Vault Boy now available!

Vault Boy from the upcoming game Fallout 3 by Bethesda is now available.

Check out the pop-culture section to download him!

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21 Responses to “Vault Boy now available!”

What happened to Alice in Cubeland? The banner dissapeared :(

O_o Oh no!! Alice in cubeeland is gone?

Alice is MIA? Hope that means she is on a backburner somewhere. And not permanently on hiatus.

It’s nice!! Just in time and waiting for the Fallout 3 :) for PC.

Awesome, I was just thinking about a Vaultboy Cubeecraft.

Alice is not canceled, don’t worry! It was just getting crowded down there on the main page and I thought it better to link to stuff you can get now rather then upcoming material.

I will post an update about Alice next week.

All right!
Hope to see some of american mcgee’s alice! XD

Definitely making this one!

Uhh, his name is Pip Boy.

Pip-boy is the arm display thing, Vault boy is the character.

See here:

And I have to do my fan-boy chime in and mention that our charming little Vault Boy isn’t just from the ‘upcoming Fallout 3’ but from Fallout 1 by Interplay and Fallout 2 by Black Isle as well.

Ah, except you put a 101 on his vault suit. I see. Anyone know if that’s any special font?

Awsome!! im gonna make this! i need some thicker paper though….im still hoping there will be a cortana soon. =)

make dokes from dextar make everyone from dextar

WOW is the same ^_^ jejejeje.
I am a big fan, i have all the cubeecraft models in my desk.
Can you make for a big fan a Gurren Model? and a Yoko Model?

Gurren image`s:

PD: you should make a forum for fans.

cortana please!!!

Great job. I hope that there will be half life stuff coming soon.



which is the best paper/card to use??

They should’ve made the brotherhood of steel

Yeah BoS would be awesome and enclave. OH and a raider

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