt
Brutes or elites
Halo Warthog
Zero Suit Samus

Samus Aran
Pac Man
Ms. Pac Man
Bottle of Beer
sbsp & patrick
STARBLAZERS anime characters


oh, and i saw silent bob… but no jay?

im also looking for katamari characters
in particular the king of all cosmos, dipp, ichigo and the queen

Fantastic site, I am truly grateful for your efforts.

I would love to see Elvis and I think that would prove popular with others too.


oh and some actual katamaris( the ball things) to go with the characters

I was thinking Southpark characters would be awesome also maybe some Howard Stern Characters. Fred, Artie, Robin, BabaBooey (Gary), Beetlejuice, etc. etc.

I think The Big Lebowski would be awesome. You can do the main characters, bowling bags, little cube bowling balls, Maybe Donny in a coffee can, the rug (you need the rug, it ties the cubes together) the Big Lebowski in his wheelchair. If you need a hand, I’m pretty handy.


Edward Cullen( Twilight)


Back to the Future, Elvis Presley (68 or Aloho outfits), Bioshock Big Daddy, Fight Club.

Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into these designs, much obliged!

AVATAR: the last air bender characters

amityville house!!!

How about the Google OS “Android”? The little green guy would be awesome to make and display!!!


Seinfeld, more watchmen (comedian, bubastis), marvel (Captain America, Hulk,
nick fury(both), Star Wars (Chewie, Boba fett, darth maul), halo (arbiter, johnson!!!, hunter)

all the Code Geass Characters and the knightmare frames

new battlestar galactica charaters and LOST is a must have

I would love you forever if you made an Iron Giant cubee. I mean if I had any talent I’d shop one up myself, but I’m just too lazy.

Tiger Woods, Arnold/ Terminator, ewoks, quagmire, abe lincoln, carrot top, dog the bounty hunter, michael jackson

Could you please make Frylock from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I already have Carl, Master Shake, and Meatwad.

misfits crimson ghost
jack daniels bottle
eddie the head
napoleon dynamite
anyone from ghostbusters
jigsaw clown
sam and dean from supernatural
freddy krueger

Transformers! Optimus Prime, Megatron etc.
Preferably Movie for me though.

Also Kenny from South Park.

Not really a suggestion, but backing up some other posters here – I’ve been waiting for the Alice in Cubeeland series!


sea.monsters. particularly those from old sea charts.

I would love to see some aliens from dead space maybe some slashers

Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Bleach, Katekyo Hitman reborn, batman, and just more anime ones.

The Beatles with their instruments, the hofner bass, the gretch, rickenbacher, and maybe ringo’s drums, but hey thats just my request. (hopefully i spelled rickenbacher right) =]

I’d love to see The Big Bang Theory characters! And Barney from How I Met Your Mother would be legen… wait for it …DARY! lol! nice blog!

Yoshi , Toad , From the Mario games, that would be the best thing ever!

im not saying you have to but if you want can you possibly make a couple of conkers bad fur day characters 8)

i would like to see twilight characters


Hey i would LOVE to see a bigfoot cubee! maybe even a bigfoot one inspired cubee.

Lara Croft
Max Payne
Duke Nukem
Resident Evil Zombie (Traditional, bald, green rags)
GTA Protagonists
Sonic The Hedgehog
Ryu and Ken (Streetfighter)

The inflatable pilot from Airplane
Marty & Doc (BTTF)
The Crow
Mark “Chopper” Read
Frank (Donnie Darko)
Sloth (The Goonies)
The Mask
Jules and Vincent (Pulp Fiction)
Any Schwarzenegger characters
Twins from the shining!



Micheal jackson!!!

(Where you can put his nose off haahahahahahhaha)

I would love to see:

The Big Bang Theory Cast
Jack Bauer
Kobe Bryant

Thank You!

Please, i’d like to see Rockstars on the cubeecraft. I think characters like Beatles, Freddy Mercury, Kiss, Rolling Stones, etc, should be successful.


Would love to see Booth and Brennan from Bones. Or David Boreanaz at the very least, even as Angel!

Also, more of The Office cast and LOST characters.

Fantastic site. Can’t decide which cubee to make first!

College Mascots like Brutus the Buckeye ND Leprechaun UGA the Bulldog etc etc etc

I said it before and i’ll say it again…. ROCKSTARS! great idea!!! dave matthews band, beatles, slipknot, marilyn manson, gwar, bob marley, les claypool, buckethead, a 70’s,80’s,90’s, and zombie MJ, maybe a fergie in a bikini?

every STARWARS droid, jedi, sith, ewok, general and senator. thanks for R2!!!

LINK!!! dear god! why is there no link? when your cat is named ZELDA!?!?!

more venture bros.

Frylok, thanks for carl!

brak, zorak, and moltar.

more sesame street and muppets.

more sports stars… mike jordan, wayne gretzky, mario lemuix, danica patrick, david beckham and his wife :)

Harry potter universe

and what is the hold up on alice in cubeeland?!?!?

please, i don’t want to sound pushy. I am very greatful for the wall that has become my cubee wall. i have almost 50 and love each and every one.

keep up the great work, you’re awesome!!!

I’d adore a Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan from BONES!

Duckman, Ash from Evil Dead, The Tick, Lobo (DC Comics), SpongeBob SquarePants, The rest of the Futurama main characters, Simpsons

Thanks for your consideration

The hellraiser cube

it be awesome to see the AC/DC characters (angus young, bryan j, and the rest of the band)

megan fox

I would love to see the main Phantom of the Opera dudes. You know, Erik, Christine, Raoul, maybe Daroga even (from the book). Or maybe the Harry Potter and Twilight people. (and yes, I like both series. Deal. :) )

I would love to see Star Trek cubees! Kirk, Spock and McCoy would be amazing.

iwould love to see this ones:

NGE: shinji, asuka, gendo, misato, ryoji, ritsuko, toji, gendo, seele monolith, tabris, ramiel, zeruel, lilith, magi 1 melchior, magi 2 balthasar, magi 3 casper, yui, mass production eva. AND OF COURSE PEN PEN
the guys from team america (derka derka muhammed jihad)
link, (both normal. toon, and cd-i), the king (mah boi)
billy mays
soap mctavish (call of duty 4, 6)
john shepard (mass effect)
luke skywalker, obi-wan kenobi, c3po
stan smith (american dad), roger
chris griffin, lois griffin, meg griffin, adam west, cleveland brown, joe swanson (with and without chair), glenn quagmire
eric cartman, stan marsh, kyle mccormick, kenny mccormick, timmy, chef
bart simpson, homer, marge, maggie, moe, mr burns
thats pretty much it :)

i would love to John mcclain from die hard.

Yami Yugi,Yusei Fudo, Jack Atlas, Akiza, Leo, Luna

I’d love to see a Batgirl to compliment your already posted Batman. You can pick from either the 60’s tv show or the 60’s comic. Both versions are cool. Regardless, cool website!

Severus snape (harry potter)
Kanda and Allen (D-Grey Man)
Thanks 😀

me gustaria que hicieseis una figura de elvis presley es el rey gracias.

