Submission Guidelines

* Please remember that Cubeecraft toys made with the template are not to be sold or used in a promotional capacity without written permission!

* PLEASE build your Cubeecraft design before you send it in to make sure it works. If possible include a picture of the completed model.

* Please put your name and website (if applicable) on your model! Your name will link to your site on your model’s download page.

* Please remember to mark your tabs and slots, especially if you have altered the template or added new pieces.

* There is no money involved in this and any submitted models posted to the site will be available to download for free.

* I have a few templates posted here, and more on the way. Please note the “character illustration” template. Submitting an illustration with your model using this template dramatically increases your chances of having your model posted (since it is less work for me.)

* Please submit all work as jpeg, tiff, png psd, ai, eps or pdf – at at least 150 dpi for raster images. Submitting work in higher resolution or vector increases the chances of appearing in a Cubeecraft show.

* As a general rule – DO NOT USE PHOTOS! Distorting a photo of a real person/animal on the template and coloring the rest in MS Paint generally looks bad. If you can figure a way to make this work, or you use photos for the entire surface of the model, that might be cool – but in this situation make sure the photos you use are YOURS. That means that you took the photo. Remember – finding an image on Google does not make it yours!

* DO NOT just copy and paste a face or any other part into the template. All parts should be original art even if you are not making an original character.

* Do not try to make a Difficulty 5 Cubeecraft. I’ll let you in on a secret – The “Difficulty” in the FAQ is sort of a joke. The core philosophy of Cubeecraft is that they are easy to make – so easy that no Cubeecraft toy has even reached the most difficult rating of our own system. If you think your Cubee is too hard for some reason you may want to go back to the drawing board.

* Original designs have a MUCH higher chance of being posted ont he site.

* Please make the subject of any e-mails with a submission “Cubeecraft Submission”.

* Please do not send a submission and apologize for it in your e-mail. If you have to apologize for it why are you sending it?  On the same note – Please do not send partially completed models, especially if you expect me to finish them for you.

* Please read the FAQ. The blank template is intended for private use. Using it to promote your own work, enter contests, selling Cubeecraft you create with it, or any other commercial use it strictly forbidden without prior permission. The site is free, I didn’t create Cubeecraft for profit and I certainly didn’t create it so others could rip me off and profit. Thanks for understanding.  You may contact me about licensing the template for commercial use.


3D ILLUSTRATION TEMPLATE (HINT: copy and paste each surface into the template – then transform>distort to fit the piece.):

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