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5 Responses to “The Button”

For once I’m disappointed in your blog post. While “The Button” is marginally funny, it’s still a crass humor based on making fun of killing people. And the link to more “funny videos” takes you to even worse, tasteless, potty-humor and sex-humor based, obscene videos, none of which I found humorous in any way. The one about douchebags getting blowjobs from my mom and taking back the world was particularly offensive. Other videos on the page included some about butt sex, and other extremely offensive and pornographic topics. Cubeecraft blog just lost major points. I was offended.

I think the humor was more in the guys unorthodox/unexpected handling of a hypothetical situation rather that it was funny he was killing people.

It’s a parody of a Twilight Zone episode/upcoming film where the entire point is to weigh the life of a stranger over your own financial problems/greed, so having someone press the button right away or in this case before they are even tempted with the money creates a humorous situation.

No one really died. If I was going to be offended by this video I would have to be offended by every movie I like where someone dies, because technically that fictional character ultimately died for my entertainment.

Anyway Mr.Cubee if you are reading this I thought it was pretty funny. :)

Also – I don’t think it’s his fault that FOD linked to those vids you mentioned. FOD programs the links from their player not the people that embed them. There is a lot of stuff on FOD that does not contain potty humor.

Cubeecraft is not responsible for the content on other sites. He found something amusing and wanted to share it with other people. No one held a gun to your head and forced you to visit Funny Or Die’s site, and a link from this site to FOD is not an endorsement of the rest of the content on FOD. You watched this video and decided to get offended, unnecessarily in my opinion, since the video was a satirical send-up of a famous TV show. But you didn’t stop there. You decided to visit the source of your disgust and get even more offended. If anyone is at fault here, it’s you. For not understanding how the web works, and for looking for reasons to complain where there are none. Shame on you.

Also, this is just a parody of the trailer for the movie “The Box” that is coming out soon. I think this clip is funny on it’s own but if you’ve seen the trailer it makes it a lot better.

This was hilarious! I did see the movie trailer and that’s what made it more humorous although I think I laughed even harder while reading CFlex’s comment and description of all the other “offensive” videos he/she watched after already being “offended” by this one.

Great job!

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