Scott Pilgrim Alternate Ending and Other News

Sorry about the lack of updates over the last week or so, I have been super busy at my day job and super busy in my personal life (of what little there is of it these days anyway).  You may not know this but Cubeecraft is pretty much a one man show – However, rest assured there is a lot of Cubee related stuff going on behind the scenes and a slew of new stuff coming very soon.

I have gotten a ton of e-mail asking where the Scott Pilgrim Series 2 Cubees are now that Oni Press has updated their site and no longer has a download section.  We are working on making them available again soon so I should have news on that shortly.

In other SP related news I had the opportunity to attend a Scott Pilgrim event at the Apple Store in Soho early this evening featuring Edgar Wright, Michael Cera, Anna Kendrick and Jason Schwartzman. The group discussed the making of the film and showed off a few clips.  Edgar Wright described an alternate ending he did not get to shoot (which I’ve posted a description of after the break for those folks who would like to avoid spoilers.)

The event was recorded and should be available as a video podcast in a few days on iTunes so assuming it wasn’t cut you could just hold out and hear the man himself describe it.

If you absolutely can’t wait hit the jump for the alternate ending.

Scott Pilgrim is arrested for the murder of at least 7 individuals and statutory rape.

Anna Kendrick and Jason Schwartzman
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