Cubeecraft Christmas Tree 2009!

Check this out! “hey there! My girlfriend and I spent the month of december making all of our ornaments out of cubeecraft designs from your site! Happy Holidays! – Jeremy & Whitney” In the past we’ve seen little trees and trees with […]

Matt Hawkins presents Saturn Claus

“It’s Saturn Claus! Every Christmas Eve Saturn Claus hitches his sleigh to a shooting star and delivers presents to all the good little creatures on the planets that Santa Claus misses. He spreads goodwill and Christmas cheer to the farthest […]

Cubeecraft Christmas

Unfortunately the Vodafone Christmas Clone site is down this year, however you can download the above characters in one convenient zip file here. 6 new Christmas characters are available!  You can grab them here. UPDATE: To download the characters first […]

Vodafone Christmas Clones!

The “Christmas Clones” are back! 10 classic Christmas themed characters like Santa, an Elf, a BBQ cook with a santa hat and more! You can even customize them with your own face! Use them as ornaments, place settings or simply […]

Jonny Chiba’s Christmas Tree Papercraft

Jonny Chiba‘s Christmas Tree is now available in 3 different colors to collect: 2 available from and the third is a exclusive.

Vodafone Christmas Clones

The “Christmas Clones” are back! The site is back up and running for the foreseeable future. In addition to the designs you see above there are also 5 more characters as well.  10 Original designs that you can even customize […]

Cubeecraft Christmas Tree!

Another Cubeecraft Christmas tree… and this one is huge! Maire has done a great job covering her tree in Cubeecraft from both this site and many of the deviantart artist (including herself!).  Wow! ALSO! Papercraft enthusiest Shawn has pointed me […]

Cubeecraft Christmas Tree

Francesca has sent along a photo of the Christmas tree she has at the game studio where she works.  Looks awesome.  w00t!

Bad Cat’s Jingle Cats are here!

The folks over at Bad Cat have created another holiday cat series – The Jingle Cats! Check them out here. Previously: Bad Cat Design: Cubeecats! Bad Cat Design: Scare-D-Cats

Celebrate Christmas Cubeecraft style with Vodafone Christmas Clones!

Looking for Cubeecraft Christmas themed toys?  Look no further!  The “Christmas Clones” are here! 10 Original designs that you can even customize with your own face!  Use them as ornaments, place settings or simply add them to your Cubeecraft collection! […]