I get a ton of e-mails with requests for characters, and as I state in the FAQ: “I like to hear what people would be interested in seeing on the site – but I offer no guarantee’s and I pretty much just do what I want anyway.” With that in mind I would like to hear your requests in the comments on this post!

If you are requesting permission for commercial use of the template etc please get in touch via the contact page, do not post in this thread.

I have also been getting a lot of e-mails from people interested in submitting Cubees.  I have submission guidelines posted here.

Please use the contact page for all other inquiries.

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2,902 Responses to “REQUESTS”

Well if you’re going to have Maurice Moss, how about Jen Barber and Roy?

I have a couple request but the one I am really hoping for is two different people that are very much connected. John Lennon and Yoko Ono cubees would be great. I would love for it to be after the Beatles broke up and have him in his famous all white suit. I would have to have Yoko just to complete him as it were lol. But I also would really like to see more Futurama cubees like Professor, Hermes, Amy, Kif, Zapp Brannigan, The new justice team, Robot Santa, Robot Devil, The Horrible Gelatinous Blob, Hedonism Bot, Brain Slug, Calculon, Mom, or even The x-men variants from the comic when they were the Planet Ex-Press Men. Anything from Futurama would make my day but John Lennon would be the ultimate one I would love to see.

dante from the game dantes inferno

Dr.Gonzo and Raoul Duke (fear and loathing in las vegas)
Dr Strangelove
Pulp Fiction (vincent vega,…)



mortal Kombat characters
kingdom hearts

Ash from Army of Darkness!! Or Bruce Campbell in general really, :)

first found cubbes in xbox world 360 mag. the limited edition bioshoch would likebtotherhood of steel from fallout to go with my vault boy!
also left 4 dead 2 survivers or special infected would be awsome

I echo the call for Dethklok! Please? The band plus Charles Foster Offdensen, their manager/lawyer. Maybe a Kloketeer. Rockzo.

Characters from Rocky Horror Picture Show, please!

Completing the Gurren Lagann cubeecraft series would be cool (Gurren, Simon and Yoko) ^^

I think it would be cool if you did the phantom of the opera (!!) or the stig or any of the family guy characters like the chicken. : )

Avatar:Jake Sully,Neytiri and tsu,tey

Are you familiar with the Bioshock game? It’d be really sweet to see your version of Big Daddy. They have a link to some at Cult of Rapture, but those really suck. I think you’d DEFINITeLY do a better job…

Characters from Rocky movies:

Rocky Balboa
Apollo Creed
Ivan Drago
Clubber Lang
Tommy Gun
Mason Dixon

Please, I love it!

Congratulations for the jobs.

hi can you make a legend of Zelda spirit tracks zelda.

i like en chavo del 8 and don ramon

I was wondering if you could do some Half Life 2 ones
Gordon Freeman
Alyx Vance
Dr. Breen

I laughed when I saw your Moss cube. Female characters from Batman would be awesome, especially Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

Powerpuff Girls would also be cute.

In the meantime, I’m going to make a Robin for my daughter. the boy is so getting a Storm Trooper.

I concur with Betty, a few more female characters would be great. You have quite a few 80’s boy oriented characters so how about some Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears or Rainbow Brite for the females who grew up in the 80’s. That would be sweet and Hot Topic would not be involved, another plus!

would like a bender made of wood, I’m using google translator so my solicitração may seem strange I live in Brazil and I have assembled about 45 of these .. ‘ll look at, thanks.

One word for children of the 80’s. Labyrinth. I would love to see David Bowie’s hair worked out in paper.

Hello Mr. Beaumont!
I am the president of a Donald Duck fanclub!
I tell my members of this site and they said: “Can you ask the creator of this site whetere he can make a Donald Duck cubee!”
I thougt about that, too!
Please give me an answer to my Mail!
I have a picture of Donald Duck:
Thank you

I just started to make these Cubees and I’ve become addicted =). I just wanted to make a request to possibly see Miles Edgeworth from Phoenix Wright.


Hi, I was wondering if you could possibly make a cubee of Betty Boop, thanks.

Fire Mario, Star power (Probably really complex to make a star).


I know it was recommended but i love her!

Need more superheroes, mainly want Captain America!

Good morning.
If is possible, I would like to have one Cubeeandcraft of Mr. Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime minister.
Thank you.

I love your Cubees! Im a huge futurama fan, and id love to see other Futurama characters. Robot Devil, Leela, Fry? Etc? Thanks~!

can u make a Naruto cubee craft? please??

Hey thanks for reading and I want to make a request… It would be great if the site had Death Note characters like “L” and “Raito Yagami”… I’m pretty sure many people would like it, but the decision is yours 😀 thanks again ^^

It would be awesome if there were cubee’s of the following:
Mr. Monopoly
The Vault-Tec Fallout 3 Bobbleheads
Altair from Assassin’s Creed


can you perhaps make a death note series please? with misa light L matt and mello and if it wouldnt be to hard rem and ryuk? its just a though but i would be over joyed if you made those as cubecrafts

Need more marvel characters like Captain America and Moon Knight, need Legend of Zelda characters like Link.

Need more marvel characters like Captain America and Moon Knight, need Legend of Zelda characters like Link, etc. Thanks 😀

Calvin & Hobbes, please.

The FreeBSD daemon would be cool too.


Oops, just thought of another good one:

Gremlins (the movie; gizmo, etc.)

Here’s some I can think of:
The Hulk, Fantastic Four, Shrek, Bugs Bunny, Miss Piggy, Captain America, Thor, Characters from other Pixar films besides Up, Garfield’s friends, GEICO Gecko, Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Super-Grover, Bolt and Rhino (in hamster ball), The M&M’s, Erin Esurance, Ronald McDonald, The Simpsons, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Tony the Tiger, Wonder Woman, Mickey Mouse, Donkey Kong, Po (Kung Fu Panda), WALL-E, Trix Rabbit, The Noid, Yoshi, Transformers, Link, Pikachu, Pacman, Count Chocula, AFLAC Duck, King Kong, E.T., Beavis and Butthead, and the Flintstones!

I think you should do the characters from the movies; Percy Jackson and the Olympians;The Lightning Thief, The Wolfman and Avatar. Thanks so much!

can yew do kairi from kingdom hearts please

Would love to see Samurai Jack and AKU, also thanks a ton for all the free designs, keep it up.

plz the joker!!!!!!!!!!

the joker is there.. something that has to be with SURF!!!
plz plzzz that will be awsome..

I love all the people you make.Could you possible send me some of the past ones?

A more modern Batman and characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender, please.

more resident evil

Fullmetal alchemist characters please? I would really appreciate it if you made Edward Elric please.

WTF? No GTA love?

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