Captain Rex(the clone wars)
Luke Skywalker(episode VI)
Anakin Skywalker(the clone wars)
Commander Cody(the clone wars)

i’d be really really glad if you would make all the KAMEN RIDERS!!!! please christ make them and im gonna love ya so much brotha! :B

I love ALL characters of Marvel and DC universe (I love for exemple the joker, Gambit, Sabretooth, …)

Hi. Congratulations to your work. I think would be nice the Golden Axe characters: Ax, Tyris, Gillus, Death Adder. Besides Haggar other Final Fight characters like Guy, Cody, Andore and others. Alfred Neuman and Spy vs Spy and some bands like Beatles, Stones, AC/DC, Zappa.


I’d love to see a Halloween series (Holiday, not movie), Lady Gaga, and Rocky Horror Picture Show Charecters.

Samus from metroid!

Final fantasy Characters! Cloud, Zack, Sephiroth, Tidus, squal, And Others!


The Rocky Horror pic show would be amazing!!! But I am requesting Gatsu from Berserk! That would be amazing!! Of course, then you would prly have to do Griffith. Thanks for listening!

I looked on here, and didn’t see them, I may have skimmed the list too fast, but I was wondering if you have any plans to do a set of Big Lebowski Cubees. I would love to see the entire main cast, but the usuals would be The Dude, Walter (with or without the pomeranian), Donny, the Nihilists, you know, I could go on forever. Just asking. Great work.

More Kamen Riders please! Especially Siren.

Could you do the cast from Repo! The Genetic Opera ?
Any of them would be great!

A Pocoyo figure would be great, kids love that!!
Another one would be a Dexter one :)

Sponge Bob is easy and funny!

omg im an anime freak and i wuld love to see,
Zombie Loan
Rozen Maiden
Kanon 2006
Clannad TV
Air TV
Death Note
Eureka Seven
Fruits Basket
and many many more

How about characters from CLAMP series?
Mainly the Mokona’s or any of the main characters from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles or xxxHolic?

The Beatles – From the Sgt Peppers Album

– Jonas Brothers
– Happy Bunny
– Itchy and Scratchy from the Simpsons <<(and that too)
– Jesus pls :)
– spongebob
– and anything disney 😉

Micheal jackson,eddsworld people,terminator,elvis,kiss and thats all I got.

can i get design of handphone?
may i can get the blackberry design

the beatles please
buzz lightyear
the thing
the hulk
boba fett
professor x. with the wheelchair please
optimus prime
chuck norrris

Cheshire Cat
or others characters from Disney if possible

You should make a detective conan to catch all the cubeecriminals

SNSD(Girl’s Generation)!

The survivors from l4d would make awesome cubee crafts!

You simply HAVE to make a Steve Jobs!

I would like chowder, a character cartoon. :]

You should do some Team Fortress 2 characters. I would love to have a Spy Cubeecraft

wall e would be great

hi it would be really kool if you did a gamers selectioun where u make cubees from games and if u do here ars some you can put on it

wesily – wanted weapons of fate
cpt. price – call of duty modern warfair
gaz – call of duty modern warfair
all 4 princes – prince of pirsia
a big daddy – bioshock
neako bellek – gta 4
rios – army of two
slaum – army of two
cole – infamious
desmond – assassins creed
altier – assassins creed
riddik – the cronicals of riddik: assult on dark athena
cross – wanted weapons of fate
power armour – fallout 3
predator – predator

Please could you make the rest of the Watchmen and the 1960’s Robin (played by Burt Ward).

Axl Rose, L (From Death Note), Ryukku (Death Note), Jimmy Hendrix, Deadpool, Terminator, Kiss, and Kingdom Hearts characters.

The Beatles, Smallville characters, Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield from Resident Evil, Link and Zelda, Samus of Metroid

first time to this website and i think this is such an amazingly creative idea! keep the creative juices flowing.
ever heard of Shin Shan?

The Beatles since tomorrow is their debut of their album collection and rock band =]

Ual…how about something like animals, things for little girls and and bob sponja ???think about it!!

I was thinking it would cool to see G.I. Joe or the A-Team.


What about the Metalocalypse and Superjail characters.

It would be awsome if you finished up the main Futurama characters. (Fry, Leela, Professor, Amy, Hermies) and even MORE awsome with some of the side characters like Zap and Kif, Nibbler ect. BTW thumbs up on Golden Bender and Blue Zoidberg. Thats my favorite episode ^_^

the 9th and 10th doctor from doctor who and daleks and the ood

can you make protoman or zero from megaman games, it will be great

i want yu-gi-oh! or some wrestlers

You probably don’t have time to read through all of these requests, but on the off chance you actually see mine here goes:

1. Jesus everyone loves a cartoon jesus : )
2. Maximus from gladiator (too epic not to have)
3. Pulp Fiction characters?
4. Rest of Futurama Characters
5. Samus + maybe some variant suits
6. Assassin’s creed characters
7. Dante from Devil may cray. (pref the first game
8. Mike Rowe from dirty jobs!
9. House, Wilson from House M. D.
10 Pokemon (just more in general)

If I see any of these in the future, you will have my eternal thanks. Not that you don’t already have it for makeing the ones you already have. Princess bride, totoro, x-files, john locke… All awesome. Keep up the good work.

Hi! I would like to see the characters of True Blood! Thank you so much this is a great website!

Is it possible for you to make a few Cubee’s with blank faces that can allow people to download their photo and then print it? That would be very very very cool! I’m sure that will probably require some type of program, but is it possible? I think people would go NUTZ for that!

It would be great if more Futurama characters were added, particularly Fry and the Robot Devil.
Aside from that it would also be amazing if you made the main protagonist from any of the Grand Theft Auto series.
I’m sure people would also appreciate a Left 4 Dead series.

Thanks for any consideration.

Michael Jackson The King of Pop
During Thriller because it’s what he is most renowned for.

The Office characters would be absolutely hilarious.

Why don’t you make a James Bond?
Please, make it!
It would be great!

I am 7 and just found your site. I loooooove the mario and luigi stuff. I really want bowser and peach and yoshi. I have so much fun playing with them. oh, and the piranha plant is the best!!!!!!


it’s so hard when you make it with paper craft with glue ( from
so, i want those in cubeecraft form. without glue.
please sent me the template for BUMBLEBEE
thank you

It would be uber cool if the beatles were up there. Lennon, Harrison, Starr and Mccartney.

hi me again could u make a zombe or somethin coz at d mo u r makin really easy 1s so well ye. and remember bout me gamers sectoun plz can u make it and can i join u in makin them or ideas or somethin plz reply!!!!

You are the Best! Congratulations!

Please!!!!! I would like have Stallone’s paper toy!!! Rambo!! ROCKY!!!! Elvis Presley!! Captain America! Tom & Jerry! Pink Phanter! I waiting answer! Thank you I appreciate!

Hey, Sauron/Mouth of Sauron, Saruman, More Star Wars, Boromir, Aragorn, Lurtz (or Uruk-Hai)

i would love to see the Left4Dead characters. Bill, Louis, Zoey and Francis. aaaand the special infected ofcourse. Boomer, smoker, hunter and tank.
And last but not least the witch !

