Spider-man is now available… but that’s not all!

Head over to the 4Kids.tv to grab Spider-man, Spider-man in the black costume and Venom – based on the Spectacular Spider-man animated series!

[ LINK ]

UPDATE: The Spider-Man and Venom Cubees are no longer available on 4Kids.tv.

Grab them in the pop-culture section.

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13 Responses to “Spider-man is now available… but that’s not all!”

They look awesome!
Man, i was designing a black costume spidey, but this one rocks XD

I’ve waited my entire life for this moment!

@Frank: Seriously? I’m sorry.

Why’d they remove them from their site? 😛

Anyway, I prefer the friendlier JPG instead of the very unfriendly PDF ^^

Good to see them here. Does this mean that we’ll be seeing the Ninja Turtles here sometime soon?

eu sou u mas forte

wow my little brother loves it i got about every cubee i would get some more but the printer is acting funny it would print some out wrong andit would print some out right but i still like them.ps tell the guy who made the website i really like it.pss i cant stop typing its new for me talking to other people.psss just kidding about the psss.ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha cough.


Greatest American Hero! Greatest American Hero!

Great job Chris! Spiderman’s my favorite superhero! I can’t wait for an oversized Incredible Hulk.

those cubees are very cool lol

Excellent !!! GAH…Thanks a lot….

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