Venture Bros: Molotov


A new Venture Bros model is now available!

From guest artist Glen Brogan (Hellboy 2 Collaboration, Duck Hunt Dog…) comes Molotov from the Venture Bros animated series by Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer.

Check out pop-culture section to download her!

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One Response to “Venture Bros: Molotov”

Dude! I think your work awesome. I really enjoyed this “concept” of art. I mean, this shaped format for all characters (with some little different features for each other). So I decided to create a blog too!! I’ll show some of my art taking a custom character, as a model, and working on it to show the several superheroes (just males for a while). When I finish the layout for my blog and put it to work, I’ll get back here and invite you and your fans to visit me! I hope you enjoy too.

Keep doing this great job man!

BTW, someday, could I design one of this cubeecraft like a guest?

Take care.

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