Please can you get some more Venture Bros up on the site? Great show, hilariously funny and would add some great cubee’s to my cube at work.

Hank Venture
Dean Venture
The Monarch
Dr. Girlfriend
Dr. Orpheus
Triana Orpheus
Professor Killinger

please please please i need zero!
megamans partner and if you could axl too
cause i alredy made my megaman but i would like zero who is my most loved character
i found one but its too pro not like this tiny megaman
please put it online yessssssssssssssssss?

>>V from V for Vendetta<<
Chuck Norris
and some Deathnote characters maybe

Make a James Bond!

Make the xbox 360

It would be pretty awesome if you made Bill, Francis, Louis, and Zoey from Left 4 Dead.

Still hoping for Michael Jackson :(

I would really like to see a ODST from halo, Samus Aran, A generic soldier with a balaclava, and some kind of ninja. I know your busy, so I’ll wait, so i hope to see them soon.


James Bond!

Michael Phelps please !
my friends birthday is coming soon and she is a huge fan of Phelps – looking forward to making one for her


can you please put an aang cubeecraft?

zero from megaman x again!!!!!!!

Hey, I’d just like to say I love this website! The work is excellent, and you’ve been doing a good job providing a huge variety of characters and whatnot. My personal favorite is Mr. Destructoid. Perfect.

My requests are mostly repeats, but I think they’d be perfect!
-4 Knights, Castle Crashers. Easy to color swap!
-Samus Aran, Metroid
-Any ODST from Halo 3:ODST
-Jack Frost of Atlus games (mainly SMT)
-An airship from some RPG, like Final Fantasy or something? Some of them have really cool designs and it would be a very interesting challenge. Or even an F-Zero machine. *Shrugs*

Just throwing some ideas out there for ya. Anxious to see more, whatever it is!

O.K. I want to impress a girl and I want to do mor cutiest cubeecraft

altair from assassins creed and big daddy from bioshock, they would kick asses
btw, your site rocks

sora and roxas from kingdom hearts, conan from the detective conan

i would like to see saleem and/or rios from army of two.

Your work is awesome and I would love to see the HULK created.

Thanks for your time.

hey please make a cubecraft of zero or lelouch of code geass its a great anime so plz make me that favor

Could you possibly make Smurfette? Thank you.

Could you possibly make a Oompa Loompa? Thank you.

McDreamy aka Patrick Dempsey from Grey’s Anatomy.

Thanks. (o^_^)v

ewok from star wars
tony montana from scarface please please listen my petitions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CAPTAIN PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi. Please make Alice from film Resident Evil. Thanks a lot.


Flapjack from The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack!
& of course Bubby & Captain K’nuckles.

Please please please make all nine members of Slipknot. I havent seen anything good come out of this site in months, and i would cry tears of happiness if i saw those sitting on my shelf. thanks!

More of the horror movie cubees plz! Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Any member of Lacuna Coil, Metallica, Lordi…
Inglorious Basterds, Ichi the killer, Kill Bill, The Devil’s Rejects from Rob Zombie, Rocky Balboa, Jigsaw, Underworld, Ice Age’s Sid, Scrat…Shrek, One Piece’s Luffy, Chopper…Oompa Loompa, Lara Croft, Max Payne, Prince of Persia, Gollum, Mortal Kombat’s Liu Kan, Sub Zero, Scorpion, Baraka…Street Fighter’s Ryu, Ken, Zangief, Guile, Vega…Tekken’s Jin, Mokujin, Nina…The Warriors…

you sould put the people fromspy vs spy like black spy & white spy

Sam from “Trick R Treat,” that movie was awesome.

Please do How I Met Your Mother. I would love Barney, Ted and the rest in cube form.

More pro athletes and specifically Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Lebron James would be awesome. Thanks!

Oh ya and world of warcraft characters would be sweet to!

I would love brutal legend. Characters like eddie ophelia and doviculous would be great

Why is Link not up here? Legend of Zelda come on! you have mario up how about some of our other nintendo friends 😀

I would like a ghostbusters logo cubeecraft.

arthas the lich king from world of warcraft

Hi, one of my fav cartoon characters just came back into mainstream…Astro boy!

Cardbo! or DanBoard as the japanese know him!
He is a cardboard robot from Yotsuba&!, a japanese manga.
He was a project for one of the characters who yotsuba (the protagonist) thought was real!
This would be a good robot to do because if you want his figurine from amazon its expensive i got my from ebay!
Also Dwight Schrute would be great!

… sorry i thought of a couple more!
Optimus Prime would be cool!
Chairman Mao.
Some studio ghibli characters like Calcifer, Nonoko from the yamadas.
Some anime characters like Naruto
Princess Peach
Bape Gorilla
The 2008 Olympic Mascots, and maybe the 2010 mascots in celebration
Eve (from wall.e)
Gatsby Bottles (for gatsby fans)
Neko koneko from Azu Manga Daioh
A square watermelon! 😛
PO from Kung Fu Panda
and maybe some of the furious five!
Cooking Mama
Shay Carl from youtube
Sushi! I know you do characters but it would be fun to have some items.
The 2010 Winter Olympic Logo

Oh and a blank template

I hope some of my ideas gave you inspiration!
I actually just discovered you website today!


hi :)
i just want to ask if you can make
powerpuff girls mojojo ,,,, 0~0
i know kinda stupid but i like it^^”

thank you

Max from Where the Wild things are, And if you have any of the other characters (like Carol, Ira, Alexander, ect) that would be fantastic!

Hi fantastic webpage!! i`ve allready downloaded a lot of models, if that the way to call them, but I would appreciate if you could make one of manny calavera, he is the character of the game grim fandango i`ll leave you a link to a image of him. thanks

Lando Calrissian and Chief Wiggum

please chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make the peanut butter jelly time banana and tamagotchi characters please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


some monsters i c characters would be cool like sid and mike! oh and boo of course

Chewbacca, Jedi’s, Spock :)

mewtwo, lucario, toad (xmen evolution), nightcrawler (xmen evolution), PHANTOM OF THE OPERA

Mad hatter

I think it would be cool to have a Bill Clinton, Jay from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, an Emimen, black mage from Finally Fantasy, Enzio from Assassin’s Creed 2, the Beatles, Gir from Invader Zim in his robot form, a Mudkip, a Goku, or even a version of Micheal Jackson from thriller.

Can you make duncan from total drama action that would be cool!

Can you make one of SORA from the KINGDOM HEARTS series? It would also be cool to make the ‘ghostface’ from SPIRITED AWAY. I saw you’re TOTORO figurine, and it’s awesome.
Keep up the good work!
A big fan from Belgium

hi i think you should make the modernwarfair charicters because of the release that would be d cooest thing ever and i would pay 2 print them off and i think others would to because well its call of duty mw2 best game eva eva eva eva… so well yeah plz make them mw2 charicters like
soap mactavish
cpt price
some privates
and also some solders coz of poppy day and stuff that will b cool 2 for them and 4 us
u no

hi i think you should make the modernwarfair charicters because of the release that would be d cooest thing ever and i would pay 2 print them off and i think others would to because well its call of duty mw2 best game eva eva eva eva…
and also some solders coz of poppy day and stuff that will b cool 2 for them and 4 us
u no

and also some solders coz of poppy day and stuff that will b cool 2 for them and 4 us
u no

man, why do not you do one cubecraft of Altair assassins creed?
please face it should be pretty cool!

guy makes some of the characters from Naruto, I think very cool!

