I get a ton of e-mails with requests for characters, and as I state in the FAQ: “I like to hear what people would be interested in seeing on the site – but I offer no guarantee’s and I pretty much just do what I want anyway.” With that in mind I would like to hear your requests in the comments on this post!

If you are requesting permission for commercial use of the template etc please get in touch via the contact page, do not post in this thread.

I have also been getting a lot of e-mails from people interested in submitting Cubees.  I have submission guidelines posted here.

Please use the contact page for all other inquiries.

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2,902 Responses to “REQUESTS”

santa and elves or reindeer,
maxwell,(from the highly popular game, scibblenauts!)
harry potter and co,
final fantasy 7, 9 or 12 charecters,
some more small charecters like the goomba or mr saturn,
link, zelda or linebeck from LOZ phantom hourglass,
tetris blocks would be rad!

This website rockz, i was looking for pop cultural papercraft but they were too hard! then i saw this, BINGO!

i’m Colombian and i want the beatles cubeecraft but i don’t know where search, and can you a cubeecraft of the eddy (iron maiden)

pdt sxcuse me i don’t now speak english


Can you please try to make a Wario,Waluigi,and/or a Yoshi?

Can I submit a few, I fell in love with your Cubeecraft stuff and designed a few myself. I have created a WWII German Wehrmacht Solfier includes MP40, and your Revolver. And German Tank (Supposed to be Tiger 1, but it failed, still is a nice looking tank though), that is in scale with the figures. Get back to me will yah, see ya. about all games console? it’ll be nice and easy for you! 😀 it’s feel like (when finish the cubecraft) i have all the console 😀
thx for reading

How about harry potter characters, all of the doctors (from Doctor Who) and maybe some other characters from doctor who.

Since I see that Iron Fist is your newest fella, I would LOVE to see his long time on and off girlfriend… Misty Knight! She doesn’t get enough air time, period. I think the bionic arm would look awesome.

The Hulk

CLAUDIO SANCHEZ frome Coheed and Cambria… guitar stuff! or another guitarist idk. V FOR VENDETTA WOULD BE AWESOME!!

thankyou for taking suggestions again. Your Work is awesome^^ We love it here in Spain

You seem to have an interest in GAINAX an there show Gurren Lagann. GAINAX also created a crazy show with the same flare as TTGL by the name of FLCL.

ANYWAYS, my Suggestion is character Canti Sama. He has a TV for a head. please contemplate this.
Thanks! once again

ok a list of what I would like to see
– Ash Ketchum
– Papa smurf
– tommy -rugrats
– Hey Arnold
– Bertha (80’s TV show)
– Snoopy
– Comic book guy- Simpsons

gaz from invader zim,dethklok (skwisgar skwigelf, toki wartooth, william murderface, pickles the drummer, nathan explosion and please make charles foster ofdenson and dr. rockzo the rock and roll clown

Do you reckon you could do the twilight characters?? That would be really awesome….btw your site is great!

Have you done mario? if not please do him. Spongebob (please please) Thank you so much EJ xox

I would love to see the four horsemen – Richard Dawkins, Dan Dennett, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris.

also the cast of Seinfeld

great work, i love these things!

Hey I am a HUGE fan of Cubecraft and my friend’s birthday is coming up and he loves Family Guy. I was hoping you could make either a Quagmire or a Brian cube. Its okay if you dont because I already have the awesome Peter and Stewie cubes please take my thought into consideration. Thank You!

I totally think the characters from The Wizard of OZ (Dorothy, Toto,Scarecrow,Lion,Tin Man,Glinda,The Wizard, etc etc) would be an awesome addition to the Cubeecraft collection. Not to mention The Wizard of OZ is a classic, and would please lots of people along with myself. Thanks again!


I would like to see dragon booster cubecraft, artha with pilot shirt and kitt.

Sorry i have corrected a word.


umm, maybe Castiel from Supernatural (the t.v. series)
that would be cool (:

Do you happen to have a high resolution and/or larger image version of the Ninja Turtles arcade jpeg?

I would love to have these :

Altair from Assassin’s Creed
Roxas, Axel, Sora, Shadow and Neoshadow from Kingdom Hearts.

Thank you !

The Beatles cubeecraft would be awesome too =)

I would love to see a bunchie, would totally make one.

i would like to see characters from the twilight film series.


Harry Potter cubeercraft is a good idea, good job! good luck!

Where’s Kal ’10? I loved Kal ’09

I would like to see a pac-man cubee please?

hello im from of argentina please i wont a cubeecraft of:

messi (player of barcelona fc)

hitler (dictator)

batman (the dark knit 2008 or 2009)

pie man (superhero of the simpsons)

tanks !

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hello my name and I love heitor cubeecrafts so that website I’m not translating from Portuguese to English I want teha cubeecrafts terminator t600, ghost rider can have hotmail for my father grateful heitor

Hello, I love Cubee crafts. What about making a famous artist series. Van Gogh, Warhol, Dahli, Kahlo…just a suggestion. Thanks for making cool stuff!

Hello I love the site. I would love to see you make a Grunt from Halo 3 and a Brute from Halo 3.
Thanks for the great creations!!

greenday characters and fallout boy, bands like that would be awsome and TWILIGHT CHARACTERS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i WANT SPONGEBOB BACK :'(

Do you have (or can design) an american football player? Maybe a generic on that the artist can color to coorespond with their favorite teams? I’d like to have some Green Bay Packer ones…

go on youtube look of IU MARSHMALLOW look for the marshmallow mascot, it is the cutest thing next to Domo.

Can you please consider doing the metalocalypse characters and frylock from aqua teen?

The members of Tokio Hotel! Mainly Bill and Tom Kaulitz!

Micheal Jackson ! (:

spongebob and wall•e please!!!!!!!11

and pedobear

I want Frylock, just this!

Just a thought but having
The Beatles
James Cameron’s Avatar
would be sweet!
I could imagine the Avatar models being bigger than an original cubee haha

I would love to see a line of The Office characters. Dwight’s head is already cube-like so making him would be a breeze.

Hey, I think it would be cool if since for the evangelion series you have all the Evangelions, it would be nice if you had all the pilots to, so that would be Shinji and Asuka. Thanks for reading this.

V from “V for Vendetta”, Leonidas from “300”, Brian from “Family Guy”, “Mass Effect” characters, and Bowser.

Sorry for double posting, but one last thing: Could you make a bigger one? Such as a 3-5 cube long dragon? That would be epic. Or a Cubee that is 3x bigger than normal ones, made by different sheets of paper (for a good example, check out the wheel chair giant from family guy)

YOSHI from super mario bros. please twud be a great gift for my girlfriend cos shes upset with me and she fricking loves yoshi. Also the dude from the big lebowski if you can be bothered but more importantly: YOSHI



the lord of the rings, gambit of x men

More Venture Bros characters, especially Brock Sampson! Some Simpsons, a lego guy, Brian from Family guy, Angry monkey from Family Guy, some youtubers:shanedawsontv, vlogbrothers, smosh, whatthebuck, swiftkaratechop, cutewithchris, chriscrocker, mcgoiter. Office characters and fax machine, deathklok (metalocalypse)Timmy ( monkey)And maybe in the future, a custom cubeecraft, like you get to choose from a couple different outfits and facial features and hair. That’d be cool. oh, nd more homestar runner characters!

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