TARDIS now available!

The TARDIS from the TV series “Dr.Who” is now available!

Check out the pop-culture section to download it!

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28 Responses to “TARDIS now available!”

Now that’s cool. Is there a Dalek on the way too?

Yay! DOooodoooowwooooeeehhhhooooo. Please excuse me singing the theme tune.


I have been coming here for a while, great stuff. More importantly, I just saw a blip about the site on Adult Swim, they told me to come here! Congratulations on the free press!

So Adult swim just told me to come here. THANK YOU ADULT SWIM!!!!

Sweet, I was thinking about a tardis myself the other day. Major props to the guy who design this one, and hoping for some more. Hint, Hint, daleks, rx- 9 (I think that rght, be awhile sense sent epidsode w/ him in it) and the robot men from the new seires, what where there names…

keep them coming, u guys I have done some great work on this site. Only place I know that being square is cool..


jason, im a geek, and the metal men are cybermen, there is no such thing as rx9 (u mite mean k9?) so you aint a fan for not knowing the classics

I saw a commercial for this site on Adult Swim and, since everything else they do is so damned kick-ass, I decided to check it out. I was not disappointed. This is a really cool site you guys have going and I LOVE that you have a TARDIS available. Thanks for the entertainment!

– Silas

Will you be making Rose/Doctor? Please say yes please I’ll promote you like crazy

Geekvil hitbob, thanks for correcting me. I never said I was a geek, Im a redneck that like scifi. I use to watch Dr.Who w/ my dad when I was younger and recently started to watch some of the new ones they have been making.

dum da da da dum da da da dum da da da dum
just made my tardis.. omigod a dalek or cyberman or even the doctor would be great!!! K9! arrrggghhh! im gonna faint. davros, sarah jane, rose tyler, martha jones, donna noble, ood, slitheen, weevils, captain jack harness(dat’ll be one gorgeous cubeecraft toy). which doctor eh? hows abt a sonic screwdriver? man.. i can go on n on n on…

yeah! thanx
i’m waiting for daleks too~~ lol

Oooo…. How about something from Torchwood? Maybe an Ianto or a Jack?

Oh! Or how about an owen?

I’ll add a vote for some Torchwood please!! JACK HARKNESS PLEASE! 😀

Sweet a TARDIS! Thanks guys!

Perfect! Now I’d love to see The Tenth Doctor and his companions 😀

Grandson delighted, many thanks

I LOVE Dr. Who Please make some of the other characters.

Haha this is brilliant! Now I can have a mini with me! Allons-y!

scooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre. but yeah, dalek much? that’d be so cool.

sonic screwdriver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats what we really want….
we’ll have our own Tardis and sonic screwdriver!!

Please make a Doctor and Rose for my lonely TARDIS!!!!!!!! Please,please,please…

If you want any more doctor who related stuff, request it here: http://www.cubeecraft.com/blog/requests/
if we all request doctor who stuff they’ll make it… it’s as simple as that.

hello, love the TARDIS!!! My friend and i are checking out your website!!! its awesome… please can you make Dr.Who (the tenth doctor, David Tennant) he’s a yummy one that one… haha thanks

I found this from a person on DeviantArt’s site … CyberDrone:
S/he has a few more cubee-style Who box thingies.

hello, love the TARDIS!!! its awesome… please can you make Dr.Who (the tenth doctor, David Tennant) he’s a yummy one that one… haha thanks

Dang, It’s been 3 years since the last comment, I guess there wont be more? lol…

I would really be pleased to see a Dalek, a Cyberman, the 10th doctor, the silence, or a weeping angel.

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