I’ve read this request a lot of times, but I think I should request it too (the more the marrier)
Any character from Death Note would be perfect. The characters in this anime are quite special. Each one of them deserves a cubecraft…I mean, L, Light, Ryuk, Misa, Near, Mello, Rem, Teru Mikami. They’re all awesome

i would like to see kingdom hearts cubees please

can you get me these

m1 astray gundam
rx-78-2 gundam
aile strike gundam
strike freedom gundam
wing zero gundam
strike rogue gundam
force impulse gundam
ms-06 zaku 2

i think it would be so cool to have tutankamon’s cubeecraft. or cleopatra’s instead… or any EGYPT CHARACTER please! 😉

Hi there, I know there are a ton of requests on here, so I hope you don’t mind me adding some more.

When you were doing the Alice in Wonder–sorry, Cubeeland series, I was so excited! I nearly printed out ten Alice’s each. Are you going to continue that series any time soon?
Also, I would love to see some more Code Geass characters on CubeeCraft. I love the Lelouch you made and am eagerly awaiting more of the cast.

Thanks! (:

Me and my friend Jorden use this website regurlarly for our DT topic at shcool (we are 11/12 and we are not ‘mature’ adults OKAY!!??) so anyways, we decided that it would be a cooleo idea to break/set a world record for the amount of paper creature things made.

make me…. SANTA CLAUS XD

I found a website ( ) That includes many anime paper toys, but they are folded via tabs and GLUE… I don’t have the time to hold the paper so the glue dries, and i barely have any glue, plus it is messy, so my request is for somebody to possibly convert some of these in to insertive tab form. I know there are a lot, and if you are really doing it just for me, (<3), then the ones i like most are Lucy(elfen lied), konata(lucky star), and all of the akatsuki members (Kakuzum Hidan Deidra Hikuro Sasori Zetsu Tobi Pein Konan Orochimaru Itachi Kisame)

can you make one made completely out of the italian flag

Beavis and Butthead PLZZZZZ….also the metalocalypse characters!

Hi, I just built the R2D2 cubee for my nephews, and they went crazy. They asked if someone had hammered the round head of R2 into a cube!! 😀

But now they are asking me to build C3PO… so here it is my request 😉

Thank you!

can you make hello kitty with more variety? like…with different colors. (:

1st of all, I’m sorry if this is a double post, my last request didn’t quite show up, or it was just deleted for some reason…

But long story short, these ( toys are supposed to be folded and glued, but for a list of reasons, I cannot use glue, so I was wondering if somebody could possibly convert these into insertive tabs… I tried to myself but it turned out horridly. thanks!

I would love to see a cyclist cubee-ified: Eddy Merckx would be great, Lance Arsmtrong, Tom Simpson, Bradley Wiggins, Mark Cavendish, Marco Pantini, Fausto Coppi…

Wu-Tang Clan.




A monkey.

Evil Dead stuff (zombies, Ash).

Phoenix Wright.

If possible how about an Elvis Presley Cubee

Please could you do an Old Gregg Cubee from the Mighty Boosh

And what about wii console?

Could you do some Total Drama Island characters? Thanks in advance!

Bret, Jemaine, Murray, Mel maybe even Dave! Please do some!

please put in some heartless or nobodies from kngdom hearts thanks

please also add more invader zim characters, catdog, kakashi as well

I am looking for a NHL player and Goalie that I can skin to make my own team. Any help?

please make super smash bros brawl cubees i want to make them all

Could you make a Roy to pair up with the Moss figure you made from the IT crowd?

we are a studient of phisics and we want one ALBERT EINSTEIN!!!!!!!



another ideas: Tintin, Axterix / Obelix…

please could you do some Icehockey Cubee’s??
that would be nice 😀

Koopa Or Chain Chomp PLZ

How about some Half-Life characters? I’d love to see Gordon Freeman, Alyx Vance, Barney Callahoun, various Combine, various Zombies, Judith Mossman, The G-Man, Isaac Kleiner, Eli Vance, Arne Magnusson, D0G, Judith Mossman, Father Grigori, Wallace Breen, ETC

Awesome stuff… one request and one request only:

Colossus from the X-Men.


The Punisher, please and thank you.

Claptrap from Borderlands pls!

good art….can I request for gundam models….maybe destiny gundam or freedom gundam or maybe astray 2nd revise…thx

Could you make Ezio Auditore da Firenze from the game Assassin’s Creed II ?

And Altaïr from the game Assassin’s Creed I ?

Thank you 😀

I would LOVE to see something from:

Where the Wild Things Are
Lord of the Rings
Pirates of the Carribean
V for Vendetta
Wizard of Oz

Keep up the great work!

Could you make Guybrush Threepwood from Monkey Island
Clasic Game..

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease could you send me

Ezio Auditore da firenze
The dark prince from prince of persia

you are the best and i would be soooooooooo grateful if you will post me either of them

Hey,I have some requests (like the other 100 or so above)

I would like to see

flapjack cartoon characters
The adventures of Finn and Jake.(coming to cartoon network in 2010)

Rick Astley

and a game where you can customize yourself on the website and it generates to a template to download.

can you create a wall-E

Castlevania characters would be cool,alucard and simon belmont are a must,or how bout godzilla and mothra?Pulp fiction,reservoir dogs or even conan the barbarian would be good movie based cubbees??

i think u should make keroppi, chococat, and a bunch of other sanrio characters. i think they would look really cute!

I am the admin for a Where’s Waldo page on facebook. I would like to see a Where’s Waldo if possible. Thanks

Do you have the Tetris Pieces?

Gundams from Gundam 00, Gundam wing, Gundam seed, ect…

I second all these

Samus Aran (anything metroid!)
Mr T. (Anything A-team)
Solid snake

Some mighty boosh characters would be great too. Vince, Howard, Naboo, bollo etc

Great work so far. Loving them all!!

Please to toad from mario!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would love to see a Napoleon Dynamite cubeecraft!

Hey, it you look up IU Marshmallow, its like the cutest thing ever, make one for the Marshmallow thanks :)

mew ichigo
mew zakuro

Full Metal Alchemist characters would be great; I imagine Al would look pretty cool.

some body should make one of Kurt Cobain and Wendy form South Park

Any chance for the key person of each color represented in the Green Lantern story arch – Blackest Night? Possibly, Hal as the Green Lantern, Larfleeze as the Orange Lantern, Carol Ferris as the Star Sapphire (violet), Sinestro as the Yellow Lantern, Saint Walker as the Blue Lantern, Atrocius as the Red Lantern, The weird alien lady for the Indigo Lanterns and lastly any one of the evil Black lanterns. This would be so great, if not may I undertake this and send them to you for your approval?

I second the Lanterns! Those characters are so vibrant, i think they’d make wonderful cubies!

