“Say your prayers turtles!” Turtles Forever’s Bebop is now available!


Bebop from the original TMNT cartoon and the upcoming movie Turtles Forever is now available on 4Kids.tv – and he does NOT cost Reward Points!  Turtles Forever will air on the CW4Kids on November 21st:

TMNT “Turtles Forever” Movie World Premier On The CW4Kids TV 11/21/2009!!

We’re excited to announce that the world premier of the “Turtles Forever” movie will take place on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21 at  10 a.m. on The CW4Kids TV. “Turtles Forever” will air on TV ONE TIME ONLY! Check your local listings.

The classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the 1980’s are back with a new adventure set in the present day with the Turtles of the 21st Century! Experience more TMNT action than ever before. PLUS click here to go the TMNT blog for some additional exclusive “Turtles Forever” 411!

Keep checking the TMNT blog for new TMNT “Turtles Forever” details as we get closer to the “Turtles Forever” movie world premier! PLUS 4Kids.tv will be doing lots of fun “Turtles Forever” activities, Papercraft, exclusive trailers, and MUCH MORE!

Grab him here.

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6 Responses to ““Say your prayers turtles!” Turtles Forever’s Bebop is now available!”

I can’t find him anywhere on the site.

took me a few min to find..

(not showing up on the main page yet for whatever reason)

4Kids says the page may be cached for people who are not logged in. THe direct download page is here:




Out of curiosity, will there be Cubees of the other incarnations of the Turtles? Like the Turtles from the first three films?

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