“The Brain”

the brain

A new model has been added! It’s “The Brain” from “Animaniacs/Pinky and the Brain”.

This Cubee is the creation of guest artist Mike Case, who I know nothing about – so don’t ask!

Check out the pop-culture section to download him!

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12 Responses to ““The Brain””

Love it! Keep making more!

I loved that show when I was a kid.

“We’re going to do what we do every night, Pinky…”

nice one… but in my humble opinion, it looks even nice with a smaller body … with the head printed on a A4 sheet and the rest printed on a A5 sheet … nice addition afterall

Sorry my english.

thanks for your web, is very interesant.

wow.. cool ! keep designing bro..! How about famous people character?

Thanks for the cool cut-outs! Did I miss Pinky, or has he not yet been created?

Fajna stronka, dodalem ja sobie do ulubionych, bede tu zagladal czesciej, pozdrawiam

Just waiting for Pinky now 😀

We want Pinky!!! PLEASE…

Please make pinky and Britney Spears. My hamster call pinky…

Porfavor diseñen a pinky yaa..

We all want pinky.. Brain it’s nothing without pinky :( :( .. sorry mi english :) bye ..

Pynky pinky pinkyy!!

Just waiting for Pinky now 😀 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!! kisses.

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