Uglydolls(www., please. You are AWESOME!
plus can you try more animal cubees? I loved the camel thing.

Harry Potter & Hedwig
BTW, these are so fun! Love them!

Can you make a cubeecarft of the simpson family.


santa and elves or reindeer,
maxwell,(from the highly popular game, scibblenauts!)
harry potter and co,
final fantasy 7, 9 or 12 charecters,
some more small charecters like the goomba or mr saturn,
link, zelda or linebeck from LOZ phantom hourglass,
tetris blocks would be rad!

This website rockz, i was looking for pop cultural papercraft but they were too hard! then i saw this, BINGO!

i’m Colombian and i want the beatles cubeecraft but i don’t know where search, and can you a cubeecraft of the eddy (iron maiden)

pdt sxcuse me i don’t now speak english


Can you please try to make a Wario,Waluigi,and/or a Yoshi?

Can I submit a few, I fell in love with your Cubeecraft stuff and designed a few myself. I have created a WWII German Wehrmacht Solfier includes MP40, and your Revolver. And German Tank (Supposed to be Tiger 1, but it failed, still is a nice looking tank though), that is in scale with the figures. Get back to me will yah, see ya. about all games console? it’ll be nice and easy for you! 😀 it’s feel like (when finish the cubecraft) i have all the console 😀
thx for reading

How about harry potter characters, all of the doctors (from Doctor Who) and maybe some other characters from doctor who.

Since I see that Iron Fist is your newest fella, I would LOVE to see his long time on and off girlfriend… Misty Knight! She doesn’t get enough air time, period. I think the bionic arm would look awesome.

The Hulk

CLAUDIO SANCHEZ frome Coheed and Cambria… guitar stuff! or another guitarist idk. V FOR VENDETTA WOULD BE AWESOME!!

thankyou for taking suggestions again. Your Work is awesome^^ We love it here in Spain

You seem to have an interest in GAINAX an there show Gurren Lagann. GAINAX also created a crazy show with the same flare as TTGL by the name of FLCL.

ANYWAYS, my Suggestion is character Canti Sama. He has a TV for a head. please contemplate this.
Thanks! once again

ok a list of what I would like to see
– Ash Ketchum
– Papa smurf
– tommy -rugrats
– Hey Arnold
– Bertha (80’s TV show)
– Snoopy
– Comic book guy- Simpsons

gaz from invader zim,dethklok (skwisgar skwigelf, toki wartooth, william murderface, pickles the drummer, nathan explosion and please make charles foster ofdenson and dr. rockzo the rock and roll clown

Do you reckon you could do the twilight characters?? That would be really awesome….btw your site is great!

Have you done mario? if not please do him. Spongebob (please please) Thank you so much EJ xox

I would love to see the four horsemen – Richard Dawkins, Dan Dennett, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris.

also the cast of Seinfeld

great work, i love these things!

Hey I am a HUGE fan of Cubecraft and my friend’s birthday is coming up and he loves Family Guy. I was hoping you could make either a Quagmire or a Brian cube. Its okay if you dont because I already have the awesome Peter and Stewie cubes please take my thought into consideration. Thank You!

I totally think the characters from The Wizard of OZ (Dorothy, Toto,Scarecrow,Lion,Tin Man,Glinda,The Wizard, etc etc) would be an awesome addition to the Cubeecraft collection. Not to mention The Wizard of OZ is a classic, and would please lots of people along with myself. Thanks again!


I would like to see dragon booster cubecraft, artha with pilot shirt and kitt.

Sorry i have corrected a word.


umm, maybe Castiel from Supernatural (the t.v. series)
that would be cool (:

Do you happen to have a high resolution and/or larger image version of the Ninja Turtles arcade jpeg?

I would love to have these :

Altair from Assassin’s Creed
Roxas, Axel, Sora, Shadow and Neoshadow from Kingdom Hearts.

Thank you !

The Beatles cubeecraft would be awesome too =)

I would love to see a bunchie, would totally make one.

i would like to see characters from the twilight film series.


Harry Potter cubeercraft is a good idea, good job! good luck!

Where’s Kal ’10? I loved Kal ’09

I would like to see a pac-man cubee please?

hello im from of argentina please i wont a cubeecraft of:

messi (player of barcelona fc)

hitler (dictator)

batman (the dark knit 2008 or 2009)

pie man (superhero of the simpsons)

tanks !

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hello my name and I love heitor cubeecrafts so that website I’m not translating from Portuguese to English I want teha cubeecrafts terminator t600, ghost rider can have hotmail for my father grateful heitor

Hello, I love Cubee crafts. What about making a famous artist series. Van Gogh, Warhol, Dahli, Kahlo…just a suggestion. Thanks for making cool stuff!

Hello I love the site. I would love to see you make a Grunt from Halo 3 and a Brute from Halo 3.
Thanks for the great creations!!

greenday characters and fallout boy, bands like that would be awsome and TWILIGHT CHARACTERS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i WANT SPONGEBOB BACK :'(

Do you have (or can design) an american football player? Maybe a generic on that the artist can color to coorespond with their favorite teams? I’d like to have some Green Bay Packer ones…

go on youtube look of IU MARSHMALLOW look for the marshmallow mascot, it is the cutest thing next to Domo.

Can you please consider doing the metalocalypse characters and frylock from aqua teen?

The members of Tokio Hotel! Mainly Bill and Tom Kaulitz!

Micheal Jackson ! (:

spongebob and wall•e please!!!!!!!11

and pedobear

I want Frylock, just this!

Just a thought but having
The Beatles
James Cameron’s Avatar
would be sweet!
I could imagine the Avatar models being bigger than an original cubee haha

I would love to see a line of The Office characters. Dwight’s head is already cube-like so making him would be a breeze.

Hey, I think it would be cool if since for the evangelion series you have all the Evangelions, it would be nice if you had all the pilots to, so that would be Shinji and Asuka. Thanks for reading this.

V from “V for Vendetta”, Leonidas from “300”, Brian from “Family Guy”, “Mass Effect” characters, and Bowser.

Sorry for double posting, but one last thing: Could you make a bigger one? Such as a 3-5 cube long dragon? That would be epic. Or a Cubee that is 3x bigger than normal ones, made by different sheets of paper (for a good example, check out the wheel chair giant from family guy)

YOSHI from super mario bros. please twud be a great gift for my girlfriend cos shes upset with me and she fricking loves yoshi. Also the dude from the big lebowski if you can be bothered but more importantly: YOSHI



the lord of the rings, gambit of x men

More Venture Bros characters, especially Brock Sampson! Some Simpsons, a lego guy, Brian from Family guy, Angry monkey from Family Guy, some youtubers:shanedawsontv, vlogbrothers, smosh, whatthebuck, swiftkaratechop, cutewithchris, chriscrocker, mcgoiter. Office characters and fax machine, deathklok (metalocalypse)Timmy ( monkey)And maybe in the future, a custom cubeecraft, like you get to choose from a couple different outfits and facial features and hair. That’d be cool. oh, nd more homestar runner characters!

Well if you’re going to have Maurice Moss, how about Jen Barber and Roy?

