The art of Yuken Teruya


Check out the beautiful work of artist Yuken Teruya in the “projects” section of his site here – or get a concentrated glimpse of a number of his paper projects here on

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Normal people go: ‘OH NOES! I’M ALL OUT OF PAPER!’

Yuken goes: ‘Out of paper! HELL YEAH!’

[…] I have mentioned this artist before on the Cubeelog and Yuken Teruya continues to impress with his newest set of work “Notice-Trees”. “In the Notice-Forest series, Teruya cuts one side of a paper bag in a tree shape. The cut-out tree is folded down so that it appears to be part of a diorama to onlookers who look inside the bag. According to Teruya, the diorama is meant to look like a real tree positioned against the shadows of other trees in a forest.  In other words, Teruya reclaims paper bags back into what they once were–trees.” […]

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