Tux the Linux penguin is now available!

What more can I say?

Grab him on the pop-culture section.

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11 Responses to “Tux the Linux penguin is now available!”

awesome 😀
cool shape ^^

what about a little gates? oh better not! guess you would get the next cease and desist letter (;

Greetz, Chrischi (4real! my name is christopher, too :D)

That is great!
Another reason to move to linux (or another reason to love cubeecraft, depends on the where you look at it from).

By the way, since MS is Linux’s evil version, it should be enough to print the penguin with a goatee, don’t you think?

Cooool! I’d love to see a papercraft Java Duke too!

Yes, it is true!! I am Tuxo. Some time ago I wrote an email asking for a Tux, so now I just have to comment here saying “Thanks you very much!!!” This is a wonderful model. And the shape is just great!!


Thank You so very much for this.

Cubeecraft is simple but amzing idea. kudos.

when im logged in, i can make marx soul with cubeebox,
kirby feet cubeecraft, cubeecraft nova’s necklace, marx soul’s wings cubeecraft.

dont forget cubeecraft marx hat ture arena!

and masked dedede and galatca knight and wham bam jewel.

Cubee Craft…

CubeeCraft has a lot of great downloadable patterns for three-dimensional crafts. Just print, cut and fold. I made these in about 20 minutes each.


jajaja very beautiful

I’m tux lover. Thanks for make it

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