I have a couple request but the one I am really hoping for is two different people that are very much connected. John Lennon and Yoko Ono cubees would be great. I would love for it to be after the Beatles broke up and have him in his famous all white suit. I would have to have Yoko just to complete him as it were lol. But I also would really like to see more Futurama cubees like Professor, Hermes, Amy, Kif, Zapp Brannigan, The new justice team, Robot Santa, Robot Devil, The Horrible Gelatinous Blob, Hedonism Bot, Brain Slug, Calculon, Mom, or even The x-men variants from the comic when they were the Planet Ex-Press Men. Anything from Futurama would make my day but John Lennon would be the ultimate one I would love to see.

dante from the game dantes inferno

Dr.Gonzo and Raoul Duke (fear and loathing in las vegas)
Dr Strangelove
Pulp Fiction (vincent vega,…)



mortal Kombat characters
kingdom hearts

Ash from Army of Darkness!! Or Bruce Campbell in general really, :)

first found cubbes in xbox world 360 mag. the limited edition bioshoch would likebtotherhood of steel from fallout to go with my vault boy!
also left 4 dead 2 survivers or special infected would be awsome

I echo the call for Dethklok! Please? The band plus Charles Foster Offdensen, their manager/lawyer. Maybe a Kloketeer. Rockzo.

Characters from Rocky Horror Picture Show, please!

Completing the Gurren Lagann cubeecraft series would be cool (Gurren, Simon and Yoko) ^^

I think it would be cool if you did the phantom of the opera (!!) or the stig or any of the family guy characters like the chicken. : )

Avatar:Jake Sully,Neytiri and tsu,tey

Are you familiar with the Bioshock game? It’d be really sweet to see your version of Big Daddy. They have a link to some at Cult of Rapture, but those really suck. I think you’d DEFINITeLY do a better job…

Characters from Rocky movies:

Rocky Balboa
Apollo Creed
Ivan Drago
Clubber Lang
Tommy Gun
Mason Dixon

Please, I love it!

Congratulations for the jobs.

hi can you make a legend of Zelda spirit tracks zelda.

i like en chavo del 8 and don ramon

I was wondering if you could do some Half Life 2 ones
Gordon Freeman
Alyx Vance
Dr. Breen

I laughed when I saw your Moss cube. Female characters from Batman would be awesome, especially Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

Powerpuff Girls would also be cute.

In the meantime, I’m going to make a Robin for my daughter. the boy is so getting a Storm Trooper.

I concur with Betty, a few more female characters would be great. You have quite a few 80’s boy oriented characters so how about some Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears or Rainbow Brite for the females who grew up in the 80’s. That would be sweet and Hot Topic would not be involved, another plus!

would like a bender made of wood, I’m using google translator so my solicitração may seem strange I live in Brazil and I have assembled about 45 of these .. ‘ll look at, thanks.

One word for children of the 80’s. Labyrinth. I would love to see David Bowie’s hair worked out in paper.

Hello Mr. Beaumont!
I am the president of a Donald Duck fanclub!
I tell my members of this site and they said: “Can you ask the creator of this site whetere he can make a Donald Duck cubee!”
I thougt about that, too!
Please give me an answer to my Mail!
I have a picture of Donald Duck:
Thank you

I just started to make these Cubees and I’ve become addicted =). I just wanted to make a request to possibly see Miles Edgeworth from Phoenix Wright.


Hi, I was wondering if you could possibly make a cubee of Betty Boop, thanks.

Fire Mario, Star power (Probably really complex to make a star).


I know it was recommended but i love her!

Need more superheroes, mainly want Captain America!

Good morning.
If is possible, I would like to have one Cubeeandcraft of Mr. Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime minister.
Thank you.

I love your Cubees! Im a huge futurama fan, and id love to see other Futurama characters. Robot Devil, Leela, Fry? Etc? Thanks~!

can u make a Naruto cubee craft? please??

Hey thanks for reading and I want to make a request… It would be great if the site had Death Note characters like “L” and “Raito Yagami”… I’m pretty sure many people would like it, but the decision is yours 😀 thanks again ^^

It would be awesome if there were cubee’s of the following:
Mr. Monopoly
The Vault-Tec Fallout 3 Bobbleheads
Altair from Assassin’s Creed


can you perhaps make a death note series please? with misa light L matt and mello and if it wouldnt be to hard rem and ryuk? its just a though but i would be over joyed if you made those as cubecrafts

Need more marvel characters like Captain America and Moon Knight, need Legend of Zelda characters like Link.

Need more marvel characters like Captain America and Moon Knight, need Legend of Zelda characters like Link, etc. Thanks 😀

Calvin & Hobbes, please.

The FreeBSD daemon would be cool too.


Oops, just thought of another good one:

Gremlins (the movie; gizmo, etc.)

Here’s some I can think of:
The Hulk, Fantastic Four, Shrek, Bugs Bunny, Miss Piggy, Captain America, Thor, Characters from other Pixar films besides Up, Garfield’s friends, GEICO Gecko, Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Super-Grover, Bolt and Rhino (in hamster ball), The M&M’s, Erin Esurance, Ronald McDonald, The Simpsons, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Tony the Tiger, Wonder Woman, Mickey Mouse, Donkey Kong, Po (Kung Fu Panda), WALL-E, Trix Rabbit, The Noid, Yoshi, Transformers, Link, Pikachu, Pacman, Count Chocula, AFLAC Duck, King Kong, E.T., Beavis and Butthead, and the Flintstones!

I think you should do the characters from the movies; Percy Jackson and the Olympians;The Lightning Thief, The Wolfman and Avatar. Thanks so much!

can yew do kairi from kingdom hearts please

Would love to see Samurai Jack and AKU, also thanks a ton for all the free designs, keep it up.

plz the joker!!!!!!!!!!

the joker is there.. something that has to be with SURF!!!
plz plzzz that will be awsome..

I love all the people you make.Could you possible send me some of the past ones?

A more modern Batman and characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender, please.

more resident evil

Fullmetal alchemist characters please? I would really appreciate it if you made Edward Elric please.

WTF? No GTA love?


Any “Kamen Rider Dragon Knight” characters would be ok ( most preferably Kamen Rider Ax+ weapons and/or Kamen Rider Alternative+ weapon

hey it would be awesome if you could make sora from kingdom of hearts :)

Cloud (Final Fantasy VII)
Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)
Samus (Metroid)
Yoshi (Super Mario World)
Bowser (mario series)
Darth Helmet (Space Balls)
Darth Reven (Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic)

Toy Story!

The rest of the WATCHMEN characters!
Please! Please! Please!

C. Viper from Street Fighter IV
1000 thanks if you have the time to make this :)

I recommend you should do Michael Jackson please do it.

can you do the character of xxx hollic? in special yuuko chan
thank you ^^

Silverhawks characters
Thundercats characters


make the official LEGO Minifigure
the characters of naruto
an inquisitor of Halo, a spartan mark 5
and players of the Mexican team Chivas Guadalajara.

superstars of the wwe like jhon cena, Randy Orton, greatest kali, batista,
mvp, sawn michaels, rey misterio, kelly kelly …

“el chavo” from Roberto Gomez Bolaños

character of gears of wars

hollywood superstars

like to see more caracters from FARSCAPE :)
i found the SCORPIUS and made it :) !
is there more from Farscape :)? will it bee ? :)

I’m just gonna go nuts.

