VaL-09 is here!

Just in time for Valentines Day – “The Love Machine” VaL-09 has arrived!

Give VaL-09 something special to say with some word balloons!

Download VaL-09 here.

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11 Responses to “VaL-09 is here!”

Totally Awesome!

Wait, Does this mean Kal – 09 is going Away? And It is kind of funny how the main page doesn’t have this model yet, so it is, for now at least, “For Blog Readers Only!”

Oh, yeah
I’m just a love machine and I won’t work for nobody but you

I couldn’t resist. This will go great with KaL, like a soul mate.


Do I sense a series here?

What’s next? PaT-09? EaS-09? 4oJ-09? HaL-09? ThA-09? ChR-09? (IDK if we’ll have NeW-09, because KaL-09 kinda makes the point, and it would be pointless in a time where KaL-10 would be released) 😉
(free cookie for people who get the names)
I hope to see CuB-09 too (for the Cubeeversary 😉 )

Shiaoran: You are a MIND READER!

Andrew: KaL-09 is now going anywhere it will be available (AT LEAST) until the end of the year. THere is a banner up for VaL-09 now but YES, it pays to read the blog!


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i love this papercraft

this is harder than i thought it was tought and i got confuzed it needs to be easere

A._V. : @ry_V@ness@
To do this mad
Final surprising
beautiful !!!!!!!!

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