Wednesday Comics 10.21.09


Better late than never! Hit the jump to see this weeks picks.


Kind of a lite week for me personally.  I picked up Joss Whedon’s Sugar Shock One-Shot.  This was apparently a web comic Dark Horse had published online some time ago but honestly this is the first I’ve heard of it.

My second book was Spider-Woman #2.  I have been shying away from a lot of Marvel and DC titles because of the major crossovers but Spider-Woman’s got me because it re-teams Brian Michael Bendis with Alex Maleev.  Their run on Daredevil is amazing.

What did you pick up this week?

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3 Responses to “Wednesday Comics 10.21.09”

Picked up Cowboy Ninja Viking, Chew, and Beasts of Burden. Have you checked out Chew? You must!

I definitely want to check out Chew but I’m waiting for the trade.

Cant wait for more comics!

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