Wednesday Comics 2.10.10

It’s been awhile since I has a Wednesday Comics post… and today is Friday!  Well anyway hit the jump to see my picks this week and leave your own picks in the comments.

Wednesday Comics 11.19.09-12.09.09

Wow!  Lot’s of stuff going on the last few weeks for me personally but I’ve just gotten a chance to dig into my stack.  Here we go…

Wednesday Comics 11.12.09

The Muppet Show Comic Book: The Treasure of Peg Leg Wilson #4 – Roger Langridge – $3.99 I am really impressed with The Muppet Show books. The characterizations are right on and it is a real testament to the Jim […]

Wednesday Comics 11.04.09

It’s Wednesday!  Let’s read some comics!

Wednesday Comics 10.28.09

The above 2 books came out awhile ago but I only just got around to them.  The first is an adaptation of Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter by Darwyn Cook.  The book is about a theif who is double crossed […]

Wednesday Comics 10.21.09

Better late than never! Hit the jump to see this weeks picks.

Wednesday Comics 10.14.09

2 books that did not come out today – Orange by Benjamin and King City by Brandon Graham.  I didn’t know Orange was even available in the US.  I had gotten a copy a couple years ago – in French.  […]

Wednesday Comics 8.7.09

Every Wednesday I pick up the weeks new comics. I picked up four things this week. Hit the jump for more info. (above image is the inked Frank Quietly cover to Batman And Robin #5)