The Witcher’s Geralt now available!

Because of a series of unfortunate events and false accusations, Geralt landed in a dungeon. It is not the first criminal episode in the witcher’s career, but what else can we expect of an itinerant monster slayer dealing with elven terrorists?

As befits a brawler, Geralt gave up the appeal and decided to take the initiative. On his way to freedom, the witcher finds the Torturer, and the only witness of this chamber drama between the two is the Prisoner.

In the present situation the witcher has a wide selection of tools ranging from his sword to crushing – in his own opinion – silence, which gave him so much fame. Creative use of improvisation is surely desired.

At present, Geralt of Rivia is occupied with rehearsals of the main part in the upcoming blockbuster The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.”

This is the very same Geralt that appeared in “the best press kit at Gamescom“.  Look forward to more The Witcher releases very soon!

Download Geralt here.

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A thing every The Witcher fan should have (me) Thanks very much :)


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