– Video Games –
Samus w/ Dark Samus alt costume (from ‘Metroid’)

– Cartoons –
Stimpy (from ‘Ren & Stimpy’)
Homer Simpson
Yogi Bear

Oh! And maybe a Tron suit in celebration of the kick ass looking new movie.

i just downloaded the old snake and its frekin awasome. i would like to see an “altair” from assasins creed and gordon freeman from half life. hope you can make them, and thank you for all the time you spend in this

I’d just LOVE to see see a Bayonetta Cubee.
If not some:
Linebarrels of Iron or,
Full Metal Panic (Particularly Bonta-Kun)
But Mainly Bayonetta 😀

I really would like a Vivi cubee, he so cute!
also any of the other FF’s characters too =)
with FFXIII out now you gotta do a tribute =P

Bob from Reboot

what about al from full metal alchemist? i think he’d make a great cubee. also, tim tom &kevin from venture bros <3

odst halo,
wwe superstars (rey mysterio, Eddie Guerrero rest in peace, and more fighters
Mexican national team players,

what about World of Warcraft cubees? or COD 4/mw2 cubees?

Hey! My inner hip-hop geek would love to see an MF DOOM cubee! Here’s a reference pic:
Keep up the great work, love the site’s concept!

Anime Requests:
– Vash the Stampeade (Trigun)
– Yoko (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)
– Kurogane, Syaoran, Fai (Tsubasa Chronicle)



The classes from Team Fortress 2
The survivors from Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2
The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland

these would be awesome

sora from kingdom hearts
link from loz
proto man from megaman
zero from megaman x
roxas from kingdom hearts
samus from metriod
thats it for me

Please do the Koopa Trooper from Mario (the turtle) and maybe some other doable mario monsters

Katekyo hitman reborn characters and/or Boxes

do dr.octogonapus!….pease

NiGHTS and Reala from NiGHTS into Dreams…
Tomba from Tomba! and Tomba!2
Alice from American McGee’s Alice

love your stuff
I would LOVE you to do a Naruto series.
Even just 1 character would be great.

There’s nothing better than Cthullu :)

i want to see “perry the platapus” from “phineas and ferb”

some kind of trading card like thing.
and some more halo figures

My requests are:

Vince Noir, Howard Moon, Saboo, The Hitcher, Tony Harrison, Tommy, Bollo, Naboo and Bob Fossil from Mighty Boosh

Roy, Jen, Douglas and Denholm from IT Crowd

The Doctor, Rose, The Master and Captain Jack from Doctor Who

Ianto Jones from Torchwood

Anyone from any of the Monty Python movies

fable jack of blades,thunder and bandit

oh yea Twinblade and a undead

how about the edward cullen from the twilight series?

I´m from brazil… Sorry for my english.

Can you do a paper toy of the Star Fox Team??

Fox, Falco, Sleepy, Pepy, Kat, Crystal, their ships and the landmaster. Please

only the possible
let me now when ready.

Thank you

I´m from Brazil… sorry my english
you can do a paper toy of star fox team??
Fox, Falco, Pepy, Kat, Cristal.

(if possible their ships and the landmaster please)

And more one, Link. Of The legend Of Zelda.

(only the possible)
I know you can

Let me know if you have success please.

Thank you


please would we have more marvwel characters and starwars and loads od pokemon i loove pokemon

will you please make more megaman x and megaman cubee please


Can you make some Pokemon Trainers?? Like the Original Ash and Misty and Brock

I want to request a pattern for mexican wrestler “BlueDemon”, and another for mexican wrestler “El Santo”
thanks in advance

i hope you do slipknot or marilyn manson.

I would also like to see Vegeta and other characters from Dragon Ball Z (in addition to the Krillin that is already there), and characters from Katamari Damacy/its sequels.


Please, will you make a dancing sushi cubee!!! :))):*

Deadpool! from the comics! not the one from the movie but that would be cool too. Also, war machine. No idea how you would do the guns though.

fry (futurama), ogie boige, sally (nightmare before christmas), bart (simpson).
What is a program that you use to create cubeecraft?

i would like to see a cubee of tiger woods mike vick

i want to see some of the slipknot guys and also how about a mr t???? why is there no mr t he kicks ass!!!


Hey, i would loooooooooooooooooove to see MUSHROOMS. that red one with white circles. *_*

can you make the mad hatter from alice in wonder land
plz :)

here is a pic :)

I want to request for winnie the pooh cube craft for my nephew first birthday.!!

some members form the wu tang clan or just the ol dirty bastard!!george clinton,notrious big,2pac, michael jackson…

pulp fiction, reservoir dogs, scarface…

Is it odd that all I want is Cthulu so I can have him fighting my Dr. Zoidberg Cubee?

I am sure you are tired of this but What about the characters from the TV Show CASTLE.


You should consider making a series of Cubees from ‘Breaking Bad’. I would LOVE a Walter White Cubee.

Tom Selleck, with a big pop out moustache!

ok so sweeney todd i dolnt like him but my sister is obsesed she has book and movie

Is there a printable board game for the Princess Bride pieces? That would be awesome! I have these great cut outs and I want to use them as game pieces for a board game. Does that exist?
Great site btw. Fun!

How about DooM guy from the awesome DooM series, and some of the Megaman 2 bosses?

I would like some Ratchet and clank papercrafts. My sister would like some iCarly papercrafts.

you should put hit girl, big daddy and red mist, since you already have kick-ass. i need to complete the collection

Hey thanks for making these can u make mr. T. or a blank one

i’dove to see slipknot and blink182

I loved the Geoff, but when I tried to find Geoffina, I couldn’t find her. Where is the Geoffina cubeecraft?

Could someone please make a Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, Mouse Cubee from the Matrix? If not all four? They are my favorite characters, and besides these, I have found every single one of my favorite movie/TV show characters on here. Oh, and perhaps and Agent Smith one too, that way I can direct my hatred at it, although that would be hard because it would be so cute! LOL.

I love Cubees, they are awesome, please don’t stop making them!!!

And yes, I’ve probably had wayyy too much sugar today.

do you can make the others characters of neon genesis evangelion like the others angels or maybe an edition of the new people on rebuild of evangelion

thanks for read


make evangelion people plz they are so great, like angel all the angels or something else chao

i think it would be cool if you had some of the simpsons for this and a few more of futurama.

Man… please!!! pucca, chucky, & marilyn manson… please man…

Man… “Eddy” (Iron Maiden) & Ozzy Osbourne Please.

We need a legends series

*Humphrey Bogart
*Marilyn Monroe
*Elvis Presley
*James Dean

Please, Eddy to Iron Maiden. ozzy Osbourne, chucky, michael myers (HALLOWEEN 2. a Rob Zombie Film). Pucca & Garu, & KISS Band.

WAR MACHINE of IRONMAN 2! and please send it to my email :)

I would like the avenged sevenfold’s deathbat with the wings on the side. xD

Please go with Firefly or Serenity cast, it’d be shiny!

