Valentines Day

Why not give the one you love/have a crush on/like/not hate at the moment some papercraft?  I have compiled a list of Valentines related papercraft (after the jump).

Cupid & Anti-Cupid (Steve)

Grab them here.

Hit the jump for a roundup of Valentines related papercraft!


Build a “Love Machine” and pass on a special message with some word balloons!

Paper Hearts by Abz

You can grab them here.

Castleforte’s Cupid and Mutant Cupid

Grab them here.

Macula’s Cupid


You may be familiar with Macula’s papercraft. He has created a lot of awesome stuff (see post) and he also has this sweet Cupid model for download. Grab him here! (then grab all the other papercraft on his site while you are at it.)

Canon Papercraft


Canon offers a number of projects for Valentines day on their site here.

Chiba’s Ninja of Love


Grab it on Chiba’s page here.

Kate’s “Pixel-y” Valentine Heart Card

“Pixel-y” Heart Valentine by Kate at  Grab it here.

My Heart by Abz

New Valentines Day Papercraft by Abz at  Grab it here.

Feel free to comment or suggest more Valentines Day related papercraft in the comments!  I will update this post as I come across new ones.

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Thank you so much for posting these! I actually bought little Pokemon figurines and put them inside of your cubecraft poke balls for my boyfriend and I’m cutting out one of those cupid cards to go along with them :)

Hey i love pokemon but the anti cupid is funny i printed him out he is awesome sadly my girlfriend hates the anti cupid

pigs r epic should really make a line of them

can you make a farthers day cubeecraft before this friday so i have time to make it for my dad because i really want to make his day very special please

rhys glendinning

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