Valentines Day Papercraft GO!

There are a bunch of free Valentines Day papercraft available all over the place!

Above is Cubeecraft’s very own VaL-09.  You can grab it here.  Want to personalize Val-09 or any other Cubeecraft with your own message?  Don’t forget the Cubeecraft Word Balloons which you can grab here. (Demo video here).

So what are the rest of these Valentines Day papercraft I speak of?  Hit the jump to find out.

The folks at Bad Cat have put together another Catcubetopia series, this time it’s a Valentines Day theme! Check it out here and be sure to check out their other Catcubetopia series’ while you’re there.


You may be familiar with Macula’s papercraft.  He has created a lot of awesome stuff (see post) including this Cupid model for download.  Grab him here! (then grab all the other papercraft on his site while you are at it.)


Canon offers a number of projects for Valentines day on their site here.


Grab it here.  Make sure to check out all the other customs on e440’s page too while you’re there!


Ninja of Love! Grab it on Chiba’s page here.

Happy Valentines Day!

If you have any other Valentines Day papercraft suggestions please leave a comment!

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