Well, to reiterate a few I think would be a good idea, Marty Mcfly from Back to the Future would be awesome, Doc Brown from the same would be easy to make crazy hair for, Luigi would be nice, and Samus Aran (although it would be cooles and psobbily easiest if you made the morph ball =D). But the one I’d like to see the most is Cheetor from Beast Wars, Transmetal 1 would be best, but whatever is good.

I just realized a few moments ago.
You should definately make a Devil Kings collection or Sengoku Basara as it’s known in japan

hey, I love your work, I think it would be awesome to see The Beatles, also link from the legend of zelda would be awesome

The characters from Twilight would be awesome as Cubees!

Yoda and C-3PO would be great. I have a Star Wars collection going on my desk and I added the ones you had to it and I get constant compliments. I keep having to email your link to co-workers. All of Justice League would be a nice addition too!

hmm a huge cubeecraft thing thats a huge boulder thats sqaure from indiana jones movie

i wonder if you could make something from the half life saga like a headcrab or even gordon freeman?

i would love to see and make a billie joe armstrong cubee from green day!!!!

A HORSE alot of people i know want one

zorro and elle woods form legally blonde

Huey and Riley freeman from The Boondocks <3

Limited Edition Rat Pack Cubees! It would be awesome to see Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., and Peter Lawford as cubees.

i wonder if you can make:
aladdin and jasmine (disney)
badtz maru
russell from Up

can you make a dragon, or something big?

Hey!! You have Boota, Simon, Kamina, Lagann, and Gurren Lagann. But NO Gurren!!! What’s Up with that!!?? Finish up the collection please, and make a Gurren!!

hi,, just wondered if you could bring fry and leela from futurama in, please, please, it would be of great help, thankyou

What if avatar?! I think that would be fun!

i’d like to see annoying orange

Try making yoshi, covenant elite, grunt, link, homer simpson, bart simpson, and ned flanders,

Alvin, Simon, and Theodore are cool too.

Happy Tree Friends also a nice character to create as an cubee.

Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) and Black Widow

Harry Potter!
Sailor Moon, Ponyo, Fran Drescher from the Nanny, Samus Aran, Max from Scribblenauts, someone from Kingdom Hearts, and someone from The World Ends With You. To name a few xD.

green lantern, the flash, aquaman, wonder woman, martian manhunter Preaty much the JLA

U should make Raziel, Kain, Tekken. & the Soul Calibur series

The Allspark cube from Transformers, along with some robots from Transformers (first and second movies)

the Xenomorph from the movie Alien

Zim from Invader ZIM

Scarecrow from Batman Begins
Batman and the Joker from The Dark Knight

A classic alien (hominid, green body, antennae, etc)

King Kong

Some Navi(I think that’s what they are called) from Avater


Can you please make a Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet) cubee?

I would really love to see some characters from Final Fantasy like Cloud, Sephiroth, Barret, Vincent Valentine. The best video game ever made needs some representation.

PLAESE put the fowlowing cubeecrafts From mario: Wario,Waluigi,bowser,dr.mario,peach,daisy,baby mario, baby luigi,Bowser jr,yoshi,donkey kong(current),diddy kong, Donkey kong (1981).From Simpsons:Homer,marge,bart,lisa,magie

Make Burger King!!! Make Burger King!!!

And Ash Ketchum from poke’mon!

And a Rabbid from Rayman Rayming Rabbids!

I want to make a request: can you disponibilize some ou all characters in vector, like .eps, .cdr ou .ai ? I’ll make a Mario’s stage, but I have a certain space and I would to fill with more accuracy. E.g.: 60cm x 100cm (is my space) and each cube has 5,13cm x 5,13cm … and I want 10cm x 10cm. Tks in advance.

P.S. I’ve tried to use Vector Magic but have so many minor errors…

I want MashiMaro!!!!

make riley freeman… that would be so freakin amazing!!!!

hi :) could you do kiba, akamaru, suigetsu, juugo and choji from naruto and the ouran host club hosts please and thank you

seria chidou q hicieran a luchados de wwe undertaker, rey mysterio etc y tambien a los personajes de mario bros.
y futbolistas c. ronaldo , messi, rooney,v drogba etc
y mas de marvel y dc street fighter,king of fighter, bandas de metal, rock etc porfavooooor (yy)(:

tambien a personajes de video juegos gears of war, holo inquicidor, call of duty, kane & lynch, etc

sackboy from LBP would be great!

Thanks again for taking requests.
I think it would be great to have a Covenant Elite/Grunt from the Halo video game series. Or Tron/MCP from the Tron movie would be fantastic. Last but not least, ANYTHING from the Kingdom Hearts series would be fantastic.

hi!! could yo do metalman, flashman, crashman, quickman and bubbleman from megaman 2?? =D

Thank you!! ^_^

It may just be because I was looking for a template to make for a friend for his birthday but…The Incredible Hulk!!!!

have you got any me2you bears please????

Are you able to do Nephtis,Phantoma, and possibly Zakat from Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner?

Can you make one for L or Near(from death note)?

I love love love your Moss from the IT Crowd. Can you maybe make Roy? I would love to have the two of them on my desk 😀

Hey there, I just wanted to say your work is amazing!!! I’m pretty new to this cubee stuff, but I’m all addicted already…just one thing saddens me: why there isn’t a Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) up here? ='( That would make a good add to the ranks, imho!

Hey, I would like to see Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice. Or have I just not found them?

Great Site btw!

hi. im a big fan of cubee craft. im noticing you guys dont have enough street fighter characters on cubee craft. can i request Ryu, Ken and Akuma cubees? that would be so cool.

We already have a Marcus Fenix Cubee, so why not finish the squad?

Anya (Gears 3)
and maybe even a Locust Cubee??

Thanks Guys.

Choco Cat
Dr. House
Sheldon Copper


Would love to see:

Aang from avatar tha last air vender
Samus Aran from Metroid
Betty boop
Happy Tree Friends characters
Transformer characters
Dragonball characters
Jack Skellington
Jack Sparrow
Edward Scissorhands
Kurt Cobain
Dr. House
a Zombie
Thank you!! ^_^

How about Boba Fett, and Goku in super saiyan form?

The Left 4 Dead charakter 😀

Could you make a new version of Sam, as in the noir vierson from “They Stole Max’s Brain!”? I’d also like to see one based on BattleBlock Theater.

hi i’m Juan carlos and i’m from Peru, i am a new fan of cubee and when i began to remember what i really wanted to see in cubbe, i thought in kunio kun, i don’t know if you know what i’m talking about, it is a nintendo game called goal 3 and the principal character is kunio, it’s about little men playing soccer with magic powerful it’s incredible, please i will really apreciate if you can do kunio and his friends to me, and of course for everyone who know and play this game when were children. THANKS and goodbye

I would love to see a cubbecraft of Sally (from A Nightmare Before Christmas) I mainly want to build it and give it to a special someone <3 and you already have a Jack one up.

Many Thanks and Kind Regards from Barker!

You should put an XBOX 360, PSP, and a PS3 in your console crazy folder.
But I really want a life sized PSP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

could you make a yoshi cubee please!! 😀 i loooooove yoshi!