Super Meat Boy now on XBLA

Super Meat Boy is now available on Xbox Live Arcade.  There are tons of levels, other characters you can be and the game is on sale until November:

“As a gift to the fans who have supported us through development, we are offering a launch sale, lowering the asking price by 33% till Nov. To my knowledge this is the 1st time that Microsoft has allowed a developer to do something like this and we are very proud to be the 1st.” – Team Meat

Don’t forget to download your favorite Meat Boy character Cubeecraft!

Congrats to Team Meat!

Hit the jump for more info about the game and Team Meat!

About Team Meat

Team Meat is a group of 2 college drop outs that simply
couldn’t hack it in the real world. They are poor,
dirty, and unhealthy but make up for it with
determination, soul and hearts so huge they basically
just roll around like that blueberry girl from
Willy Wonka.

Team Meat is a “micro team” trying to prove to the
industry that it is possible to make an amazing game
with a tiny team and still release on 4 major platforms,
without signing with a publisher or losing creative
control of your IP.

Team Meat is self funded and free to do and say what
they want and this is the way they will always stay.
They have no interest in growing as a company, getting
“real jobs” or making games with vampires or zombies
because they will sell better.

Team Meat is just 2 dudes trying to live a dream.

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any chance of a bandage girl cubee?

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