Scott Pilgrim is now available!

Scott Pilgrim from the comics by Bryan Lee O’Malley.

Check out the pop-culture section to download him!

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13 Responses to “Scott Pilgrim is now available!”

Was disappointed.

I expected Castle Crasher, which you really should make.


All the cubees this week have been of characters I’ve never heard of before :\

OgreBattle – What possible indication did the man give where you would expect Castle Crashers? Scott Pilgrim is awesome, I love that book.

Adrian – Out of 6 characters (though I’ll give you the 2 Ranch Rush ones…) Meatwad is at least 7 years old. Lion-O is 25 years old. The Prisoner is over 30 years old… and as stated above Scott Pilgrim is awesome. You need to stay in more.

scott pilgrim!!
ramona and kim pine pleeeeease?
maybe after the movie comes out?

I have never heard of Prisoner Six or Pilgrim.

Also, he made Braid and Bionic Commando, which were not nearly as big a release as CC.

When I see a new Cubee I don’t recognize I google it. I wouldn’t have known about Gurren Lagann or that Nine Inch Nails had a new album without this site!

Anyway I think it’s good that a lot of the stuff here is “off the beaten path” – I think it exposes a lot of people to a big mix of good stuff instead of being all “AAA” characters (though they are nice too!)

I also think that it is cool that some of the stuff on here is “off the beaten path”. Like KingFisher stated above, I also would not have know that NIN had released a new album. I was also exposed to “Little Brother” through this site and I Love that book now. I also google the cubees that I do not know and have found some really interesting stuff that I would have otherwise not have know about. Anyways, sorry to ramble on. Keep up the good wok!

If he didn’t add random slightly obscure things I bet there’d be no Katamari Prince….and that would be a terrible shame.

Holy Chi-hole dude! You constantly make the exact references/characters that I want to see. Mad props on Scott Pilgrim! More like this one for sure!

I can honestly say if you are at this site and you DONT know scott pilgrim…you are missing out..look him up before the movie comes out!

Oh, this was a real surprise! I honestly never expected to see a papercraft of this guy. :) Now if only there was a Ramona to go with him… *rubs hands together*

Fantastic job, man. I love your papercrafts so much. 😀 They may e simple, but at least you nail those really obscure ones. Go you!

Yeah, Scott Pilgrim!
It’s a shame hardly anybody knows about him. I was pretty happy to see the whole gang here too.
Up next: Stephen Stills.

I love the Scott Pilgrim adventures!!… And I can’t wait for the movie!!! It has some awesome early reviews!!!.

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