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The above 2 books came out awhile ago but I only just got around to them.  The first is an adaptation of Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter by Darwyn Cook.  The book is about a theif who is double crossed and seeking revenge.  I have liked just about everything Darwyn Cook has done to this point (Batman: Ego, JLA: New Frontier) and though I am not familiar with the source materials The Hunter is an awesome piece of revenge/crime fiction.  I’ll be looking for Richard Stark’s original books soon.

Asterios Polyp is much harder to pin down.  I have seen it described as “Understanding Comics*” applied.  It is the story of an architecture professor narrated by his dead twin brother.  Written and illustrated by David Mazzucchelli (Batman: Year One), it doesn’t look like Year One but every character design, speech bubble and line seems to be considered.  They say that “those that can’t do, teach” and I have heard that Mazzucchelli has been teaching for a few years now and I believe this to be a fine example of the exception to that rule as he has probably created one of finest pieces of sequential art that I have seen in years.

*by Scott McCloud

Stuff that actually came out this week after the jump!


Ultimate Armor Wars #2 (of 4) – Ellis, Kurth, Huet – $3.99

Tony Stark is trying to track down who stole his Iron Man tech in the wake of the Ultimatum event that destroyed most of New York.  (Is that Ultimate M.O.D.O.K. I see?)

Ultimate Avengers #3 – $3.99 – Millar, Pacheco

I miss Brian Hitch drawing this book but I am warming up to Pacheco. After the miserable Jeph loeb run on the book Mark millar is back and brings with him the Ultimate Red Skull.  This third issue introduces TOny Stark’s smarter brother, “Nerd Hulk”, Ultimate War Machine, Red Wasp and an evil Spider-man(?) as Captain America searches for Red Skull, who may be his long lost son.

What did you pick up this week?

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Cooke is the man. His year-long stint on The Spirit, before the atrocious film is worth checking out. It’s collected in trades too.

Is Ultimates 3 worth buying/ reading even if bought cheaply? Are there continuity gaps between Ultimates 2 and Ultimate Avengers?

Ultimates 3? Skip it. I really think the dream team after Millar and Hitch left would have been Ellis and Quietly (just switching up the Authority teams). Ultimates 3 is a mess and Ultimatum is even worse. Characters are in much different places after Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum so there is a bit of a gap though they kinda cover it in Ultimate Avengers so I don’t think it’s too big a deal to skip.

[ SPOILERS ] – The Wasp is dead, Scarlett Witch is dead, Quicksilver has taken over for Magneto (most of the X-Men are dead including Cyclops and Wolverine), New York and most of the East Coast was destroyed…[ END SPOILERS ]

To nitpick though there are continuity problems between all the Ultimate books. In Ultimates #1 they mention the Fantastic Four existing while they are putting the team together, but in Ult. FF #1 they mention the Ultimates existing though they haven’t formed the FF yet. Which team came first?

There was a book called Ultimate Marvel Team-Up that was basically an Ultimate Spider-Man book written by Bendis where every issue they had Ult. Spider-man meet other Ultimate characters. He meets the Hulk, which is referenced in Ultimates #1 then re-written like 2 other times later in Ultimate Spider-Man. Bendis seems to just pick and choose certain parts of the series to be continuity and certain parts to throw away. Spider-man meeting Black Widow, Man-Thing, Shang Chi all seem to be continuity but him meeting the FF was re-written in the regular Ult. Spider-man book. Kind of annoying.

I am a nitpicker, like i have room to talk : P

Thanks, I will skip it for sure. I think it’s OK to nitpick. We are customers paying large amounts of dollars for books, each one should at least make sense. I understand that fans are hard to please due to their attachment of stories/ characters, but I feel constructive criticism of comics and its industry is needed.

I can’t think of any Marvel work besides Spider-Man: Blue I liked that Jeph Loeb has written. Reading Ultimatum still feels like a slap in the face. I won’t even touch his Hulk with gloves on.

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